an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Saturday, July 04, 2015

My 27th Bday celebration Part 6 with Poly gang

My 27th Bday celebration Part 6 with Poly gang

Last celebration at my place with my poly gang mates. The group is getting bigger as some getting attached, some getting married.

I was the first in the group to get married and pregnant. Then next was Bernard and Jeslyn who got married. Will be attending Huiyi and Hongchun's wedding the following month. And it will be Valerie's first wedding dinner.

I love to attend to friend's wedding. It's also a form of gathering, at times you might even met some old friend during the wedding. I got a friend who met a guy through a wedding dinner, and they got together. Amazing, isn't it? Haha...

Ok, back to topic. We ordered pizza and popeye's chicken for everyone. One thing I like about having gatherings at home is that we can just chit chat and laze around. However, of cos the bad side is that we'll have to clean up after everyone left.

That's Jeslyn.

Our Food! Wanted to order 4fingers, however, guess there's too many ordered, they have stopped taking orders on that day.

That's Hong Chun and Me.
Both our bday falls during May.


Playing with Val.

My 6th cake! Strawberry shortcake from Four leaves.

Our group shot.
KT, Kenny and Yensiang weren't here, as the guys having exams.
There's a newcomer in the grp! Shawn's WIFE! haha
Oh, yup forgot to mentioned that they just ROM.

Stay Happy everybody!

Bday presents  that I got this year!

S6 Edge from Hubby
Have been complaining about my S4 camera, pictures always blur.
Have been thinking to get Iphone 6 or S6.
Didn't wanna go back to iphone, so Samsung is so much easier and fun to use.
But battery life sucks though.
In the end, compared the camera of S6 and iphone 6. S6 is much better.
Have been using S6 so far. Camera is good, everything's fine.
However, battery life as compared to iphone 6, iphone 6 is still better.
Although S6 got the fast charging thing.
But I can no longer bring an extra battery out.... Cos the battery is inbuilt! alamak.

Lapalette bagpack from my lil bro.
And he very funny... cos was away with hubby at Taiwan..
Then he said wanna came over to borrow lappy..
Then ended up giving me a surprise when I got back from Taiwan.
From this in my room!
He said he couldn't afford MCM, so gotten this instead.
Its pretty sweet and casual to bring to work and school actually.
Likes it a lot! Thanks Didi.

Ever since Yang rui tried her red lipstick on me, I have been trying to look for one for myself.
And suddenly, Yiwen gotten this for me. Coincident or what? haha..
She said she saw my ig post on this red lips and decided to get me this... lol!
Colour not too bad (105 pink positive), with SPF 10.
Finally blogged all my bday celebrations.
Thanks everyone for the wishes and celebration.
Am 27 already. But I'll still keep myself young and "IN". wahhahah.
I'll still continue to play, but I'm also a responsible mama ok.
I wanna shed off all the fats.
I wanna travel to more places hopefully next year.
I wanna finish my studies and graduate soon.
I probably wanna try some other roles after I graduated.
And I probably wanna have a 2nd baby. Lol.
I wish for health and happiness for my family members and friends.

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