an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Switch by Timbre

Switch by Timbre
A belated bday celebration for Lijia & Wendy

Address: 73 Bras Basah Rd #01-01/02 Spore 189556
Opening hours:
Mon to Thurs 6pm to 1am
Fri & Sat 6pm to 2am
Sun closed.

For more updates and promotions:

Take MRT to Bras Basah, take exit A then turn right then walk straight.

I thought it was open area concept like The Art house, but it's not.
Indoor air conditioned area.... cos my buddies know I like cool place! lol
But I'm still ok for places without air con la ok!

 photo 20150310_192556_zpshcojjhwx.jpg

 photo 20150310_192718_zpsxgupnqvz.jpg

eh... I wanted to take picture of the layout inside... but.. hey, that's Lijia who came back from Saudi for a short CNY break.

 photo 20150310_192940_zpsdl3jmpcv.jpg
That's Wendy.
My photos all very blurred. Cos my S4 camera cannot make it. Am waiting for S6!

 photo 20150310_192808_zps3f5vjmtu.jpg

We reached there around 7plus, so the place was still not crowded yet.
And we were sitting pretty near the stage.

 photo 20150310_192814_zpsohkodz6t.jpg

Empty empty... on a Tuesday night...
But slowly after about 9pm... the crowd came and filled up the seats.

 photo IMG-20150310-WA0013_zpsmequ6xhz.jpg
Crab & Prawn Bisque $11

It's something that Wendy would order.
It's smooth and creamy, generous with the amount of crabmeat. However, we find the soup a bit strong in flavor.
Wendy finds it alright though. So, well different people have different perspective.

 photo IMG-20150310-WA0012_zpsdxjyrmva.jpg
Truffle fries $10

Fries is a Must to go with the Beer right. Nothing very special, but its just for snacking.

 photo 20150310_192824_zpsnbjqjb7m.jpg
Roasted duck pizza $21

It's another Must order dish whenever we are at Timbre.
Thin and crispy crust. The sauce goes well with the roasted duck. And I personally like the crispy popiah skin. Kept munching non stop.

 photo 20150310_192833_zpsmwfwb620.jpg
Timbre chicken wings $14

Marinated with their special seasoning, but tasted so-so to me.
But we are going Korea style!
Chicken with BEER! Wahhahahhahahah!

 photo 20150310_193052_zpszmi6pd9y.jpg
Lychee Kirin $14

One of the reasons we came here... cos Rayne thought of chilling out together and also to try out the Frozen Kirin beer! There's a few flavors (lime, lychee, cranberry, mango etc). So, we ordered a few. I prefer lime, slight refreshing. Anyway, I just took a sip, cos I was still breastfeeding :)

Also, actually the foam was just like a gimmick thing la... instagram worthy lo, nothing special though.

 photo 20150310_194135_zpsjujxzvjl.jpg
Cheers everyone to the reunion of PRECIOUS!

In case you guys still don't know the members. Don't worry, there will be wefies below. Will re-introduce them.

 photo 20150310_194218_zps8x4pdizw.jpg
A Berry Delicious Mocktail $12

For your information, that's the name of the drink. Tasted sweet, fruity, too much ice, not much drink.
Mocktail for me, cos no alcohol for me!

 photo 20150310_195248_zpspmpntbnl.jpg
Fusion seafood pasta $19

So cute right? To serve pasta in a jar.

It's capellini pasta with sauté garlic, onions, prawns and mussels in olive oil and tossed with in house spicy Thai sauce.

Didn't know how does capellini pasta looks like. So, actually it's like spaghetti, thin long strands of round pasta.

And the fusion goes very well, tasted really good.

 photo 20150310_195246_zpsheiewtpz.jpg

 photo 20150310_201751_zpsbam9fv8g.jpg
Chicken roulade $19

Stuffed cheese and turkey bacon chicken roulade with golden brown crispy coat topped with melted cheese sauce. Served with baked potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

I love everything with cheese. But we were kinda full already, so we didn't manage to finish it.
Crispy and cheesy, not too bad.

 photo 20150310_204917_zpsov9ayaps.jpg

Here comes the live band.
Reminds me of my proposal 2years ago at Timbre Art house.
Time flies.

 photo 20150310_205437_zpshfmglmpa.jpg
Belated birthday to Wendy and Lijia....

 photo IMG-20150310-WA0018_zpspcwjifkv.jpg
selfie moment of 兵马俑 (terracotta warrior)

 photo 20150310_205525_zpsotrxz1ji.jpg
Still doing selfie

 photo 20150310_205542_zpsyvcqsk55.jpg
Lijia is waiting to make her wishes la... Faster leh.

 photo 20150310_205603_zpsw5gevsls.jpg
Okay, Make a wish, make a wish....

 photo IMG-20150310-WA0017_zpsnyepkqts.jpg
I wish Lijia finds a BF soon and settle down in SG!

 photo 20150310_205607_zpspaubxpyc.jpg
See, this Wendy... Didn't even wait for jia jia!

 photo IMG-20150310-WA0016_zps2kmw5pl3.jpg
Pretty cake gotten by Rayne from citylink. Forgot the cake shop, anyway don't bother, cos not yummy at all.

 photo IMG-20150310-WA0014_zpsgkmljebx.jpg

That's our WEFIE.
At the left, me and Sorsan (Shanna)
At the right from the top, Lijia (Elise), Wendy, Rayne.

Photo taken using Rayne's XiaoMi note front camera.

 photo cdfdf3a4-ebc5-47be-9e23-374bbf3a8b59_zpsbegcdm1m.jpg

And this was taken using Wendy's Samsung Note 3 front camera...

Which is better? Aiya, iphone 6 best la... for now.

Overall, the ambience is not too bad with the live band. Service kinda bad, not many staffs I guessed. Need to call a few times, and waited quite a while even for billing.
Total damage was about $220. Cos we ordered quite a number of drinks eh.
10% off for NTUC member.


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