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Taipei 4days 3nights 29apr-02may 2015 Part 1 ( Day 1 at Jiufen)

Taipei 4days 3nights 29apr-02may 2015

Finally, a trip after being pregnant and giving birth. It's been 1 and half year since I last went for travelling. Although my Maldives and NZ trip got interrupted, but no worries... I gonna head there to Maldives once I got back in SHAPE. lol.

Ok, anyway this was my third time travelling to Taiwan. I just thought of having a short getaway trip with hubby, and since I been to other parts of Taiwan. I just wanna eat like a pig and relac at Taipei.

Also, I only got to realized that before you even head to Taiwan, you could actually get some freebies at Singapore - Taiwan Tourism Bureau.

You may check out at below site.

There's seasonal free gifts redemption for free & easy traveller. I read that some have gotten external chargers, local sim cards, coupons/vouchers. For myself, I got Taipei MRT card with 50NT credit inside.

You may drop an email to ask what's the free gift before heading down.

How to get to the Taiwan Tourism Bureau office.

- From Raffles place MRT station towards exit B, Chevron House is on your left. Take escalator to 3rd floor security counter to exchange pass and take the elevator to 10th floor.

Please bring along you Hotel confirmation (for at least one night stay), E-ticket depart from flight.

You may collect brochures & maps or visit the website for all kinds of information.

 So, I have gotten the Taiwan MRT card and 2 coupons for a children theme park but am not going there.

 Bought the Jetstar 1 for 1 ticket which cost about $600 for the two of us. Intended to only eat and relax, so we bought only 1 luggage 15kg to go and 25kg back. We have chosen the 1am flight, which we greatly regretted. Should have just gotten the 7am flight and hence can rest more. :(

A must take photo before we left home


Taking empty train to the airport.


Pretty like my S6 camera. But as for the battery life, iphone 6 is still better.

Frankly, this time round, I got phobia taking the airplane.
Probably, been a while since I went for a trip. Also, too many plane crash and missing news.
Bought travel insurance, giving my parents my home keys.

While flying, I kept looking out, and prayed that it would be a smooth trip for us.

We reached Taipei around 5.50am. Then, with all the retrieving of luggage etc... we are out around 6.20am bah. And of cos we both wanna get the local SIM card.

Diao... Need to wait till 8am then open. Thought they might be selling at 7 eleven. But, nope, they were selling for such SIM card for travelers like us, only sells at the airport. But you may head to terminal 2 which open at 7am.
So, while waiting, we went 7eleven, to have Sam's favourite ODEN.

I really love Taiwan. They got a variety of yummy breads....





Sam complained... asked why I didn't take the bigger bowl?
and why so little soup only!


Enjoying his breakfast.
While waiting for time to pass, we charged some phones.
There's quite a number of charging points.
And look at the gamer over there!


While he's playing his lame game... I do my selfie lo... wahahhaahaha

Wefie OOTD.
It' really useful and handy to have a selfie stick.



Not long after about 7.45am, the counter opened and there was queue already.
Round about fever at the airport.

Sorry ya, didn't realized the last pricing was blocked by the printer.
Anyway, so we gotten the B plan, 5 day unlimited data, $50 airtime for NT$300.
Basically, we both didn't use any phone calls la. Got whatsapp can liao mah.

There were 3 companies. For the short stay plans are all of the same amount, so we just any oh how choose a company lo.
They will change the SIM card for you.

Ok, gotten our SIM card, all ready to head to XIMENDING liao.
We took the elevator down to the bus station.

Bought the bus tickets 1819 to Taipei main station, there will be a shuttle bus from there to ximen station. However, the shuttle bus service only starts at 11.30am.


NT120 per pax.
Probably the NT65 is for student or elderly fare?



The bus journey was about 45mins bah if I'm not wrong.
Was too sleepy. I only knew that when we reach Taipei main station was about 9plus am.
Thought that we could take the free shuttle service to Ximen station, but driver said only 11.30am then starts.
So, we went to take the MRT loh. Anyway, 1 stop to Ximen only lah, haha.
A round fever around Taipei main station first!

While waiting, play game again lo.

Queuing in line. And the crowd is definitely lesser than sg.

Reached Ximen station, go to Exit 6. Cos, its not our first time staying there, so we were still rather familiar to the hotel.
Address of ECFA Wan nian Taipei
108, Taiwan, 台北市 Wanhua District, Xining South Road, 70號6樓
Just a 5 minutes walk, and you'll see this building shown below.


Cos, we still early, and so we can only put our luggage at the hotel first, then we headed for more FOOD. At the counter, there's a map for guest, pretty useful. Oh ya, always remember if you are going as a couple to anywhere. While booking the hotel, just indicate it's for honeymoon. Sometimes, you will have special privileges or some gifts.
My friend gotten some roses and cakes at some hotels.
For myself, I got to choose to have a room with window or having a bathtub.

Go in through this entrance, then take the lift to Level 6.

This the MRT map, very useful to travel around.

This map shows the main shops around the hotel.
There's the Yong he doujiang and the Duck flat that we will be going.
There's so many street foods as we were walking. And oh, forgot to mention the weather. So disappointed, thought we could reach here with cooling shioks weather. But nah, hot like sg. diao.


Tried this fried dumpling. Only 35NT which is sgd 1.50 for 9 pcs.
Rating 8/10
Cheap and good!



Sg have this Big Big fried chicken too. But, hmmm we didn't try over there though.
Too many other yummy food to try.
Next, we headed for the famous

Yonghe Doujiang 永和豆漿 – Taiwanese Style Breakfast
Address: No. 30 Hankou Street | Zhongzheng District, Taipei
108, Taiwan 台北市中正區漢口街二段30


There was a queue already, but not too long la.
Maybe a 5-8 mins wait.

A whole lot of selection. And, I selected the wrong one!
Gotten No. 4


Well, the soya bean drink taste pretty normal.
Well, what to expect from a soya bean drink right?!

Look at his MEH face, tells you everything about the food.
It' just MEH!

Ordered wrongly, I wanted those thick type like you tiao, ended up with this machiam roti prata crepes.
Cos I saw the picture below the wordings mah, sian.
I ordered the 抓饼,should have ordered the 蛋饼 or 烧饼.

The egg inside was abit flowy, taste alright la. But still not as WOW as I thought.
I would give a rating of 6/10.
Next, we headed to the
鴨肉扁 “The Duck Flat”

Address: No. 98 Zhonghua Road, Section 1 | Wanhua District, Taipei


Tada.... Jumping shot!

There's no menu when we entered. Waiter straight asked you want noodle面 or bee hoon米粉.
Then, what portion of duck would you like.
Not sure with the portion and they are like waiting for your reply.
We took the 1/4 portion duck which was too much lah!

Ordered the noodle 50 NT (sgd 2.20)
The noodle goes along with the duck. Eating the duck alone will get a little gelat.

400NT 1/4portion. This plate cost sgd 17.
One bite was pretty so-so, a bit saltish. As you eat a few more, also accompanied by the noodle.
It seemed to goes quite well. Meat is tender.
However, I wouldn't say its very fantastic, so verall rating: 7/10

Ordered this Barley drink.
Definitely not like our barley drink(white) in SG. This taste like some maize drink, and the aftertaste like a bit bitter and alcohol note. Weird. I don't like though, but too thirsty, bo bian.
After eating that plate of duck, we were so full. We went to stroll around, waiting for time to past
As we wanna check in the hotel and have a quick bath before heading to Jiufen.

Meanwhile, saw these pretty cool powerbank...
I knew its been out for quite a while already. But I still find them very cute, can?!

Mickey, Donald, Winnie backside bag... so cute!
Around 1plus, we were really too full and tired, we decided to just head back to the hotel to see if we can check in. Supposing the time to check in is 3pm. So, we just try our luck, and yup, we can check it liao!
So, the receptionist asked if we were here for honeymoon, cos we indicated. And so, she asked to choose the room with window or with bathtub. Of cos bath tub lo... Window also nothing much to see. Also, we knew this hotel offers free breakfast! Hurray. wahahhaha.


Round about fever in the ROOM! wahhahahaha
Cos, we were too too tired. Didn't really sleep well in the plane, and have been walking. So we decided to have a short nap. And oops, supposed to nap for half n hr. But we woke at 3pm! wahahhaha.
Quickly have a quick bath and off we go to Jiu fen for more YUMMY FOOD!
Out OOTD! cos someone changed clothes!
So, we headed to Taipei Main station. From there, you can either purchase train ticket or use your yoyo mrt card.
But beware that it will be at different railway track.
For purchased tickets will be on 4B track, whereas using mrt card will be on 4A track.
They are of different timings, so would suggest you to check out with the counter.
So, we took the railway train to Ruei Fang.
 Once reached Ruei fang, you'll see 2 signboards. Left for going to Jiu fen, right to take another train to Shi fen.

Am pretty lucky this time round, as the train was so empty, probably due to the timing I went was around 4plus already. My friend who went the next day, was so packed that they have to stand throughout the journey.

The last time round when I was going to shifen, the train was also damn packed. So, maybe a later timing would be better to head to these places. Will be much cooling too.
From there, you exit the station, cross the road and walk towards a police station (about 3-5mins walk).
Beside the police station, there's a bus stop.

The bus (788) ride cost 15NT per pax, will take about 15-20mins.
No worries on when to get down, cos a lot of people will be alighting and the driver will notify.




The MAKAN journey begins!
Some of the Must eat at Jiu Fen.
1. Peanut Ice cream roll
I went Taiwan a few times, walked past this a few times already but have never tried.
Cos, it doesn't look yummy to me. But this time round, before I go for Taiwan, I have lotsa friends telling me that I must try this peanut ice cream. Ok, so I go for it.
And woah, Samuel loves it.
It's pretty difficult to convince him with good food.
This handheld spring roll consists with 2 scoops of yam ice cream sweetened crushed roasted peanuts candy, maltose. And you may choose whether to add the coriander or not.
Some stalls, there's different flavor for the ice cream.
This stall was nearer to the entrance.
We also tasted the A-zhu peanut ice cream roll which was further up. We felt not as good.
Overall rating: 9/10




He doesn't look like 37 isn't it?!
Still a playful boy look.

Seems like fatter = older. lol
2. Traditional Fish Balls.
We chose the Mixed ball soups, consists of cuttlefish, Fuzhou and fishball. It costs 45NT/SGD1.90.
I like the Fuzhou one, there's minced meat inside. Yummy! The other 2 very chewy, QQ.
Rating: 8/10






3. Meat ball with Red Vinasse 红糟 (NT45/SGD1.90)
There's vegetarian and non vegetarian one. The shops are just opposite of one another.
And of cos, I'll choose the non vegetarian one lah!
This was really good. The glutinous paste very QQ covering the meat inside.
Rating 9/10




4. BBQ mushroom

We bypassed this, they were selling fried ones and BBQ ones. But the fried ones were sold out already.
And so we gotten the BBQ ones, was good too.
Fried ones cost NT50/SGD2.10, BBQ ones cost NT100/SGD4.30

A little pricey, but tasted really good and juicy.
Rating: 7/10




5. Taro balls (赖阿婆芋圆) NT45/SGD1.90
A mixture of yam, sweet potato and green tea balls.
Every bite, you can really taste the flavor well unlike those selling in SG.
They are very chewy and QQ too.
Rating 8/10



6. BBQ Smelly tofu NT35/SGDSGD1.50
 It ain't really smelly. I pretty like the sauce actually and with some cabbage on the top.
The tofu was also hot and crispy. Sam felt soso, but I enjoyed it.
Rating 7.5/10

This is found near the entrance




We went for a stroll around. Not forgetting to take pictures and also out round about fever!

someone got bitten by a BIG mosquito.
Round about at Jiu Fen.

From Jiu Fen back to Ruei fang, you ought to take a bus back, or you may get the taxi driver which is more expensive. To take the bus back, walk towards the LIYI pastry shop, there's a bus stop to board the bus back.
From Ruei fang, take the railway train back. If you wanna go to RaoHe night market and Wu Fen Pu, you may alight at Song Shan station.
Were supposed to go there after Jiu Fen, but we both were really too tired. So, we decided to head back to the hotel.
One round about outside Ximen station
Have some last bites before heading hotel.
Rayne recommended me this 香香鸡, located just outside the exit of Ximen station.
Very crispy and chewy. Eat it while is hot. Small packet cost 60NT/SGD2.60.
Rating 7/10.




Up next, is the MUST TRY food in Taiwan ok. Cheesy potato! 起士马铃薯.
Ordered the Mixed flavor 综合口味. NT70/SGD3
A lot of ingredients. More importantly, lotsa cheese!
You can also request for takeaway, and have separate packet of cheese.
Rating 8.5/10








stop looking so young can... Makes me feel old!
That's it for the long post of Day 1.
Stay tuned for Day 2 at Taipei!


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