an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Sunday, June 07, 2015

Hubby's 37th Bday~ 24 Jan 2015

My Hubby's 37th Bday~ 24Jan2015

My best birthday gift for Samuel.

Little Valerie.
 photo 10947333_10152665881517549_962612617190785134_n_zpsitbrpcb3.jpg

Samuel's birthday falls on Saturday. We decided not to go out. Just a simple celebration at home as a family will do.

I guess as you grow older, you just wanna spend your birthday with your love ones at home.

Early in the morning, as usual, I'll cook Mee sua with egg for Sam.

 photo 10931552_10152665881317549_5673063131899734721_n_zpsl9qzpzff.jpg
Smiley Face.

 photo 10941910_10152665881472549_3780208562063466098_n_zpssqfyievp.jpg

Then I asked Raymond over for simple dinner. I ordered Chinese food delivery.
Also, he could help us to take some family photos.

 photo 10923674_10152665881792549_1696808540918434272_o_zpszmjacqnw.jpg

 photo 10934085_10152665881572549_6200722117332136011_n_zpsjlaar9yi.jpg
Super like this photo. My cutie watermelon.

 photo 10838087_10152665881647549_1874900007922236464_o_zpsiqkeoetc.jpg
The standing watermelon

 photo 10257369_10152665881707549_960803568493297614_o_zpsucaskwpk.jpg

I think too much flashes and changing of clothes. Valerie became very agitated and kept crying non stop. So, we stopped the photo taking.

And proceed to makan!

Felt like eating crab that day, and since Hubby likes Assam fish. I decided to order from this company, where I saw quite some good reviews online. I ordered from 食福阁 - Shi Fu Ge Restaurant.

To begin with, these four dishes already cost 100plus. But never mind, if its good ya.
But the food came late. Dishes not hot? portion small?

The assam fish was not bad. Hubby quite likes it. The salted egg crab was the most disappointing. So watery, so diluted! Honey milk pork cube was kinda soggy. The vege was quite ok, but portion so small!

Felt so cheated and a waste of $$$$$. Will definitely not order from them again.

 photo 10407133_10152665881852549_7742581454261158676_n_zpswtqyb4yt.jpg

Asked Hubby to choose the birthday cake, but he chose strawberry shortcake which is my favourite.
Sweet hubby right?

 photo 1511042_10152665882272549_1171311002475412718_n_zpskooewtgz.jpg
Hubby is 37 this year! In case you do not know, he's 10 years older than me.

 photo 1970623_10152665882027549_1009869821877799419_n_zpswj9h6ul7.jpg
Baby guai guai ok,,, Papi making a wish.

 photo 10351816_10152665882092549_5589519921100794606_n_zpskkvrqffp.jpg

 photo 10445939_10152665881897549_7645253478984065793_n_zpssr6iysox.jpg

A family photo!

Don't know why Val's front hair drop drop drop... but behind no drop...

Hubby insisted on shaving bald for Val... But I don't want lah... Girl lei.... mai lah....

 photo 10941037_10152665881932549_188134311542969537_n_zpstqtwzbuf.jpg
Val giving that... Eh faster leh.. look... Hahhaha

 photo 10941450_10152665882157549_7266853762477222822_n_zpsj2oaas8l.jpg

 photo 10417706_10152665882337549_3833846547553083283_n_zpscute2ug7.jpg
baby ar baby.... cutie little Valerie.

 photo 10444380_10152665882387549_1691675416325239516_n_zpsmcbid0rh.jpg
Lazy mummy... didn't hold bottle for me.

 photo 10940632_10152665882517549_4872998528290560617_n_zpsvpqepuaj.jpg

 photo 10374077_10152665882587549_7449711727657610224_n_zpshp0qghol.jpg
Oops... dozed off liao.

A simple and sweet birthday spent for Hubby. :)

More updates on Valerie soon!

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