an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Monday, June 15, 2015

Taipei 4days 3nights 29apr-02may 2015 Part 3 ( Day 3 & 4 at Dazzling cafe/RaoHe night market/Wufenpu)

Taipei 4days 3nights 29apr-02may 2015 Part 3

It's breakfast at the hotel again. They served some different dishes everyday. Different type of noodles, vegetable, fried food and soup.






After breakfast, time to get ready.


our OOTD.
We both look young ya!
I think I got the "just woke up" look.
Oh ya, every night I watched some Taiwanese variety show, and I came across a food variety show recommending this kinda pancakes.
So, when we bypassed, I decided to have a try.
This was around ximending, somewhere near THE DUCK FLAT.

Shop name: Kyuto Kashiyaki at Ximending
So many choices!



Sam chose chocolate cream.
Hmmm, not as exaggerating as what those TV host showing.
It wasn't too sweet. But not as WOW too.
But then ok la, just NT20/SGD0.80 only.


I chose a savory one which chicken and cheese.
Hmm, well I prefer Mr bean's pancake... haha
But MR bean is double the price though... hahahahhaah

Started to feel a little hungry, decided to try some of their Taiwan noodles.
Shop name: 温州大馄钝



Century egg and tofu.
This was really very refreshing and yummy.
Cost NT30/SGD1.30
Rating 8/10

Sliced meat noodle soup
Noodles were QQ, soup taste alright.
Cost NT55/SGD2.40
Rating 6.5/10

Jajang noodles
Not what I expected. Thought it will be like those Korean jajang noodles..
Haha.. Taste soso. Ordered too much. Should have just gotten a bowl.
This cost NT40/SGD1.70
Went back to the hotel for a quick bath, cos it's too hot already!
Bought a new camouflage headband.

Before heading out.
Took the MRT to Zhongxiao dun hua station, exit 2.
Once exit, walk straight then turn left first then at the junction turn right.
Quite easily spotted.

No. 11, Lane 205, Alley 7, ZhongXiao E Road, Sec 4, 

When we reached there, we were told to come back in an hour time.
They will give us a call. So, meanwhile we walk around loh. It was drizzling.
What a day.


Received a missed call, so we went ahead to the café.
Although dazzling café was recently opened at SG too, I thought we just skipped the queue in SG.
Didn't know we have to wait in Taiwan too.

Anyway, so it's our turn.

It's high tea time, so will have to order 2 drinks.
And you'll have only 90 minutes of dining time.


I came only for their dessert, especially for their well know toast.
But Sam wanted the waffle. I was like "you sure you can finish ar"
Then he replied, yes of cos. Just order!


It's too creamy. Kinda gelat to have so much.
The toast was not bad. But, overall hmmm it's just instagram worthy.

Chocolate waffle
Nothing special either.

Overall rating:5.5/10
For they look pretty.
After that we head to SOGO at Zhongxiao Fuxing station.
Checked out Melissa shoes.
It's cheaper than SG as they always seems to have this 20% promotion.
But not much choices for the wedges.
So, well, I didn't get much stuffs.

Cute background at the Zhongxiao Fuxing station
Next, we took the MRT towards HouShanPi station for Wufenpu and Raohe night market.
Exit 1.
Just walk straight, and you'll see this Formosa Chang Braised pork rice


The menu


We ordered the set menu. Couldn't recall how much, probably abut NT115/SGD5


Probably we tried a lot of lu rou rice this time round before coming over.
We found this soso nia.
We have tried even cheaper and nicer ones.


Decided to try the special item - pork leg.
Arghh... all fats. NT70/SGD3
Overall rating 7/10
Still taste ok, and affordable price.
Next, we went to Wu Fen Pu, there's a lot of NT100 items outside their rack.
Most probably are those leftover ones. But, for my size now, nothing much to buy lah...
Didn't buy much stuffs, we headed to Raohe night market.


Super lots of tourists.

Saw this, and thought quite interesting with the combination of yam and duck.




Hmm, not much duck in the yam. But overall, it taste quite ok.
A bit like our local zi char Yam ring.
Rating 6/10

Tried mango pudding at some stalls near the entrance.
Too milky and sweet.
Rating 5.5/10
Took the train from Song Shan station back to Ximen.
Empty cabin!
Back to Ximending and decided to try this 大肠包小肠 again. NT60/SGD2.60
It's like some long rice ball wrapping the sausage and with a lot of ingredients like corn, cucumber, onions, etc.
Taste good, eat it while its hot.
Rating 7/10




Our loots for the past 3 days.
Gotten something else the next day, but was not in the pic below.

Sam gotten the camouflage VANS shoe, looks pretty gd. Cost NT1920/SGD83

Little cap for Valerie.
Day 4, our last day.
We went to Taipei main station to get the sun biscuits and pineapple tart for families and friends

Li Yi Cake Shop (Taipei Outlet)
Address: Taipei Main Station, Underground Mall, Unit 11-2B, near Z3 and Z6 exit (


Sun biscuit would cost a pack of 10 NT300/SGD13
Pineapple tart cost a pack of 10 NT250/SGD10.80

Previously I also went to this place to get the goodies.
But If I have the time, I would actually recommend another brand.
Cos, my friend gave me one when she got back from there. And it taste better, softer, and more filling.
Chia Te Bakery
Address: No. 88, Section 5, Nanjing East Rd, Taiwan 105 (105台北市南京東路5段88號)
 Headed back to Ximending to have some last bites before going back to SG

His last try of the popiah wrap ice cream.
But the ice cream kinda dilute version, more like ice.
And I have my last cheesy potato. Shioks!

Oh, forgot to mention that Yiwen was staying the same hotel as us. She's one day earlier than us, but we are going back together!

He and his Captain America!

Our luggage was from 12kg to 15.7kg. lol.
Yiwen's luggage alone was already 31kg! Lol.. my god... dunno what she bought sia!

My extra large GODIVA drink!

One last jump shot!

Hello kitttttyyyy



Back to SG! Back to Reality!
Back to my little Valerie!
 Thanks all for reading!

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