an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Christmas celebration 2014 Part 1 (with poly gang)

Christmas celebration 2014 (with poly gang) - Disney Theme

Sorry guys, this post is almost 6 months late! But, nevertheless I still decided to post because this time round, there's little Valerie with us!

But also because there's Val around, I decided not to have too many celebrations. As baby needs to have more rest, and we will have lots of clean up to do after each visiting.

So, there's only 2 Christmas celebrations at home for this time round.

The theme for the Christmas this year would be Disney Theme. We bought many cute Disney Christmas deco balls from Hong Kong last year for our Christmas tree.

 photo 1982036_10152497408272549_6497427431472842578_n_zpso6unjrte.jpg
Jiang Jiang... Cute right?!

 photo 10624795_10152516309427549_7370657138384679980_n 1_zpseily8d2l.jpg
Disney nails for the theme! Mickey

 photo 10805580_10152516308592549_5988571609234264909_n_zpsxwjv8mna.jpg
and Minnie mouse

 photo 10850279_10152569530492549_2058621622898686835_n_zpsnyatnmzd.jpg

 photo 10881595_10152569531627549_1616546392383604659_n_zpsubl5yiez.jpg

 photo 10801651_10152477331727549_4324952123427800554_n_zpsc5czugf6.jpg

 photo 10702141_10152497432607549_7946511882202420587_n_zpskk6twk12.jpg

 photo 10676358_10152566645062549_726060666910646321_n_zpspgctpyqe.jpg
Oops, look who's there?! The Grumpy Minnie Mouse!
Too fat liao, cannot sit up... Wahahhahahah

 photo 83271907-d744-4ccc-80b8-4a3d0087b7f7_zps6cgwxpxe.jpg
The sleepy mouse.

Couldn't find cute Disney clothes. So we bought Disney headbands from Talisman. 3 for $10.

 photo 10869501_10152566647067549_5673795444956436720_o_zpsnkwkk5a3.jpg
That's Kenny and Yen Siang (the fake pink mouse) lol

 photo 10873524_10152566647312549_4566397115083129497_o_zpsuqoqjyk9.jpg
That's KT (Minnie headband belongs to me), Shawn (a mickey badge, lame!), and Yiwen (mickey top from cotton on)

 photo 10873480_10152566647477549_7427156421838960251_o_zpsh6e6dmml.jpg
Hui Yi and Hong Chun. Mickey couple! Oh ya, Hui Yi loves Mickey!

 photo 10857225_10152566647247549_4958534111711184994_o_zpsum6bdesn.jpg
Here comes the Santa and his elf! And they claimed that they are also Disney characters!
Jeslyn and Bernard

 photo 1898540_10152566646367549_4222635669742171876_o_zpspe3qgmmv.jpg
Lilo and Stitch! Desmond and Hanni! with the forever sleepy baby. whahahahaha

 photo 10869419_10152566790342549_6533717467156798342_o_zpspdzu1e8k.jpg
Jia xin. (mickey cap) Oh, she's awake now.

 photo 1920284_10152566645572549_591389432910663886_n_zpsb1sufoi9.jpg
Mummy, my bib also Disney character eh!

We had potluck. I think we were all too hungry, did not take photos of the food.

After dinner, we proceed to presents exchange!

We were given a budget of $15. We will then normally play a game and choose their own gift!

 photo 905886_10152566646902549_3225886828325397931_o_zpspk5i059g.jpg
Shawn gotten a mini cooper thumbdrive!

 photo 1149449_10152566645972549_7312042984751701711_o_zpspnkb2csl.jpg
Yen siang gotten Royce Fruit bar chocolate. She doesn't like chocolate though. But she said this was ok... haha.

 photo 1425238_10152566646747549_964851798257196951_o_zps3suhimae.jpg
The stitch gotten Mickey and Minnie mouse nano blocks. Haha.. Really suits the theme!

 photo 10357773_10152566646157549_5557262230830458142_o_zpsgfbwn83x.jpg
KT gotten a water bottle, I think these can use for infusion of tea?

 photo 10373023_10152566646692549_5719796347432649684_o_zpsre7epkp3.jpg
Bernard got a power bank. Pretty useful nowadays.

 photo 10496960_10152566646277549_7564872434257629174_o_zpsabmyv5ya.jpg
Heh Heh! Agnes B gift leh! From Me ok!
I always like to give Branded stuffs de!

 photo 10856739_10152566646427549_8810158275186373316_o_zpsoj36vszf.jpg
Jiang JIANG... It's a cushion. It's real ya, not inspired item hor.
I bought it at IMM Agnes B outlet. This is only $20. There's also like pencil/makeup case for $20 only leh. So cute right. Should have gotten one more for myself. I went back last week, NO MORE!

 photo 10517647_10152566645847549_2068432202219375845_o_zps2rvgu3w7.jpg
Yiwen gotten Disney cookies. These are from Hong Kong Disneyland wor.

 photo 10580669_10152566645907549_7409412876231260910_o_zpsvf4c5aga.jpg
Chocolates and clip lens!

 photo 10862659_10152566646627549_1521388852190012639_o_zpstypc7zui.jpg
Starbucks tumbler. On sale during Christmas season. This is from KT.

 photo 10863973_10152566646522549_217008946846460766_o_zpsveafgmvn.jpg
Oops. 3M stuffs! definitely from Samuel! wahhahah. But it's useful eh.
Eye pack... hmmm Hanni, your eye bags quite Jia Lat. Just in time for you! haha.
3M scrub is also good.

 photo 10869734_10152566646042549_3314050464247668591_o_zpsnnz0718p.jpg
Osim eye massager sia.... Cool eh.

 photo 10865857_10152566646212549_2180909670547367279_o_zpsfn5auwrq.jpg
Not sure if this is Cups or chocolate fondue set.

 photo 10869492_10152566646112549_1280100033097282890_o_zps2rw2orin.jpg
I got a mug stirrer! Seriously, ppl who invented this should be a LAzy person. lol.

 photo 10848531_10152566646592549_6639297424501519874_o_zps4r5whffg.jpg
Essence diffuser.

 photo 10540541_10152566647557549_8641397965909672758_n_zpsmdrcka9f.jpg
It's log cake time. Also a bday celebration for Jia xin. This cake was from Jurong Point Green Bakery.

Not very yummy though.

 photo 10495570_10152566647617549_1884233649530783814_o_zpswaepvxjx.jpg

 photo 10687395_10152566646992549_8265854751769996335_o_zps9lsxsi8g.jpg
Group photo! Wefie moments!

 photo 10497859_10152566646802549_639491297228447687_o_zpskhbpk4ix.jpg

Probably, the next Christmas party can held in Bernard's house which is ready now!

Stay tuned for Christmas celebration Part 2 (with Precious)


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