an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Thursday, April 23, 2015

JB 1 day trip with Precious~

JB 1 day trip with Precious~

We took leaves and offs for a day trip to Johor Bahru on a weekday, since our Elise Jia Jia is back.
Was supposed to be the 5 of us travelling. However, Sor san just did her removal of wisdom tooth, she felt drowsy, so she wasn't able to make it.

But, nevertheless, we still have lotsa fun!

Firstly, we went to City square Neway to check if there's slot for singing and how was the price like.

And we got to know there's K lunch promotion!

For more recent updates, please check their website:

 photo klunch_zpsu5bzpq0s.jpg

Wa!!! RM9.90 only leh!! With lunch, free flow of drinks and free flow at the salad bar. The ++ is only when you choose higher price dishes. If not, it's RM9.90 NETT leh, about SGD 3.70!! How to find such good deal in SG!

And And And!!! The best part and surprising part! Not sure if the small rooms are used up and we got more people or they find us CUTE? Lol.. I think they find us CUTE la... lol... deceiving myself again.

But we were brought to a K SUITE! Super big room la! With private toilet! 3 screens. Super big sofa!
You tell me lo, where got such good deal in SG. Tell me Tell me!

 photo 20150312_114625_zpst34o0vhk.jpg
Hmmm, we should we sit neh...?? Wahahhahah!

 photo 20150312_114607_zpsiidz7ayy.jpg
Our private toilet, and it's really CLEAN leh!

 photo 20150312_114654_zpsuepuos33.jpg
Rayne and Wendy! 1 microphone each, don't need to fight fight!

 photo 20150312_115018_zpsznzbyp2y.jpg
Free flow at the salad bar. Although not much variety, not very yummy... But hey... its only RM9.90.
So, mai hiam!

 photo 20150312_115210_zpshz3epjoi.jpg

 photo 20150312_120644_zpsbbihfqwh.jpg
Free flow of drinks. Drink till siao siao... not to worry... got our own private toilet! wahahhah

 photo IMG-20150312-WA0011_zpsgmoeceu8.jpg
Oops, that's me... Lying down to sing...

 photo 20150312_120652_zpsmflpv0ym.jpg
That's our JiaJia!

 photo 20150312_120656_zpszxlckpkt.jpg
Who's that NERD?! Oops.. She's wearing specs because there's instant making of specs within an hour at an affordable price at KSL. Tell you more later.

 photo 20150312_120706_zpscdwmvhzi.jpg
Fatty cheeks. Yep, that's me!

 photo 20150312_121922_zpsdpcnuu8d.jpg
That's our penang prawn noodle

Taste so- so lah.. Eat full can liao. Cos, again.... RM9.90 only leh!
When things are cheap, you gonna be less HIAM.

 photo 20150312_121932_zpst19z01sn.jpg
Fish and chip.

 photo 20150312_122015_zpsxhu4m6t8.jpg
No worries if I block the screen, cos there's 3 screens!

 photo 20150312_143705_zpsulknvkka.jpg
RM 9.90 NETT!

 photo IMG-20150313-WA0003_zps1logpuw9.jpg
Some Wefies before we leave!

 photo IMG-20150313-WA0004_zpsagwf7glh.jpg

 photo IMG-20150313-WA0005_zpsyudmimqn.jpg

Next, we head to KSL. Cos Rayne wanna make her specs. She thought she could get it by 1hr.
However, Above 600 degree, you will have to come again in a week time.
So, well... she still did her spectacles.

Sorry, I didn't take any photo of the shop and her specs. Ooops.
But the Shop name is M-Trend situated at KSL [G]round 1 level.

For more info, check out their FB:

Rayne's eyesight is about 800-900 degree and also with quite high astigmatism too. Aiyoyo.
She chose the super super thin lens, and in all it was just RM565, about SGD200. Ok ma hor?!

Anyway for myself, I always just go buy those cheap cheap cute frames. Then go neighboring specs shops to do the thin lens (eye sight about 450left, 150right), cost about $80 bah.
And my frames can change change cos its almost the same size, so I just pluck in and out lo.

Next, Wendy suggested to have Swensons cone ice cream.
RM 7.20, about SGD 2.70 for 2 cones of ice cream!!! Meaning 1 for $1.35? Cheaper than Mcdonalds Sundae.
Again, you tell me... SG Swensons where got so cheap!

 photo 20150312_155658_zps03jbuaxg.jpg

Next, we headed to Holiday Plaza. To do our routine stuffs whenever we come to JB!
Nails? Eyes? HP casing!

I already have lotsa lotsa packages for nails in SG already. So, I'm not going to do this time round.
Instead, I went to perm my eye lashes.

Again, I did not take photo of the shops. The shop name is Edith Beauty at Holiday plaza, if I'm not wrong should be level 3.

I went there to perm eye lashes years ago, and I already forgot how it feels like doing it. When I did it again, I told myself, I don't wanna do it anymore. Actually I really don't like to do anything on the face, e.g. facial .... etc. Cos I have to close my eyes, can't have much movement on the face, can't see what people is doing to my face for at least half and hour.

 photo 20150312_172248_zpsrqt4qkgk.jpg

My eyes were red when I was done. Not sure if it's normal that after people done perming or extension they will be like that too? Or I have sensitive eyes. Argh.. oh well, not gonna do it again.
Anyway, its RM80, about SGD 30. Actually Sg also have such price, so maybe just do it in SG next time. But I'm thinking of extension of lashes instead. Intro me good ones, people out there!

 photo 20150312_172343_zps6tpggbdq.jpg
Curl curl liao... Can see mah?

 photo 20150312_182130_zpsioawwmau.jpg
Blue eyes with curled lashes~

The rest of them did their nails at Nail Studio. Also no photo. If I were to go again, then I post pics again ok?!

Managed to find their FB:

It's situated at Holiday Plaza, 3rd Floor, F114

Their service are good. And the price you do there can never be compared to in SG.
And they can draw pretty well too.

Then we went to hunt for some HP casing. Super sian, not much designs for S4!! Why oh WHy?
S4 also not very old model. Nvm, I'm waiting for S6! Please don't disappoint me with the lousy camera again hor, Samsung!

Next, we went to Makan! Wendy recommended to try this Bak Kut The

Shoon Fa Bak Kut The
Address: 236, Jalan Sutera 1, Taman Sentosa, 80150 Johor Bahru.
Opening hours: 8am to 5pm

We took a cab there, and Wendy was telling the cab driver that its at Taman Sentosa famous Bak kut teh, opposite of the shop, there's a super big DUCK statue.

The Must order:
- Bak Kut Teh of cos
- Claypot Sesame chicken

 photo 20150312_190608_zpsuyecd1p6.jpg

 photo 20150312_182703_zps2eqgtfqp.jpg

 photo 20150312_182742_zps45bhrgsx.jpg
There was quite a lot of ppl eating. Business seems good!

 photo 20150312_183110_zpsf2x17npi.jpg
Ordered Aiyu Jelly Ice.

 photo 20150312_183335_zpspbbrqie6.jpg

 photo 20150312_183339_zpscj5ofdtt.jpg

This is not the usual Bak Kut Teh we eat in Sg, not as peppery. The soup is slightly sweeter, some herbal taste and aroma. There's Tau kee, enoki mushroom, fish maw, pork ribs, pig stomach and meatballs. Also, the soup is refillable!

The pork ribs are very tender. Everything is good.
I ever tasted at a Bak Kut Teh stall at Geylang too, very yummy, herbal soup base.

 photo 20150312_183451_zpsg1moqnmp.jpg
Cannot recall what was this vege dish called. But got garlic and minced meat on top..
Very yummy.

 photo 20150312_183527_zps4c8szxng.jpg
Youtiao to dip into the Bak Kut Teh, or the Sesame chicken... Nice nice!

 photo 20150312_184251_zpstsctxd5t.jpg
Sesame chicken

Meat is tender, smells good, taste good. Good to go with a bowl of white rice!

In all, we spent RM88 which is about SGD33. Quite affordable.

After dinner, we took a cab back to City square, it's about RM8, a little difficult to get a cab from there. So we called the Navy blue expensive cab, but just take la... cos it's late liao...
I need to go back pump milk liao... lol.

Took a quick stroll at the new mall beside City square, it's called Komatar JBCC?
There's the angry bird activity park. So, we walk walk take pic and off we go! Go back SG! lol

 photo 20150312_205740_zpsi1qkjlqx.jpg

 photo 20150312_205805_zpstfa3m6mv.jpg

 photo 20150312_205839_zpskgeqdevj.jpg

 photo 20150312_205856_zpsa8osxxhc.jpg

 photo 20150312_205938_zpsgc4yos47.jpg

 photo 20150312_210027_zpsgc6s7ahz.jpg

See you again! Stay tuned for more updates.

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