Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Usual Place (Cafe)

The Usual Place

Address: Blk 346 Jurong East St 31, #01-71 Spore 600346
Contact no: +65 6425 1517
Opening hours:
Sun to Fri 11am to 3.30pm, 5.30pm to 10pm
Sat 11am to 3.30pm
Closed on Mondays

For more updates:

Trying on Yang Rui's new SUNGLASSES from KOREA...$200++ HOR!
Mai siao siao...
She mentioned that this kinda big framed glasses are in trend over at Korea now.
Alright, so back to topic on FOOD!! lol.
There have been numerous Cafes opening in the WEST but I didn't really have the time to hop around. So, finally I had a chance now since I am less busy, to go try this Cafe which are famousfor their Salted Egg Prawns Pasta~
Went out with colleague and interns. We are all the COOL WESTERNERS.

Change of timing... do take note...
It is open for only half day on Saturday.




We were their first customers for the evening!!







Here's what we have all been waiting for!! The Salted Egg Prawn Pasta at $12.90
It was described as Spaghetti topped with Creamy Salted Egg sSauce and Fried Prawns)
Hmm, I find the sauce slightly diluted and not rich enough but nevertheless, they are very generous with their prawns!^^

Vongole at $8.90
(Spaghetti and Clams with White Wine Sauce)
Quite a decent dish.

Honey Soy Chicken at $8.90
(served with Roasted Potatoes & Mixed Salads)
The piece of chicken looks way smaller in actual size. The sauce was not that bad though and the chicken was tender! PLUS POINTSSSS!!

Truffle Fries at $7
(Crispy Fries tossed with Truffle oil, topped with Parmesan cheese)
Big Portion and LOVE the strong Truffle smell!!!!

The Usual Wings at $6.50
(Half Dozen Wings served with Homemade BBQ sauce)
Crispy Wings and tasted even better when dipped with their homemade BBQ sauce! 

S'more Waffle at $7.50
(Homemade Waffles topped with Burnt Marshmallows, Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce)
Looks only pretty normal... but the combination with a bit of the Waffles, Marshmallows, Ice Cream and the Chocolate sauce is REALLY QUITE SHIOKS in every bite!! Heehehehhehh
Overall, I like what they did to the place, cozy and comfortable. Service was good and efficient too. On top of all those, the people working there are nice and polite~
Food wise wasn't that fantastic but it is not that bad either. Their sincere service makes everything else seems less important! Wahhahahah.
Most importantly, the prices are affordable. YAYYYY~~~
Would rate it a 7/10. 
After our dinner, we went around looking for Omocha Mura Toy Village and Café since we have some spare time before our Singing Session. We couldn't find it even after going round and round lehhhh~ so we decided to drop the idea and just head to TeoHeng @ Jcube to sing till SHIOK SHIOK lahhhh!
While we were busy looking for the other café, we came across this newly opened café "Merry". Tried to search for it online but couldn't find any related post about it. Shall check it out soon before anyone else! HAHAHHAHA!


We booked a medium room @ $40 for 3HRS!
The room was really quite small compared to the others but then again it's CHEAP CHEAP NO HORSE RUN so... just diamsss.. wahahahahahahah




Can you even tell I am 8 years older than the interns? NO RIGHT!
okiedokies, that's all for the post!
Thanks for reading.
Stay tuned for more updates.
More MAKAN I meant! Wahhaahahah.
Fyi, I have stopped my cupping sessions since November.

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