an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Montana Brew Bar (Dinner) & Nookie (Dessert) & Milkcow (Dessert)

Montana Brew Bar

Address: 1 Selegie Rd #01-04 Spore 188306 (Inside POMO)
Opening hours: 8am to 9.30pm daily

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Finally some outing with my lil bro. Been quite some time since I last go out with him alone.
We used to shop together. But well now, I just don't wanna shop, cos nothing suits the big fat mama. Haha. I'm just interested in Valerie's stuffs.

So, I saw quite some ig posts and blogs on this waffle place and decided to have a try.

 photo IMG-20150317-WA0022_zpsfquqn9q9.jpg
Didn't expect it to be like an open concept, thought it was a like a restaurant with closed doors.

 photo IMG-20150317-WA0015_zpsrvavlvkg.jpg
Am not a coffee or tea person, so I seldom or hardly order them.

 photo IMG-20150317-WA0014_zpsku0xzk8a.jpg

 photo IMG-20150317-WA0019_zpstknytgqd.jpg

The menu.

I was looking for the Frittaffle which was mentioned online, but it's not in the menu.
Too bad :(

 photo IMG-20150317-WA0020_zpspgygrwl7.jpg

 photo IMG-20150317-WA0021_zpsaqlhl8j7.jpg

 photo IMG-20150317-WA0016_zpsles3b80d.jpg
My didi, Raymond.
Can be irritating at times... lol.
Always likes to give me last min tasks.

 photo IMG-20150317-WA0018_zpseqze1yzr.jpg
chubby pui face... hope you will be sharp again.

 photo IMG-20150317-WA0027_zpshehy9djd.jpg

 photo IMG-20150317-WA0030_zpsm5scsipo.jpg
Can you see my blue eyes :)

 photo IMG-20150317-WA0044_zpsnlo1dwi8.jpg

Smoked Salmon Japanese Sesame Salad $8.50

Looks good, but tasted kinda bland, not much sauce and only 3 pieces of smoked salmon.
Would rather get another main course for this price. :(

 photo IMG-20150317-WA0031_zpsa6n4twt4.jpg

Southern Fried Chicken Waffle Sandwich $9.50

Waffle with fried chicken, sounds interesting isn't it? The waffle is very crispy. However, I felt the fried chicken was slight burnt. Overall, I find this dish wasn't that fantastic after all. Kinda overrated.
I really like the mac and cheese one though.

 photo IMG-20150317-WA0032_zps0rdtzjey.jpg
Truffle Mac and Cheese $9.50

I find this really good. Smells good tastes good. So, the mac and cheese were inside the waffle, pretty interesting also right? This waffle was slightly softer and fluffier than the fried chicken waffle.
Would be better if there's more cheese and more pieces! haha!

 photo IMG-20150317-WA0035_zpsk4s4fgmk.jpg

We did not order the ice cream waffle. Though we should actually try those, cos they have 2 kinds of waffles. However, cos we gonna try the Nookie yoghurt ice cream and milkcow ice cream. So, we decided to give it a miss this time round.

 photo IMG-20150317-WA0026_zpsfmxomsbn.jpg

So, overall the food is at an affordable price since there's a few schools around there. Pretty convenient for them to have some teabreak time.

Nookie Yogurt (Frozen Yogurt Shop)

Address: 1 Selegie Rd #01-04 Spore 188306 (Outside POMO)
Opening hours: 1 pm to 10pm Daily

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So, after our dinner at Montana brew bar, we went to look for the Nookie yogurt ice cream stall.
It was just situated outside of POMO.

 photo 20150317_195441_zpsewlgkgde.jpg

 photo IMG-20150317-WA0037_zps9jo5nght.jpg

 photo IMG-20150317-WA0042_zpsodylc4ps.jpg

There wasn't any queue. Seems rather quiet.

 photo IMG-20150317-WA0038_zpsgxcgloft.jpg

 photo IMG-20150317-WA0047_zpsz0gekz0w.jpg
A Variety of interesting flavors

 photo IMG-20150317-WA0048_zpssszxx1u9.jpg

 photo IMG-20150317-WA0049_zpsdgpu17kc.jpg
However, we have chosen the recommended Red Velvet Ice cream.

 photo IMG-20150317-WA0050_zpsx2bfpuj4.jpg

 photo IMG-20150317-WA0051_zps6ynxcvh2.jpg

The ice cream looks pretty and with quite some ingredients.
Sometimes I really don't understand myself. When I saw a donut, a rice ball, or japan satay etc which cost around $2-$4. I kept pondering whether to buy or not ar... expensive sia...
But comes to Ice cream... cakes... I just buy only man!

This cup of ice cream cost $6.90. Taste wise, too sweet, too nua (soft). I prefer my ice cream in a HARDER form... lol... I still prefer Llaollao eh...

Sorry, but I always got this concept that softer ice cream got more milk fats.

So, overall, I think its not worth it. I will not buy again from them. :(


Address: The Cathay, 2 Handy Rd, #01-03 Spore 229233
Opening hours:
Sun to Thurs 11.30am to 9.50pm
Fri, Sat, PH and Eve of PH 11.30am to 10.50pm

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So, after the Nookie yoghurt, we continued to walk to The Cathay for the MilkCow.
Singapore 就是kiasu... when you see crowds and queue, then it seems more worth to go for it... wahahhahah.

 photo IMG-20150317-WA0056_zpsrjcokjj0.jpg
A very cute stall with the moo moo prints.

 photo IMG-20150317-WA0053_zpsa1qhrwlf.jpg
There's also a variety of flavors.
I saw something like ginseng.... euuukkk..

We decided to try something that we both recently like... "PISTACHIO"

 photo IMG-20150317-WA0054_zpsfubjylyx.jpg
100% natural honey

 photo IMG-20150317-WA0058_zpsdenjypty.jpg
They have got lots of props for you to take photos!

 photo IMG-20150317-WA0060_zpsmeg7jlek.jpg

 photo IMG-20150317-WA0061_zpsj45bkjex.jpg
So, the pistachio ice cream $6.50 + Honey cube topping $1.50

$8 for a cup of ice cream! I must be crazy again.. can eat 2 meals liao...
lol... getting auntier nowadays heh.

 photo IMG-20150317-WA0062_zpscutkgles.jpg

This tasted even sweeter than Nookie. Haha. However, texture and flavor wise I would prefer Milkcow over Nookie. This tasted kinda like Honeycreme eh.

Again, I wouldn't try again. I don't get what's the hype over it.

I still prefer LLAOLLAO...

If I were to rank among the ones I have tried recently, it will be,


 photo IMG-20150317-WA0064_zpscebcrvbf.jpg

 photo IMG-20150317-WA0067_zpson8ktl0l.jpg


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