an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Friday, March 04, 2016

Rise Buffet Restaurant Marina Bay Sands

Rise Buffet Restaurant  Marina Bay Sands

Address: 10 Bayfront Avenue, Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Tower 1, Spore 018972
Contact no: +65 6688 5525
Opening hours:
Daily 6.30am to 11am, 12pm to 2.30pm, 6.30pm to 10.30pm

Buffet pricing:
Daily breakfast: $41++ per adult, $22++ per child
Daily lunch buffet: $52++ per adult, $24++ per child
Daily dinner buffet: $72++ per adult, $38++ per child

No charge for children under 5 years! Just wack only man... go go go!

For more recent updates:

Today's gathering was to celebrate Wendy's birthday! We planned to have the celebration over at BreadStreet Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay. Sadly, it was fully booked, they are taking in reservation 3 months in advance. They did mention that they accept walk-ins so we are feeling lucky and thought there would still be seats available for us. But the only seats available are Al Fresco meaning only outdoor seats are left and it looks rather pathetic to be seated there. And so, I made a reservations for us to dine here for my birthday which is 3 months later. We shall see if they come up with any excuses for us not to dine them! Hmph!

And since we are already at MBS, Wendy decided to have it at RISE instead.


Thought of going for some KOREA look...
But everyone said FAILED!!!
so Jia lat meh...
Koreans... got wear big big coats ma.. and my big big frame specs..
No meh!
Ok, nvm....
Let's EAT!




Besides Wendy, it is all our first time dining at Rise. We are all taken aback by the Buffet spread. We were like.... Woahhhhhh.... where shall we even start?
There are huge varieties of Breads, Cheeses and Salads. It is MADNESS!
Look at the selection of cheese!

Honeycomb leh! JUST WACK ONLY!!! CHIONG AR!!!

Just when I thought there were the only choices of breads available.

Pumpkin Seed Breads, Onion Breads, Dried Shallot Breads, Cranberry Breads, Sunflower Seed Breads, Apricot, Pretzel Breads and SO SO SO MUCH MOREEE!!!!
So interesting!


Clam Chowder, Miso Soup, Hot and Spicy Soup

Cooked food.

The Lamb T-Bone Steaks were good! Tender and yet not gamey.

Indian food

Multigrains Rice salad, Tuna salad, Green Apple Salad, Turkey Salad... and MORE!!!



Cold cuts

Condiments for Laksa!


Poached Salmon served cold.
As much unappetizing as it looks, it actually tastes not bad at all!
So, don't judge a book by its cover!

Sushi corner

Actually I've been refraining myself from having raw fish due to the recent cases of Raw Fish Poisoning...etc..
But ... these sashimi are sitting there calling out for me! I JUST CAN'T!


But... ain't that fresh though! Boo.

Dessert corner!

and we got cheated of our feelings!... the ones you see at the bottom are FAKE cakes.



OK! Enough of taking photos.

Round 1!
Super big oysters but sadly they don't taste very fresh.

Not a fan of cheese... But since I'm here already... Just TRY ONLY LA HORRRR.

And our dearest WENDY have been wacking all the different BREADS!
Are you here for bread only?!! HAHAHAHAHAH! OR you think this one BREAD BUFFET ah!

Hot and spicy soup.. Indeed spicy.

I like the Turkey Salad and the Multigrain Rice Salad.

Clam Chowder and Pretzel Bun.
That is a Pretzel Bun sia. I didn't know such bread existed! wahahahah!

Laksa... with.. just Noodles! cos SOMEONE doesn't like anything else..

Pasta corner!

Mushroom cream, Carbonara, Aglio Olio!


The Crab was SWEET!

Cheers to our 15 years of Friendship!
Ordered a Puper Heidsieck Tose Champagne to pamper ourselves since it was on a 50% promo.

We were chitchatting till around 11.30pm...
Already whatapping everyday, still got so much to say when we meetup.
Amazing right?!

They were complaining that shortie should stand in front. Boo!


Overall, I felt the ambience was not bad, quite a wide variety of food. Food was quite ok. Customer service was great too.
 I would rate a 8.5/10!
Stay tuned for more updates! See ya!

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KC Brunch said...

Wow sounds like the perfect place for a nice sunday brunch in Kansas City! It seems like you had a great time too. I had never heard of this place before but I'll definitely check it out when I have time. Thanks for sharing