an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Saturday, July 18, 2015

Baby Valerie (0 to 2 months old)

Baby Valerie (0 to 2 months old)

Sweet baby when she's asleep

What do you experience during these 2 months?
You need to feed the baby, change diapers, bathe for her, settling her to sleep, and responding to her cries.
Be aware that babies can't really see you clearly. It's more like seeing a silhouette of (black and white). But they can hear familiar sounds. I used to sing songs and talk to her while I was pregnant. I read that babies actually remember those songs and voices. So, just continue to sing the songs to her, that will ease her and get her to sleep. They are also pretty sensitive with smell ya, so they can actually smell her mama's milk... wahahahah amazing ya.
She can lift her head slightly and turn to the side.
But, please be careful to support her neck.
She can start smiling. Sit back and enjoy those moments. Oh Capture those moments too!
Things you should do and take note.
- Cuddle her, talk to her, you can even read books to her.
- Learn her different signals
- Give her plenty of tummy time (strengthen her neck and stomach muscles)
- Feed slowly, if she doze off after sucking a while, you make gently brush her cheeks to wake her to drink.
- Check out if she doesn't suck well (feeding position is incorrect or she's having difficulty in sucking, May need to seek for professional help)
- Take note when she's sleeping (esp if you are letting your baby to sleep on her tummy, supposing she will auto tilt her head on the side, but just be careful)
- Having some milk spitting after drinking is fine, but if having too many explosive kind is bad for her, cos it may go to her lungs (go see a doc)
- Babies should be having 14-16hrs of sleep. Oldies always have this saying, sleep more and you will grow up fast... something like that la.. So sleeping is very important for babies. Try to pacify her as much to let her have good rest.
Impt note* during day time, when she's going to nap or asleep, don't be afraid to switch on the tv or having some sounds or noise. It's fine having your routine work to do. Having a too quiet environment for the baby, you gonna cultivate a light sleeper who will be awake easily when there's slight noises. Baby can still sleep with noises, even in shopping centres. So, it's fine.
Side note:
Valerie is using Huggies diaper.
Actually we have been using all the different brands that we gotten from those samples and baby fair. All seems alright for Valerie. But we realized the sizes of different brands vary. And since, in KKH, they provided Huggies Ultra diapers, so we decided to just stick to it. Some babies might have allergies and need to have a change of brands. Please don't hesitate when baby having rashes using a particular brand. Just change it! There's many other brand out there.
And some tips for mummy out there.
Do you know you can get cheaper diapers, milk powders and baby stuffs other than NTUC, etc.
Check out below.
- Luvbabies by Kim Sang Medical Hall
But only free delivery after $200 purchase. So, my mummy will help to go down to their outlet instead to get some stuffs like milk powder, etc. (I introduced Karihome (goat milk) after 6months of breastmilk) I will talk more about these next time. My mummy also would checkout at CK stores for the milk powder.
- Lazada
I always buy the diapers here. Because, first time user have $10 off. And there's free delivery, when u spend more than $40. Easily hit de la, I always buy 3 packs. Anyway for the first time user right, you just keep using different email add to buy lo.
And sometimes they have credit card promos (10 to 20% off), and there's once there was a $20 off. So, good deal right. I bought 3 packs of M size Huggies ultra diapers for just $40+ leh....
I have never bought stuffs from here yet. But they also have the first time user $10 off, and free delivery over $75.
Ok, enough of sharing tips. Below are pics of Valerie. Take your time to view. :)

Confinement lady bathing for lil Valerie

She got pretty lots of hair yahhh


I'm really tired yoz.... mummy.

Satisfied after drinking milk

See that duck lips. lol

I want MILK, mummy!!

Family cuddles.


Papa burping... but she fell asleep instead.

Mummy feeding by the bottle.

I was 80kg!


Lil Valerie... gorgeous like her mummy.

In case you guys thought we are strangling her...
Nope, Daddy was holding her neck upright while burping her.

and she seemed to enjoy very much

a Smiley cheeky baby

Blessed to have her.

Ya, Mummy is saying good stuff about you... why that look?!!


Cheeky baby... making my life full of joy and laughter.

Yes, mummy, It's me!


Mummy, I wan hug hug!


Lovable baby girl.
After about a week?
Her umbilical cord drop off.

Daddy was so happy and proud of it... lol

We put some powder and kept it as a Precious Memory.

Looked like dried lizard

Went over to my mama's house...
And that's my Ah Ma, Val's Tai ma (great grandmother).

The nephews met.

Matthias sayang meimei ok?

Rocker from Sam's company as baby full month gift.
Actually, we chose it from a list of gifts la... haha..
It was really pretty useful. We are still using it even until now (which is 9mths later?)

She's surrounded by APPLES! even the diaper. lol

She can sleep easily on the rocker. There's music and vibrator.
But we hardly use the vibrator. I only used it to play with her. haha.

Oops. Val evolved into Michelin!
So so chubby.. She's been drinking about every 2 hours?
About 60-80ml each feed.

Do you wanna be a DJ when u grow up?

or a chef?

Or Superwoman?!

But no matter what, please don't follow the crowd of liking FROZEN!

Val's hair started to fall out... :(


getting bald in the front... :(

those fatty cheeks!

the NEPHEWS. 3 weeks apart... but so big difference (in length and weight).
Both were tired. haha.

Safe in Papa's arm.

Once Sam got home, he would play with lil Val.


Carry me please?!

Bought this sling to bring her out. But doesn't seem to fit well when slinging.
Carrier is much better.

Out we go!


We started to read books to her when she's young.



During her first 2 months, she likes to slp on top of me in the position.

Fatty legs!


Uncle Raymond came to help out!

Everyone said Val looks like her grandma... my Mother in law...
indeed looking super alike.

Bleahxx... I want HUGS please.

Who wanna eat this BIG ROUND FISHBALL?

Valerie was considered quite manageable to take care of. Just that probably her stomach was a little small. So she normally spit out milk after drinking. We have to change bibs or clothes many times. At night, confinement lady would wake her up for milk.

She smiles a lot, very lovable and cheerful. Everyone love cheerful babies right. Really glad to have her in our life.

Thankful to my confinement lady too, she really did quite a good job. For the first month, she had really taken good care of her. During the second month, she taught me how to bathe her, burp her, change diapers, etc. And I'm still able to go out and have some "ME" time, trusting that she's been taking good care of her.


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