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Address: Level 62, 1 Raffles Place, Spore 048616
Contact no: +65 6438 0410
Opening hours:
Mon to Fri 12 - 2pm, 6 - 10pm
Sat 6 - 10pm
Sun 6 - 9pm

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This gathering's attention is on LiJia today! We are celebrating her Birthday! The 大姐 of our group!
We have all decided to go ATAS this year. So LiJia will start the ball rolling. She have chosen for us to dine at Stellar @ 1-Altitude.

Level 62...

I cannot breatheeeeeee.... lol

Li jia, 我为你包下整个餐厅!

Awesome view from 62nd storey, unless you are afraid of HEIGHTS!

Here's our Main lead for the day.

Feb babies :)
LiJia and Wendy

Rayne and Shanna

The (Atas) Menu
We wanted to only order 3 sets from the menu to share. But we were told that the meal was calculated by the number of people so even if we order 3 sets, we will be served as 5 pax.
So, in this case, of course we went ahead and order 5 sets lah!


Deconstructed Sushi (includes Salmon with Sushi Rice cream, Nori gel, Shoyu Wasabi!

Easily recognized Singaporean...

Parmesan Churros with Mozzarella and Basil

Next up, was like some pistachio cream with... I forgot what's that.
And when we opened up the jar, it's like MAGICCCC...
Smelt like mosquito coil... lol.. we didn't really enjoy this.
And you have to just drink it from this mini jar, without any small spoon.

We ordered Charcoal bread and it comes with Brandade, Olives and French radishes

Brandade is an emulsion of salt cod and olive oil. To be eaten with bread or potatoes.

The bread was rather soft and fluffy. I love charcoal bread.


Charcuterie (Cold Cooked Meat)
(Jamon Serrano Gran Reserva, Truffled Salami, Rilletes, Chris' Foie Gras parfait, Served with accoutrements)

My first time trying Foie Gras Parfait although it's just a lighter version of the real Foie Gra but still very SHIOK!!!... Just WACKKKKK ONLY MAN! 

Wood Fried Cauliflower
(Tahini, Pomegranate, Persian Feta, Pistachio)

Looks can be deceiving. All the ingredients made a good combination. I preferred the mashed version though. Good texture and overall.

Shellfish Ravioli with Chicken Broth

The waiter only pour the soup when they reached our table.
Instagram-worthy shot!

Diver Caught Scallop
(Parmesan cream, Bacon ash, Egg yolk, Milk skin)

It's a deconstructed carbonara, with poached quail egg, parmesan cream, topped with a parmesan cracker and micro red sorrel. 

Very interesting dish.

We are still at the Appetizers only!
What you see before this are all Appetizers only!
We always have a mindset that Fine Dining are not filling on our tumtum!
But I'm guessing this time we might be really Wrong!

Our Pro Photographer in the group.

Most pics taken by her.. Must give credits! lol.

Here comes our Mains...

Aglio Uni
(King crab, Capellini, Ebi Sakura)

 We felt the crab tasted a little fishy.
But the aglio olio was alright, not too dry or oily.
I never really like aglio olio though.

Truffle Risotto
(Poached Maine Lobster, Shaved Summer Truffles)

 This was YUMS! the Truffle was GOOD....
I like Risotto... cos I like my food nua nua (mushy) one...

Venison Loin
(Burnt Baby Leeks, Cocoa, Chocolate sauce)

Can you imagine any kind of meat with Chocolate sauce?
Well, this turns out not as bad as I imagined!
Meat was a tad too tough.
But I still prefer my 铁板鹿肉. waahhahahahah. ok Lame.

Chilean Sea Bass
(Marcona Almond Puree, Blood Orange, Pinot Noir sauce)

Hand-rolled Gnocchi
(Seasonal asparagus, Soft Poached egg, Summer truffles)

Gnocchi are various thick, soft dough dumplings that may be made from semolina, ordinary wheat flour, egg, cheese, potato, breadcrumbs.
All of us love this dish and we were literally fighting for the last piece.
BUT eh.... FINE DINING hor..
Maintain 一下preaseeee!

Night view from the 62nd Floor! Awesome, yeah?!

Oh by the way, the food was served rather slowly. So, it might be a good thing. You will feel full easier if the flood is slower... WAhahahahha. 


Fire ball
(Flaming Valrhona chocolate praline bomb)

Melted with flaming Rum and served with Hazelnut Praline Cake and Mixed Berries.


Happy Birthday, Jia Jia!
Our Big Sis!

Hope you find the Right guy soon.

Vanilla Blancmange
(Passion fruit, Almond croquant)

So pretty right? and the flower is EDIBLE!
Lijia's fave PASSION FRUIT!

Yoghurt Crème Brulee
(Strawberry mousse, Coffee crumble, Apple blossoms)

Frozen Strawberry Parfait
(compressed apple, lime gel)

Strawberry slice and compressed apple topped with lime gel.
It was quite refreshing.

Valrhona Macae Chocolate Ganache
(Orange and Rum Baba, Pistachio, Gooseberry)

 Last complementary dessert.
Our Petite Fours.
Fruits Tube that you suck it altogether in one shot.
That Strawberry is not actually a real Strawberry Fruit. It is a White Chocolate Shell made to look like Strawberry with the red Strawberry Dust to complete the look. Inside consist of Chocolate covered Popping Rocks which only made us crave for MORE!!!
Too Bad, we only get one each!
The tree log completes the whole design! THUMPS UP!

Overall, the food was great, ambience needless to say, definitely GREAT. Customer service was good too! Their waiter and waitress were quite prompt with our request.

Rating: 9/10

After the dinner, let's head to their Bar! 

Let's play PING PONG!


Cherish and treasure every moments with your loved ones.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more updates.

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