an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Park Royal (Kitchener Rd) Dim Sum Buffet $50 nett for 2 adults

Park Royal (Kitchener Rd) Dim Sum Buffet $50 nett for 2 adults
(Promo for all UOB credit and debit cardholder) till 31 August 2015

PARK ROYAL on Kitchener Road
Address: 181 Kitchener Road Level 3 Spore 208533
(From Farrer Park MRT, exit I, then take escalator up towards Breadtalk. Beside Breadtalk, there's an exit, and you'll see Parkroyal)

Weekday lunch (Mon-Thu) $32++ per adult, $20.80++ per child
Weekend lunch (Fri-Sun, Eve and PH) $38++ per adult, $22.80++ per child

2 timings from 11.30am to 1pm and 1.30pm to 3pm.

$50Nett for 2 adults promo for all UOB credit and debit cardholder.
Min 4 pax, Max 12 pax per table.
Tea and pickle are chargeable at $5++ per pax.
So, please let them know if you do not want once you gotten the seat.

Just opposite of Citysquare mall.


Who's that fellow smiling away... and that passerby lady?!

Oh, its Wendy (left) and our friend from Saudi, Lijia (right)


Hi, Elise the self-claimed citygirl.


Rayne and Steven
Finally, reunited.
Wendy, Rayne, Me, Sor San, Li Jia (from left to right)



They lost their "C". Oops.




Remember to let them know if you doesn't want the tea and pickle

50 items from cold appetizer to soup, dim sum, porridge, noodles etc... and desserts.






Stewed duck, Soya chicken and BBQ pork ribs (one serving only)
Initially I thought it was chicken, but nope it was stewed duck. Quite tender.
Soya chicken was tender too.

Minced meat porridge with cuttlefish

Carrot cake
A different style compared to those hawker centre ones. But I quite like it.
Soft and fragrant.


Beef brisket noodle soup

Hubby said it's was quite good. He even finished the soup

Hungry Steven

Pan fried beancurd skin roll.
Very crispy.

Har gow.
Prawn dumpling with coriander

Minced meat dumpling with Sour and spicy stock
Indeed quite spicy for me.


Signature Pork belly Roll with Yam

Very soft and tender. Something interesting.
But we are not still convinced that there's Yam in it.
Haha, we ordered again to try. But still couldn't taste and see any yam... haha

Steamed Yam paste bun with Salted egg yolk
Yam paste very fragrant. Combination with salted egg was not bad.

Char siew bao!

Siew Mai with diced abalone.

Super cute... Mini abalone!

Sichuan Hot and Sour Soup
Spicy for me.



Casserole rice with Chicken and Chinese sausage
Tasted so-so, didn't see any Chinese sausage though.

Stir-fried Baby Kai Lan with minced garlic

Pan fried Chive dumpling


Double-boiled Cartilage soup (only one serving)
Soup was thick, like got a lot of 精华 inside. We don't quite like it though.
But Sam likes it, said we don't know what's good. He had mine too.

There's cabbage, chestnut and gingko

Sliced pork in Garlic and chilli sauce
This tasted good.

Braised Pig Shank in Vinegar and Ginger.
I felt it lack of something! Steven said not enough vinegar....
But I still felt it was something else..

Steam glutinous rice roll with minced meat
We felt the combination was a little weird. But it doesn't taste bad.

Spare rib with bean curd skin in Black bean paste


Stir-fried sliced fish with celery in Si chuan Spicy sauce

Ma Po Tofu (Bean curd in Spicy minced meat sauce)
Should have some rice to go along.

Stir-fried diced chicken with bell pepper

Pan-fried omelette with dried turnip
Dessert time.
Homemade Bean curd with wolfberry
(Signature dish)
If you guys read my blog, I had my ROM at Park Royal beach rd Si chuan Dou hua restaurant.
Osmanthus Cake with Honey

Almond cake with Mango sauce
Taste kinda powdery. Don't quite like it.

Crispy sesame Glutinous Rice ball
This was served hot. And its very crispy.


Cream of Sago with pumpkin and yam
Looks pretty, but taste wise nothing special, and kinda diluted.

Because there's 7 of us. So 6 of us will enjoy the $50 for 2 pax promo. 1 will cost $38++
And we paid for the tea and appetizers for $5++


 Overall, I would rate it a 7/10. Quite a wide spread of variety to choose from. $25nett for a person is very affordable. Restaurant was packed since its a public holiday, but also probably due to that, their serving of dishes were very slow. However, the food were served hot, and tasted good. So, still a thumbs up.

Make your reservations now!
Promo ending by 31st August 2015.



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