an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Saturday, June 13, 2015

Taipei 4days 3nights 29apr-02may 2015 Part 2 ( Day 2 at Beitou/ShiLin night market)

Taipei 4days 3nights 29apr-02may 2015 Part 2

Started off with our free breakfast buffet from the hotel. Breakfast timing from 7am to 9.30am. So we woke at 9am and head to the dining place which was at the same level as our room. There's quite a variety of food. And they replenished the food pretty fast.

Carbonara. Kinda diluted, but still taste quite ok.


Tofu soup.

plain bun

Japanese cold noodles.

I mixed it with some fried veg. :)

To toast bread.

Salad corner.

Stewed pork !
It tasted good! But but but... the pork are all FATS!


See the FATS?! but well... JUST EAT ONLY la!
It's holiday, so just forget about the calories first.


Our OOTD, and we gonna set of for HOTSPRING!

So, we took the MRT to Beitou, and change another train to Xin Bei Tou. Previously, probably 3 or 4 years ago, when I went there, the train to Xin Bei Tou was very cute with the hot tub barrels that provide information. This time round, its just a normal train.





Round fever outside Xin Bei Tou station
Walk straight and cross the road, there will be a signboard with the directions to different places.
And we headed to the Hotspring museum. I went before in the past, but since Sam never been before.
Shall have a stroll there.



This is the Hotspring museum


There was a performance that day, by some Japanese ladies.
But we didn't stayed to watch.

Realised in Taiwan, most attractions will have this kinda stamp.
Probably for people who have the hobby who collecting such chops whenever they go.


He asked me to stamp on his hand... then the next moment commented on FB that I abused him.

No idea what these symbols meant.


How hotspring comes about.


Can you tell we are trying to imitate those 2 in the posters?




Next, we went to look for the place where we gonna use their hotspring service!
Got some recommendations to this place called Jia He Wu, 加贺屋.
You may check out their website for more info.


It's a very big building which is pretty easy to spot.



Cos we didn't make any reservation, so there's only a room left which was the NT2000 room.
4ft tub for 90 minutes.

Waiting area.


Buckwheat tea which taste good!

Our room.


Round fever in the room!

Toiletbowl with those special functions which I never dare to try.

The tub.


Resting area with a TV


Went youtube to checkout how to tmake Jjimjilbang head towel seen in Korean dramas



He said finally have a comb to replace his damaged one cos I never bought him a new one.
With my new specs.
Anyway, soft and silky skin and hair after the bath.

Ok, he looks UNCLE with this.



Saw that the contact lenses selling openly like that at Watson.
Very cheap also leh.
Only NT125/SGD5.40 for 1 pcs. These are monthly lenses.

Share a coke with SAM!
Why no APPLE. sians~


Gonna head to Tamsui, to Fisherman wharf!


From Danshui station to Fisherman's wharf, there's two ways; either by bus or by ferry.
For bus, you may take Bus 26, 836 or 837 just outside the MRT station. Ferry will be slightly expensive NT60/SGD2.60.

However, cos I wanted to go to Aranzi Café, so we didn't take the bus.

Aranzi Café 阿朗基咖啡
新北市淡水區中正路56 No. 56, Zhong Zheng Rd., Danshui Dist., New Taipei City

And the sad thing was it was UNDER RENOVATION!

so sad!
 So, we just continue to walk straight to see if we could get some food, cos we were hungry after the hot spring.
And we realized we were walking along a whole stretch of street food.

 Saw this hot plate quail eggs and decided to try.
and it was YUMMILICIOUS!
Rating 7.5/10




There's a lot of stalls selling cuttlefish. However, cos Sam's having some allergy to it.
So, we did not get but I tried the sample, taste so so loh.


So, we bought this monkey prawn instead. I felt the veg flavor was too strong.
But the prawns were pretty crunchy.
His 3rd try.
There's 3 different flavors.

Yam, strawberry, pineapple.

Tasted good too!
Lazy to walk back to the bus terminal, we decided to take the ferry.
It cost NT60 for single trip. Last ferry back will be 7pm. So, the lady suggested that we buy just the single trip, and probably buy the ferry ticket from there or get a bus back, in case it might be a rush.
Reached Fisherman Wharf about 15-20 minutes.







It's an awesome weather. Very cooling and windy. And we purposely did not bring any windbreaker or cardigan that day cos we thought from previous day experience was HOT.

That's the lover's bridge behind us!

spot me. lol. oK, so big, how not to be able to spot right... lol



I'm really good at capturing jump shots.


Hubby suddenly give a peck on the cheek. haha.

 There's quite some eateries along the way. Quite relax to chill there for a few hours.

Round about fever!

A little museum below the other end of the bridge.


Another stamp on his hand!


Night view.
We walked all the way to the bus terminal. There will be 2 bus stop, one is for passengers to alight, the other for boarding. So, make sure you are at the right stop.
The journey back to Dan shui MRT station was about 20-30 minutes.
Next destination was Shilin Night Market 士林夜市.
So, we took the MRT to Jian Tan station, exit 1.


act cute!
So cute right?!!! I saw a lot of cute cute shoes. But Valerie still not at the age of wearing shoes yet.
So, next time bah!

Saw an Uncle selling something that look like our local TUTU KUEH.

There's peanut and sesame flavor.
Texture was soft, different from tutu kueh. The white part seems like some glutinous rice.
The fillings are nice and sweet.

We saw some stalls selling this kinda 烧饼, like some crispy bun.
But we came across this stall along the main road. Theirs were using traditional method, the charcoal to roast the buns.
And Samuel LOVES it very much!
He regretted not buying 1 more.



Freshly roasted!

We ordered pepper pork cake NT40/SGD1.70
The amount of fillings was generous!
Then along the way, there's a lot of stalls selling 十全排骨汤 some herbal soup.
So, we just went in to the first shop we bypassed.
Everything was pretty cheap and yummy.




This palm-sized bowl of braised pork rice cost only NT20/SGD0.80
Sam ordered 2 bowls for himself.

This was the herbal soup. Taste good and the amount of pork bone they gave was generous too.
This cost NT70/SGD3.00

Oyster omelette NT50/SGD2.10
I have tried oyster omelette a number of times in Taiwan. But I still prefer our local ones.
Theirs are more eggy and stachy and given with some sweet sauce.
Then, we saw this 牛舌饼, cow's tongue biscuit?
But it gonna nothing to do with cow. Most probably, cos it looks like a cow's tongue.
It's vegetarian. There's salty or sweet one to choose.
I chose the sweet one, just NT20/SGD0.80.

It taste not bad, not too sweet. Slight crispiness.




That's all for Day 2!
So full and tired everyday!
But we enjoyed everyday!
Great companion with great yummy food!
Stay tuned for our Taipei 4days 3nights 2015 Part 3!



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