an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Saturday, June 20, 2015

My 27th Bday celebration Part 2 Daessiksin Korean BBQ & Nunsaram Korea Dessert Cafe with Precious

My 27th Bday celebration Part 2 with Precious
@ Daessiksin Korean BBQ & Nunsaram Korea Dessert Café

Did you realize I started with bday celebration part 2? Why not Part 1? Cos I had the part 1 celebration with AJALYA, but realized we did not take ANY PHOTOS surprisingly. Probably we were too hungry? Also, cos its HAIDILAO again, so I did not bother to take photo.

So, my part 2 was with Precious sisters. Decided on korea bbq as I have been seeing ppl posting at instagram, so the sudden craving, although I shouldn't as I should be on DIET.

Reader out there, please don't show these to Liping. I'm just trying to share the JOY... wahhahahha

This time round, I have told all the groups to just leave out the bday cake. I just thought of having it on my actual birthday itself with my family will do. But, they were all really stubborn bunch. I had birthday every single session. They love me too much, can't wait to see me getting FATTER.

Daessiksin Korea BBQ
Address: 277 Orchard Rd, Orchard Gateway, #03-17, Spore 238858.
Opening hours:
Mon - Thu 11.30am - 3.30pm, 5.30pm - 10pm
Fri 11.30am - 3.30pm, 5.30pm - 10.30pm
Sat 11.30am - 10.30pm
Sun 11.30am - 10pm
Contact: 6702 6619

Buffet Price
Weekday lunch: $14.90++ (adult)/ $8.90++ (child)
Dinner: $24.90++ / $18.90++

Weekend and PH (all day): $24.90++ / $18.90++

I pretty like the place, as there's a variety of cooked and uncooked food for bbq, free flow of soups and drinks. Pretty well ventilated too, air con was also cooling. So, I don't eat and perspire like crazy when I did at 2D1N korea bbq back then. Price was also pretty affordable, but well it's a treat, so I don't have to pay anyway.




 photo 20150512_204736_zpskhpobvr0.jpg

 Very clean and neat. The staffs were efficient too.

 photo 20150512_185024_zpsidnojpjr.jpg
There's sotong, prawn, shiitake mushroom, cherry tomato, oranges, veg..

 photo 20150512_185030_zpszlcxbphx.jpg
Fried rice, Korean pancake, fried noodles, fried potatoes and sweet potatoes and Topokki!

 photo 20150512_185040_zpsp3j8dlyj.jpg
Kimchi, sausages, chilli paste, garlic, onions, corn salad...

 photo 20150512_185045_zps99ziaro9.jpg
A variety of choice for meats from Chicken bulgogi, pork marinated rib, pork collar, pork belly, beef short ribs, etc.

 photo 20150512_185058_zpsk5zh1cge.jpg
Korean Sushi.

 photo 20150512_185110_zpsiawhms78.jpg
Sweet and spicy chicken.

 photo 20150512_185117_zpstnsbltbz.jpg
Seaweed soup

 photo 20150512_185122_zpsxvrz3zul.jpg
Kimchi soup

 photo 20150512_185412_zpswaqx6zxn.jpg
I personally like the fried glass noodle.
Sweet and spicy chicken was a little on the sweeter side. Sweet potato was too sweet.
Sushi was alright. Korea pancake was soso, was a little cold already. The fried potato was also a little cold already.

 photo 20150512_185420_zpslgxlzjvq.jpg
There's the red bean porridge and crab meat soup.
I find the red bean porridge not bad, it's like some red bean paste but slightly diluted.
The crab meat soup was diluted.

 photo 20150512_185427_zpszrs4j4bi.jpg
Red vinegar and fruits.
Initially I thought vinegar was for the crabmeat soup.
Then when I opened up, it's like a drink with a big ice cube inside.
I wanted to try, but my friend told me someone was pouring into her cup and taste and pour again to her cup, so the ladle seems to like already touched her drinks...
then, arghh.... forget it.

 photo 20150512_185431_zpsduyifxoj.jpg
Barley Tea

 photo 20150512_190006_zpscesow4pg.jpg

 photo 20150512_194921_zpsef8rzcpz.jpg

 photo 20150512_194923_zpsvmjdrqyb.jpg
The sotong was very Q Q. The meat taste good.

 photo 20150512_194927_zpsug0b4qa2.jpg
Beefy.... but not for me.....

 photo 20150512_201856_zps9o29tl7v.jpg

 photo IMG_20150512_203605_zpsomz7a7kf.jpg
Cheesecake gotten by Wendy.

Overall, I would give it a 7.5/10. As it's pretty affordable, very clean and neat, a variety of food. Staffs were efficient. The whole eating environment was quite ok, not very smoky, hot or noisy.

Then, we went for our Korea BingSu next. It's kinda the IN thing now too. I saw many ppl posted online too, and since it's just at Orchard Central, so..... Let's GO!

Nunsaram Korea Dessert Café
Address: 181 Orchard Rd, Orchard Central, #05-51/52, Spore 238896
Opening hours:
Mon - Sun 11am to 10pm

This location was previously the Spanish Doughnuts/Churros

 photo 20150512_205843_zpsqt2aisvj.jpg
A very big open space. Not many ppl, not sure because its 8plus pm already? or Because its a weekday? Hmmmmm....

 photo 20150512_205856_zpswlgywfv8.jpg

 photo 20150512_205911_zps1nntdd29.jpg
Before we came, I have already checked out the price, ranged from $12.90 to $15.90.
Since I'm being treated, why not? Oops.
No la, even I have to pay, I will still try for at least once.

 photo 20150512_210131_zpsp8rdf5w3.jpg

 photo 20150512_211055_zpszsyy6jdu.jpg
We ordered Injeolmi and Black sesame.

 photo 20150512_210723_zpsgtzvngpz.jpg
Injeolmi Bingsu - Shaved ice covered with soybean powder and added with some chewy rice cakes.
 I like chewy rice cake.
However, I find this not much taste, have to pour the condensed milk over the it.
But the shaved ice are really very soft.

 photo 20150512_211106_zpsyjuzi3zc.jpg
I would prepare the black sesame one. Cos I like black sesame and red bean!
But the thing is, if we kept eating the top yummy part, then the below shaved ice will be bland.
Just as I thought there's nothing inside.... oooh... Found some peanut inside too!!!
 photo 20150512_211340_zpshisanljv.jpg


 photo 20150512_215602_zpsiwbm9o1z.jpg
Wefie time...

 photo 20150512_215630_009_zpsvorbzmo0.jpg
That's Wendy with Hubby, Rayne with bf, Me and Shanna

 photo 20150512_215754_010_zpsqvcgrisx.jpg

 photo IMG-20150512-WA0033_zpsvrgswjp6.jpg
Gotten some animal face mask from Rayne (just back from korea)
 photo IMG_20150513_233251_resized_zps3zwu7brq.jpg
I got TIGER!
 photo IMG_20150512_233322_zps3q5nneej.jpg

 photo IMG-20150512-WA0034_zps2k2vjakn.jpg
And Socks!

 photo IMG_20150512_165828_zpsitipltod.jpg
Look alike as my catwoman socks yeah!
That's all for part 2, thanks sisters!

Stay tuned for my PART 3!



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