Thursday, March 31, 2016

A day at Pororo Park

Pororo Park Singapore

Address: Marina Square, #02-29, 12 Raffles Blvd, Asia Square Tower 2, Spore 039594
Contact: +65 62509700
Opening hours: Sun to Thurs 10.30am to 8pm, Fri 10.30 am to 9pm

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Finally decided to head to Pororo Park!
and Lil Val was SO HAPPY!
She had so much fun till she woke a few times at night crying... lol..
Played too much!

She's been doing this 笑眯眯pose which is so CUTE lah!





Map of Pororo Park...
Actually quite small only la...

 It's a 2 hours playtime.
Additional play time will be $5 per block of 30 minutes.
Credit and Debit card holders / Card members of the following partners will enjoy the Partners' admission rates.
Please remember to bring your own socks,, or you will have to pay for $3 per pair.

Petty's Supermarket







Papi... Can you put me down please.. I wanna go and PLAY!!!


Shark Ball Pool




Mummy... it's meant for kids to play...
Can you please get up? You are taking up space...

Pororo House
This was so cute!



A bath tub for me?!






Hi Loopy

Hello Eddy








Poby's Play Gym
Pororo Express


At first, she was like almost going to cry, but after half a round... she started to enjoy and sat like a BOSS man! Wahahahahah... So funny, this girl!
 And it's time to say Good Bye!
Good bye, Rody!

Rody's Toy Store.

 Some of the items you could get it at NTUC which are slightly cheaper.


Look at this tired girl!
Dozed off right after we left the theme park.
Thanks for reading!




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