an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Tsukada Nojo 美人鍋 at West gate

Tsukada Nojo 美人鍋 at West gate

Address: #03-04, Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive
Opening hours:
Open daily
11.30am to 3.30pm, last order 3pm
5pm to 10pm, last order 9pm

Finally, full attendance for AJALYA. An advanced bday celebration for Yangrui. So, she had chosen to have it at Tsukada Nojo. I have always wanted to try but never got the chance... so... yeah... collagen... collagen!

So, Audrey and I were super late, although we were just at Jurong Point. Due to the lame train fault again... shall not elaborate... waste of time.

We reached there about 8plus pm... poor them have to wait for us in order to enter.

 The dinner is available only from 5pm onwards. Already there's queue even before the restaurant is open for business.

They are well known for their Bijin Nabe ($25 per pax, with a minimum of 2 person per table to order). The broth is cooked using Jidori chicken. It was served like a pot of pudding, and the under heat, it will slowly melt.... See liao also SHIOKS. wahhaha. So, once the soup is ready, the waitress would scoop a cup for us to try. It tasted good, very rich in flavor and also a sticky feel at the lips.

It also comes with chicken, prawns, yellow zucchini, watermelon radish, wintermelon, black fungus, yuzu, chicken meatballs, cabbage, lettuce, tofu and mushroom. All seems so fresh. Oh, and lastly the noodles. The first soup refill is free.

 photo 20150303_195235_zpses784lny.jpg

 photo 20150303_195813_zpsa6jgdx9p.jpg

 photo 20150303_195303_zpsje2bwlmt.jpg

 photo 20150303_195843_zpsuqnsltxy.jpg

 photo 20150303_200318_zpsd9xyqsyb.jpg
AJALYA. yeah!

 photo 20150303_195254_zpsosgtmpxm.jpg

 photo 20150303_201328_zpscxhhebky.jpg

 photo 20150303_201341_zpsp7cq64r8.jpg

There were some appetisers to start with. We order some bacon rice rolls. And sad to say the cheese one doesn't look like the one shown in the menu.

Nikumaki Onigiri in original is $3.50, with cheese $3.80, with chilli $3.80

Marinated bacon wraps around a ball of sushi rice with some special soy sauce mixture and served with fresh lettuce.

Looks quite pretty, but taste quite so-so.

 photo IMG-20150303-WA0027_zpsaykth5ze.jpg
pudding pudding! wahahhaahh

 photo 20150303_201841_zpsav6my01q.jpg
melting... its melting...

 photo 20150303_202131_zpsp5jgyh5j.jpg

 photo 20150303_202322_zpsyefd5rj3.jpg
Waitress scooping a cup of yummy yummy shiokness.

 photo IMG-20150303-WA0028_zpsccfrbatv.jpg

 photo 20150303_202537_zpsmmphfjue.jpg

 photo 20150303_202444_zps03j0psjo.jpg
picture a bit blur....
Waitress is scooping out the chicken meatballs.

 photo 20150303_202409_zpssxdpuany.jpg

 photo 20150303_202434_zpst5w9r5y6.jpg

There were 4 types of sauce to try with the chicken meat. They were Yuzu pepper, ginger oil, red chili oil and chilli shoyu.

Don't really appreciate the yuzu pepper, cos the pepper overpowers the yuzu.

 photo 20150303_201919_zpsu4hbgzf7.jpg
They looked like very pretty when it was served.... pardon my lousy S4 camera..
Gonna get the S6 once out!

 photo 20150303_202602_zpswwaqz9ac.jpg

 photo 20150303_205107_zpsseypqwpa.jpg

There were 3 types of noodles to choose.
We ordered the egg noodle and rice noodle. The noodle was quite QQ.

 photo 20150303_205121_zpsey948ydf.jpg

This seaweed paste is served while you're halfway through your meal, specially made for you.
It's a seaweed paste to enhance the soup. Put some of it into the small teacup and scoop the soup into it and mix well. Tiny hint of seaweed.

 photo 20150303_212613_zps1bijepzx.jpg
A mini cake from Paris Baguette for the Birthday girl, Yang Rui!

 photo 20150303_212914_zpsk3uvtw3p.jpg
Complementary dessert to round up the meal

Sweet plum jelly

 photo 20150303_213556_zpsjzjxuxz4.jpg
Another complementary for the bday girl!

 photo 20150310_112415_zpsxvhhdjou.jpg

 photo 20150310_112422_zpsh2vswkua.jpg

We were all given a loyalty card. The loyalty card is in the form of an assistant manager “namecard”. If you dine at the restaurant frequent enough, they will upgrade you to manager.

So, after the dinner, I felt younger! My face were smoother... rosy cheeks...
Aiya, kidding la.. Lame....

Overall, I think its a good experience since I have never tried this kinda collagen steamboat.
Something quite interesting. Food tasted fresh. Service was good. Average spending for a person would be around $35.

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