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Baby Valerie (3 to 4 months old)

Baby Valerie (3 to 4 months old)

A lot of vaccinations to be done in the polyclinic for Val. Although not all babies will have fever after the injections, but Val was one of those who would.

So, we would always choose Friday to have the vaccination done, so at least during the weekends, we can both take care of her together.

- Smile and LAUGH (It's PLAYING time!)
- Hold their heads up
- Start to grab her milk bottle

What you should do and take note:
- Still emphasizing on tummy time, because this helps to develop head and neck control, also they need this strength to learn to crawl.
- Can start bringing baby out for a stroll for some sunlight and to the outside environment.
- Place objects in front of her to catch her attention
- Babies should start to have a sleeping pattern

Reactions to immunisations
- Monitor your baby after vaccinations
- Give extra fluids (breastmilk / infant milk) if her temperature goes up
- Keep her cool (cool pad / wet towel on forehead)
- Give prescribed dosage of paracetamol when temperature above 38.5*C
- Having high fever for more than 2 days, please go back to the doctor

*extra information
- Babies poo normally is slightly watery if she's breastfed
- Sometimes babies having green poo... According to oldies saying.... Cos baby got a fright. Read online, people saying due to hind milk blah blah... And I have asked the doctor, and he said it's normal. Poo is supposed to be green, only when its fully digested properly then it will pass out as brown. So it's normal as babies are still developing her body system, and hence having the green poo occasionally.

Below are pics of US!
And I have started to take videos of her, cos she started to have lotsa funny acts. Check out below.

Out we go for Vaccination

Checking temperature.

Bought lotsa cool pad... and wet cloth for her forehead and neck.

No worries, You are safe under Daddy's arm


So cute my little Valerie.

But so poor thing, seeing her sick and taking paracetamol...




My sis-in law made a little badge of Val and Tim.

Val looks kinda weird with the balding in front... lol..
And Tim with his forever standing hair...



Gotten the watermelon suit from qoo10...
super duper cute and inexpensive.
I'll update more on where I gotten Val's stuff soon in other entry.


Standing watermelon


Family portrait.

Sleeping shioks shioks in the yaolan...


cousin's love.


aiyoyo... no hair infront lei... looks so funny...

Looks better with a beanie.. wahahah

Yoz yoz yoz.. check it out.. yozzzzz
I'm so hip hop mannn...

Then suddenly, I turned into a bunny... lol.

Hi everyone, I'm Val...

Sleeping time.. very serious... don't disturb please.

I told you not to disturb me! why don't you understand?

Ok la, a smile for you.

Val val... where's your neck?! lol


Starting to hold her own bottle around 3mths plus..

Stuck in the seat. Anyway heard from my auntie that I shouldn't make her sit since she have not started crawling...

Gong xi gong xi... lol...
Anyway, after having baby, I learnt that what clothes to buy and what not to buy for baby if I have one again in future.
Pyjamas rompers like this kind is super lei chei (troublesome)...
So difficult to button all up together every each time after changing diapers.
Easier way is to get a top and bottom.
And get more buttoned tops for newborns... easier to put on.
Don't have to struggle to put on from her head blah blahhhh..


Hi, duckieeee...


Organic giraffe from my sis in law.

kiss the giraffe

Holding the bottle... smart girl right?
But can only hold for a while la... haha

Argh... Mummy... ppl can see my diaper lei.... cover up lei...

Check out below short video clips of little Valerie.

Playing with her during daytime..

enjoying life... watching tv

Shaking with her strong legs

Oops... rock rock rock to sleep ok?



Playing with the baby gym

First time hearing her luffing out loud... literally LOL.
with the SIAK SIAP SIAZZZ.... lol



Pinch the little cutie chubsss

a good buy.....

Uncle Raymond playing with Val.

Daddy playing with Val

Daddy reading to lil Val.




Clap clap clap your hand...
with Auntie Amy...

Cousins moment.

Matthias singing for lil Val...

Thanks for viewing...

Check out for next entry.

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