an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Saturday, April 04, 2015

Mai Thai

Mai Thai

Address: 44 Jalan Merah Saga, #01-58 Chip Bee Gardens, Spore 278116
Opening hours: 11.30am - 2.30pm, 6pm-10.30pm

Just alight at Holland V mrt station, exit A, turn left and walk towards a street of restaurant.
There were indoor and outdoor seating. And again... it's indoor for me...! haha.

It's our annual pre CNY THAI dinner with AJALYA... used to be colleagues... but now some of them have decided to move on and pursue something different. Am happy for them. Also one of them, who was my jie mei... is attached now! great, isn't it!

 photo 20150212_185845_zps5ba952a6.jpg

 photo 20150212_185928_zps5d0dc588.jpg
We were rather early, so it was still quite empty. But there were more people at the outdoor area though.

 photo 20150212_191857_zps0e299c8d.jpg
Coconut $5.50

 photo 20150212_191941_zpsde4d5193.jpg
Thai Ice tea $3.50

 photo 20150212_192435_zps5b84b60a.jpg
Tom Yum soup $18

Very spicy, at the same time very shioks. You definitely need to get ready your drinks beforehand first.

 photo 20150212_193703_zpsc18abf62.jpg
Morning glory $12

Looks normal, but this taste really good. A little sweet... and savory.

 photo 20150212_193729_zps05bfd2b6.jpg
Pineapple rice $15.50

Quite fragrant.

 photo 20150212_193738_zps91db244e.jpg
Papaya Salad $13

Spicy and refreshing.

 photo 20150212_193755_zps47ffc7bd.jpg
Mai Thai Coconut Seafood $25

Looks very special cos I never have my green curry served in a coconut before. However, the portion was rather small. Doesn't taste as fantastic as it looked.

 photo 20150212_195644_zpsbd5bc26b.jpg
Pad Thai $13

Pretty normal.

There was a special dessert but I couldn't recalled in the menu. Wanted to try that, but the waiter said NO MORE. We actually order 4 desserts(couldn't really remember what we wanted), but only left with mango sticky rice and red ruby.

 photo 20150212_210210_zps810f5950.jpg
Mango Sticky Rice $8.50

 photo 20150212_210410_zpse485dde2.jpg
Red Ruby $7.50

The rubies were not really crunchy.

 photo 20150212_215716_zps77a1a160.jpg

Overall, the place was quite cosy. However, service a little slow. We ordered the Pad Thai, but wasn't served to us, have to order again. Some of the items were kinda overpriced.
I would still go Golden mile complex for better and less expensive Thai food.

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