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Phuket 4D3N (10 Feb to 13 Feb 2016)

Phuket 4D3N (10 Feb to 13 Feb 2016)

A short Getaway with Le Hubby during the long CNY long break, also means I do not have to take any extra Annual Leaves for this trip! Double YAY!

And did I mention that I got these cheap cheap deals from JETSTAR... the tickets cost me about $250 for the both of us!!
But well, all these cheap tickets always comes with other expenses. We are travelling during Festive Seasons so it means expensive hotel rooms and etc...

Only $11 for TWG Macarons!!
Quite cheap hor considering other brands selling it at more outrageous prices.

However, TWG Macorons are too sweet to my liking!

Remember my blue hair: It's left behind in the seas of Phuket already.
Read on to understand what I meant. Haahahahh!

To be honest, as we get older, and as a mother now, I tend to be more 怕死 (afraid to death) Now, I make sure I pay attention to the whole process of Safety Briefing conducted by the air stewardess/steward at the start of the flight.
Sometimes, after the briefing, I will question Le Hubby to see if he is paying attention too. HAHA. Paranoid much?

For the whole of this trip, we did not purchase any Overseas Sim Cards. Mainly because Le Hubby activated his M1 Lite+ Data Plan. It has a one-time activation fee of of $2 and $10 monthly subscription will apply for each $10 data passport activated. And also an additional monthly charges will apply for multi-SIM users.

So technically, it is just using the local 4G Data plan bundle for overseas.
But please remember to deactivate if no longer in use of it.

For more information, please check out the link below:

So we finally reached Phuket.
You can either choose to take the Airport Mini Van (Sharing with others of course) at 180Baht (~SGD 7) per pax...
or Book a taxi at 800 Baht (~SGD 32)

You decide lah but I don't see the point of wasting the money on a private cab.

Finally reached our Hotel after almost an hour's drive...
Partly was delayed because the driver could not locate one of the passengers' hotel.

So Le Hubby helped by showing them the GPS map on his phone (using his data *roll eyes) and those passengers did not even say Thanks... Super ungrateful! BOO!

Burasari Resort (As recommended by Yangrui <3 p="">

The resort is just walking distance to Patong Beach and Night street (Bangla Street)

So pretty right?

My legs look kinda long here ehh... lol

Super sunnnnnyyyyy

so pretty right??!

Breakfast Buffet area for the next few days!

Welcome drink!

Since we are too early for our Check-in, we shall have some ICE COLD BEER first! This super duper hot weather deserves some ice cold beers!

Meanwhile, we took a walk around and also found a good place for our lunch. 

Lotsa waterproof bags...
Things here ain't CHEAP at all!
It's so commercialized.

Lunch time...

Found this place while walking around, and looks quite authentic...

Thai Iced Tea

Ice Blended Pineapple Juice!!
Strongly recommended and needed for this weather!!!

Phad Thai

Green Curry Chicken

Papaya salad

All of these at 360 Baht (~Sgd 14)
 Reasonably priced and tastes not too bad!

Ok, finally can check in... I need a BATH man!

WA... so pretty can?

This is a tip for you couples out there! Whenever you go travelling around as a couple, always mention to the hotels that you're staying for the first time that you guys are there for your HONEYMOON or Anniversaries... Some will do something special for you.
Sometimes you will get this kind of things or sometimes they will prepare a little café for you... Just try your LUCK!

So cute...
The words were cut from leaves....

lame guy

Free daily mini bar!
(free beer, soft drinks, snack, water, coffee and tea!)

Honeymoon cake!

Wahahaha... those singlets are just there for pictures purposes... not gifts by the hotel...
We bought them earlier on while we were having lunch.

Natural Sponge!
Gabo back home.. have not use it yet... lol

Ok, let's get out of the comfy room already.

Thai-Style Ice Cream rolls

Loads of these along the streets! You will be able to find cheaper ones near Bangla Streets. But for the stalls that are nearing Patong Beach... They are gonna be so ex ex exxxxxpensivesssss....

Le hubby approves!

Walked all the way to Jungceylon Shopping mall.

Decided to head for Full Body Thai Massageeeee!
And also because we have been walking all day long...

300 Baht (~SGD 12) for an hour.

Alright, really quite SHIOKS!
We actually overheard someone snoring...
Seriously? Can fall asleep during Thai Massage meh? Crack here and there... PRO!

Headed over to the Big C... to get some snacks for our Family and Friends!

There are a huge varieties of Durian snacks of all kinds.


Before heading back to hotel, we tabao some street food back.

Phad thai again at 100 Baht (~SGD 4)...
Quite generous with the portion but it's not as nice as the one we had earlier.

BBQ pork ribs


Tired die us for Day 1 already....



Day 2 of Phuket Trip!
Today, we booked ourselves a trip to PhiPhi Island


Face kinda bloated... DOUBLE CHIN... PLEASE GO AWAY THANKEW!

The Itinerary.

But leaving on our tour... We need BREAKFAST! Let's Go!

Quite a wide varieties of food! NICEEEE!

Some of the dishes varies daily so you won't get sick of them! Haha!

Waiting for our driver to pick us up.

We reached the port after about 45 mins ride on our transport but this was not all...
We have to get onto a Speedboat in order to reach PhiPhi Island.

Crazy lots of tourists. So packed!

We stopped by at PhiPhi Don for half an hour? if I'm not wrong.. haha...

Next stop to Monkey Beach!!
The sea water are pretty clear!

so clear and pretty right...

Didn't get to see much fishes to see though... :(

Le hubby loves fishes...
He loves to look at fishes...

After snorkeling, we went for lunch which was included in the package.
It's buffet, but not a lot of variety though.

But it was not too bad either...
Tom yum soup.

S (V) A

Samuel the Explorer... HAha

The whole tour ended at about 5pm.

Sun-kissed and Burnt! Hahahah

Colour faded...

Time to eat again...

Dinner time!

Finally get to eat my Basil pork!

Very spicy though!

Somehow the Ice Cream Rolls here taste nicer than in Singapore.

End of Day 2!

We were quite exhausted at the end of the day, this trip was planned to be a relaxing and laid back trip but we have been walking and walking non-stop. Haha!

Decided to not take any tours for the next day...
just nuas only.


Day 3 of Phuket trip


Mini banana

Back to the hotel room to NUA.... and WEFIE moments!

And the someone falls asleep again!
Are you a PIG or what? Eat Sleep Eat Sleep~

After his nap, we head to Patong beach...

I decided that I want to do some Parasailing since it's not pricey.
1000 Baht per pax (~SGD 40)

still can smile...

Smile... Just smile only...
See later still can smile or not...

Ok, RuuuUUUNNNNNnnnn for your LIFEEEEE!

Ran a tad too slow, but my knees wasn't scraped or hurt because the sand was pretty fine and soft. Heng ah!

It was damn shiok going up up and higherrrr!

While I was up there alone, I keep trying to tell myself to relax... It is not that I was afraid of heights or anything... and it's really windy and so free up there! WOOOOOO~ Salted air in my face!

But cannot already... I start to feel dizzy liaoooo

Then I tell myself that I can kiss Skydiving and Cliff parasailing goodbye for my upcoming trip to New Zealand.

Only had strength left for one last picture before I surrender myself! HAHAHAHA! Cannot already, headache strikes with a vengeance...

After that, I just want to sit down and rest and not do anything for a long while...

So, poor Hubby had to go for his swim alone!~~

After a long long while, we decided to pack some more street food which looks pretty enticing!!

Char Siew and Sio Bak rice....Looked better than it tasted though.

Pork Noodle Soup?
This one bowl of noodles consisted of Dumplings, Intestines, Meat Balls, Sliced Porks...
And most of all, it is surprisingly good!

After all that, we went back to hotel to continue nua-ing... and also because I'm such a weakling... still having headache... BOO~

So after resting for a few hours, we head out in search of a Foot Massage which was just next to our hotel.
Quite please with their services. GOOD!

She's definitely younger than me..

Free wifi too!

That's the boss... who got married to a Thai lady.

Saw this Pink Chocolate Pie selling at 55 Baht (~SGD 2.20)
But moments later I saw PORNSAK posting the same Pie that is selling in Bangkok for only 29 Baht (~SGD 1.10)
Why like that?!!! Why?!

So I bought one to try despite the price difference...
Tasted like Chocolate Fudge Sundae inside but the Chocolate Sauce is more watery and silky.

Bought this ONE coconut from the street facing Patong Beach at 100 Baht (~SGD 4)
Then when we walked further up nearing Bangla Street, we saw another stall selling THREE coconuts for 100 Baht!!!

Chicken satay! SO YUMMMMYYYY leh! No joke....
Should have gotten more!

Generous portion of Guava

Dinner time!

Portion quite generous... food taste good too...

Crepes... cheaper than the ones near our hotel too...

Shredded Coconut flesh in the Crepe.

That's all for Day 3.
Just eat sleep eat sleep and EAT AGAIN!


Last day of Phuket!

SamPle (SAMuel and apPLE) in Phuket

Not sure what we were trying to do...


Eat like nobody's business....

We are only 18.

And that is how my hair became this colour!

Booked a cab from the hotel heading to the airport at 1000 Baht (~SGD 40).
Would be good if you can share the cab to the airport. wahahahah.

When we reached the airport, we felt hungry again! Please get your food before you checked in because the prices are much higher inside. SIANZ.

Should have gotten the sandwich before we checked in.. boo!

Look at this!

A set of what ever they are trying to sell at 600 Baht (~SGD 24)!

In the end, bought this long sandwich for about SGD 10!

They even have Thai massage... while waiting for your flight...
and there's a lot people doing it eh...

That's the end of our Phuket trip!

Thanks for reading~ Next up... Maldives!

See you soon!

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Unknown said...

Thanks. That's awesome.
Can't believe you remember everything.
Without kid definitely look fun.
We are going there too.
Hopefully, not much change. We might follow your itinerary.
Not sure we can do snorkeling since we got pretty young kid.
Thanks again.

Apple said...

Hi Thi Ha,

Thanks for reading and your compliment.
I do see people bringing their kid along too.



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