an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Auntie Amy's 50th bday!

Auntie Amy's 50th bday!

Amy have been helping out in our family ever since I was born. So, meaning she's been here for 27 years.

She has seen us grow up and now taking care of the next generations, our babies!

We went to have zichar for her celebration.

81 Seafood Restaurant
Address: Blk 406 Jurong West St42 Spore 640406
Opening hours: 8am to 11pm daily

My elder bro recommended this place, so we went ahead to try.
There's indoor with air-conditioner and outdoor seating. Of cos with the hot weather now, we chose the indoor seating.

There's a variety of food to choose from.


Fried yam ring, seems to always be one of the dishes that we would order.
The yam is crispy. I love yam. So, Mama will always order this dish for me.
*a side note.... eating yam increase the chance of having twins ok? lol.

Fried pork, looks so-so, but pretty crispy and taste not bad too.

Another must order dish when we eat at zichar.
I like sweet pork ribs, 排骨王.
It's very soft and tender.


Assam fish...
Sam's fave.
This taste awesome. Fish was very smooth and tender.
The spicyness was still quite alright for me.

Crispy seafood beancurd skin....
Forgot what was it called. But it's very yummy too.
Crispy and the outside, fresh and juicy in the inside.

Fried calamari, this dish was so-so.

Seriously, they ordered so much food for 8 adults. lol.
But, but but.... we have FINISHED them all. wahahhahaah.
And it cost only about $160+ including drinks and alcohol.
(1 more dish - sweet potato leaves was not in the pic)



Cake bought by Raymond at Jcube - Yamazaki

Happy Birthday, Amy.

the NGs.

Valerie mesmerized by the lighting candles...

First generation brought up by Auntie Amy.


The second generation by her too! wahhahaah.
Thanks for reading :)



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