an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Thursday, June 04, 2015

Christmas celebration 2014 Part 2 (with Precious)

Christmas celebration 2014 (with Precious) - Disney Theme

My part 2 celebration with Precious. Again it's without our Jia Jia. She was still working at Saudi!

Last year, we cooked our own dinner. This year, to save the hassle of cleaning up, we ordered the Christmas meal from Morganfields.

Present to you, I'll little cutie Santa!

 photo 10881510_10152577412307549_5570820781764004709_n_zpslzlaqci3.jpg

 photo 10548179_10152577413617549_3816283568247157546_o_zpszyanm5ua.jpg
Look at those fatty arms!

 photo 10363392_10152577412202549_2836524569527895293_n_zpsd5kxzrdu.jpg
Santa baby.... Where's our pressie?

 photo 10830945_10152577413517549_7894320995151524229_o_zpsqr97kiim.jpg
Changed attire cos she spitted milk on it. But still, Minnie mouse is here!

 photo 10863875_10152577411737549_5108067613947100925_o_zpsreflxrcg.jpg

 photo 10887180_10152577411662549_1946706405049848544_o_zpsfokoaud1.jpg

Morgan's Christmas Feast cost $149.90. It consists of 4 grilled sausages, cranberry sticky bones (half rib slab), hazelnut sticky bones (half rib slab), bourbon marmalade glazed ham slices, smoked turkey legs, roasted potatoes, carrots, onions, long beans and corn bread.

The meat were tender. Initially, we thought it will be insufficient for us. But, we still have leftovers, not because it doesn't taste good. Just that we were too full!

 photo 10830632_10152681766372549_5313328036733167816_o_zps31imh2bg.jpg
Wefie time!

 photo 10885196_10152577411857549_6639428705210987078_n_zps8bmoxx0i.jpg
Wendy ordered this from her company.

 photo 1545728_10152577411912549_7378968341105266770_n_zpslq5ndtyi.jpg
Kinda special, but I don't quite like it though. oops :(

 photo 10429304_10152577412007549_2407894812628244080_n_zpshkflbpvp.jpg
Cheers. Fake fake only. Later I drink liao.. Val drunk how? lol

Present exchange time. Last year, we bought $50 budget present for each person.
This year, tight budget la. We use the Elfster online program to pick the person to give to.

 photo 10476643_10152577412352549_802613187192716041_o_zpsfaierqgl.jpg
I'm her secret Santa.

 photo 1908476_10152577412482549_6761721581666755473_n_zpswsttdmof.jpg

She needs a warmer to bring soup or porridge to work. Eye pack.. cos you see her eye bag la!
A mini brush to wipe her keyboard... cos she working in the office now!
A necklace, cos she once mentioned before she was looking for it eh... if I'm not wrong. wahaha.

 photo 10686714_10152577412532549_5645360524777938865_n_zpsyw7os4kd.jpg

 photo 10730134_10152577412592549_563123204314666905_n_zpsntnwzewj.jpg
Rayne was Wendy's secret Santa. And she gotten the Gordon Ramsay's Cookbook!

 photo 10881732_10152577412667549_2978929603295336409_n_zpsshwwywef.jpg

 photo 10885607_10152577412727549_2815786999561308463_n_zpspikc1lav.jpg
Gift from Wendy to Sorsan.

 photo 10881776_10152577412772549_6414072277750043547_n_zpsqdyx5oph.jpg
I thought it's quite cool eh.
Pretty chic and personalized.

 photo 10351477_10152577412822549_8763885204431913808_n_zpsbqcvuyik.jpg

 photo 10882136_10152577412962549_6459298376555673341_n_zpsfkh6teca.jpg
Sorry, I don't know what is this called. A hand warmer? Aiya, to warm your hands la.

 photo 10387409_10152577413017549_5645088624339764430_n_zpszmssayf0.jpg
and my secret santa was Sorsan.
I wanted a baby carrier.

 photo 10868141_10152577413087549_364581384081307212_n_zpsgkrr0g2e.jpg
and Tadaaaa.....

 photo 1010211_10152577413387549_8529532458523538468_n_zpsi3b8evai.jpg
come come... here comes the fake mama... trying out the carrier.

 photo 10868182_10152577413187549_1849125256645061890_n_zpsiv9dpypa.jpg
Pretty useful. I'm still using it now.

 photo 10885569_10152577413662549_3831264238288217662_n_zpshpusthcs.jpg
That just woke up look.  A little gift for him. 2 tops and his fave chocolate!

That's all for the Christmas party.

Next, I'll post my hubby's mini 37th bday celebration.

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