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My 27th Bday celebration Part 3 @IMM HaiDiLao with M.E.A.T IMM, 2 Jurong East 21 Singapore 609601

My 27th Bday celebration Part 3 @IMM HaiDiLao with M.E.A.T

Hai Di Lao at IMM
Address: IMM, 2 Jurong East 21 Spore 609601
Opening hours: 10am to 4pm

When I'm out with this gang, it's always Haidilao. I think I should be their VIP member or something.

And since they just opened a new branch at IMM, we decided to head there instead. Since it's nearer from our workplace, also it's more convenient for us to get home after that.

I reached IMM around 540pm. And I decided to go get some of my personal stuffs first then go get the Queue no, and I regretted. I should have gotten the Queue number first, then go to get my stuffs. I didn't expect to see a huge crowd since its at IMM and on weekday? I thought we could walk in right away and I thought after getting the Queue number, I'll have to sit there and wait. Alamak. So, I got my queue number around 6.10pm, and only manage to get in around 8pm! Almost a 2hrs wait man. Seriously, I have been to Haidilao so many times, I never have to wait.

Anyway, you are only able to make reservations before 6pm. After 6pm, you will have to walk in and get a queue number. So, why is this HaiDiLao so popular and always having a long queue?

The first time I went to the first outlet at Clark Quay. I was pretty amazed by the service. Food wise also quite ok. But it's really not cheap ya. It's not buffet, it's ala carte. Be prepared to pay about $50 per pax. Regardless of how expensive it is, there's still a lot of people patronizing.

What kinda service do they provide?

While waiting in the queue, you still get to sit, drink and have snack. Not just that, they provide some mini games too, like chess, aeroplane chess, folding of cranes? lol.

You also get to do your MANICURE for FREE. And it's not like some simple express ones. They are pretty professional, they trim your nails, cut the cuticles, coating, etc.

There's also a children corner where you can put your kids there to play. However, I wouldn't though. Haha.

When you gotten your seat, they will first provide hot towels. They provide a plastic ziplock bag for your phone. If you have long hair, they provide a hair tie band. After eating, you may ask for toothbrush too if you need.

They will change your messy dirty plates for you. They can make the special sauce for you. They serve and attend to you throughout the dining.

 photo 20150513_181543_zpsejmxw8a1.jpg
Meanwhile, at the waiting corner.

 photo 20150513_182457_zpskcdypbdb.jpg

 photo 20150513_182504_zpslxgwq8ww.jpg
Free services. Ooh, even screen protector?
 photo 20150513_181534_zpscdtlerpv.jpg
 photo 20150513_181527_zpsvtfcrck6.jpg

 photo 20150513_182939_zpskwurxkkp.jpg
Free dessert too.
 photo 20150513_222050_zpszctyujgc.jpg
 photo 20150513_195523_zpsegtw8mo3.jpg
Looks pretty good right?

 photo 20150513_222040_zpsxt7ix7al.jpg
 photo 20150513_222100_zpscbksfa0q.jpg
Children corner
 photo 20150513_194935_zpsw1gh3l2p.jpg
You can make your own sauce. It's free flow.
It will include your bill of $4 per pax.


 photo 20150513_195715_zpsvkkrqnxg.jpg
Some cold dishes for appetizer.

 photo 90ad1a40-4f04-487f-a106-49049c9702bf_zpss2mfymzo.png
You can choose the soup base.
I personally like the tomato base soup.

 photo 20150513_200015_zpsanpirqti.jpg

 photo 20150513_200232_zps229r0wrt.jpg
They will serve to each of you a bowl of the clear soup.

 photo 20150513_200531_001_zpsm9eihyaq.jpg
Squeezing of prawn paste.

 photo 20150513_200528_zpsunm6ze1a.jpg

 photo 20150513_200011_zpshkerpqgk.jpg


 photo 20150513_200228_zpsmoe56z91.jpg
I like their meatballs too. It's handmade.


 photo 20150513_200058_zps7ftxtzwd.jpg
Beefie for them.
 photo 20150513_200053_zpsc9er7s2s.jpg
Porkie for me!
 photo 20150513_213000_zpsvptzrvwa.jpg
 photo 20150513_212540_zps6dqsvmvb.jpg
Birthday cake from my dear fellow colleagues.
 photo 20150513_212624_zpsfnq4txhs.jpg
A free gift (scrap book) from Haidilao, also together with a fruit platter.
 photo IMG-20150513-WA0057_zpsjiw2aae7.jpg
Happy birthday to myself.
May my wishes come true.

 photo IMG-20150513-WA0059_zps9kldpipc.jpg

When I'm eating with them, the bills are always crazy.
$80 for a pax?! lol... can go eat some high class hotel buffet liao... wahahhaah
Oh ya, why are we called MEAT? Because of me la, I always like to create some lame names ma.
[M]ay. [E]eling. [A]pple. [T]ingting
Actually T.E.A.M also can la, but I think MEAT suit us more... wahhahahah

 photo 20150513_222811_zpseyxpea1c.jpg
She's TingTing... Used to be my taxi buddy. lol

 photo 20150513_222838_zpsjhimbn0b.jpg

Time to head home!! You guys too... lol.

Stay tuned for my Part 4!

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