an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Wednesday, July 01, 2015

My 27th Bday celebration Part 5 with my family

My 27th Bday celebration Part 5 with my family

On my actual Birthday - 15 May 2015

Also saving the day for my loved ones.

Have been thinking what should we be doing on a day off?

Try the river safari? But it's so sunny and next moment it rains almost everyday.
How about Alive museum then the Madame Tussauds. And also I felt like eating Astons, there's one at Sentosa. But then again, seems don't really like taking a lot of photos now.. And seems like those trickeye and alive museum thingy kinda not so trendy liao eh. So many ppl went before liao... Buay "IN" leh... not my style.. lol... just kidding.

So, in the end we settled on......

Catching a movie, eat out, and ARCADE!

How long since you guys last played in the arcade, or at least step inside an arcade?

Don't waste the pretty flowers right....
Continue to take more photos.

 Went to Bugis to catch a movie and for the big arcade there!

Sam got conned.. He heard the saleslady saying that getting the popcorn set only at $2 when using ocbc card. I kept telling him just get the $1 off.
And so.....
We ended up with SUPER JUMBO POPcorn and 2 LARGE-SIZED drink

And coincidentally, there's ASTONS at Bugis Plus. Just nice to satisfy my cravings.


$10 ribeye only including a free drink!

My pork chop.
I likes Astons, cos the portion is big and it's not ex!

Sam's medium prime ribeye
Just $21.90.
So, after dating.. haha.... Dating sia...
Actually, it's important for couples who have child, to once in a while have some "ME" or "WE" time. It strengthens the relationship.
Anyway, after that, we head to my Mama house to have dinner and my bday cake!

Babies interaction

Super jia lat when I'm at my mama place. Don't even need to think of slimming there.
And my fave Oyster omelette!
I've got 2 cakes again for actual day. haha.
It's from Green Pumpkin bakery shop at JP.

Too creamy and sweet.

Slightly better.
Verdict: Prima choco or Four leave choco still better.... haha.


The LIMs. My little girl is so happy too!

She's 7months plus old already. Time flies really fast.
I hope my studies end fast soon. :(



Did you see that? Valerie Sayang mama.

May my wishes come true, please.

I am 27 this year. I'm married and have a daughter now.
What more do I want? What should I try next?
But, first of all, get that super long draggy BACHELOR DEGREE the soonest!


Big Family photo!

 Bless my family with health and happiness :)
Stay tuned for the last 27th bday celebration.

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