an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Keng Eng Kee Seafood restaurant (KEK SEAFOOD)

Keng Eng Kee Seafood restaurant (KEK Seafood)

Address: Blk 124 Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-136, Spore 150124
Opening hours: 12noon to 2.30pm, 5pm to 10pm daily.
Contact no: +65 6272 1038

For more info:!/home

Our Hong Kong friend, Tony Leung back to Sg for JJ's concert. But too bad it's Tony Leung Suet Ho, not Tony Leung Chiu Wai.... lol....

He requested to have chilli crab for dinner, as there's not much or could hardly find any chilli crab cuisine in HK.

Wanted to tryout the one at Jurong west, but as he needs to leave around 9pm to Kallang, we have decided to choose somewhere more centralized.

Googled a few zi char places, and found this, KEK seafood.
We did not go for Jumbo or No signboard as I think they are overpriced, tasted so so. The price you pay there, you can have much BIGGER PORTIONS at the zi char place. And some of the Zi char's chilli crab taste not bad too.

There's air-conditioned room and open space. Do make our reservation before heading down.
It was crowded when we reached there even though it was a Thursday night.

You may check out their menu online too.


Marmite Chicken (medium portion) $18

I have never tried marmite chicken, so decided to try. It was a little saltish for me.
But my friend super duper loves it. She even finished the little crumbs.

So I guess for Marmite lovers... you may wanna try this dish!

MingZhu roll (small portion) $9
Fried tau pok stuffed with salted egg yolk, prawn, ham, mushroom and parsley.

I find this a little overrated. Doesn't look as yummy as it looks.
But the fried tau pok was crispy though.

Golden pork ribs (small portion) $10

This is my favorite dish and I'll always order whenever I go to any zi char place
This was not bad, not too sweet, chewy. yums!

MoonLight Horfun (medium portion for 3-4pax) $8

Ordered this, as I saw bloggers posted this which looks awesome

Mixing the yolk with the noodles!
Guessed it made the noodle smoother and yummy!

Chinese Spinach with 3 eggs. (medium portion) $15

Rayne's fave veg dish. Need some veg, cos too many MEAT dishes!! wahahahah

Salted vegetable & beancurd soup (medium portion) $12

wasn't salty as I expected. quite generous with the ingredient. There's sotong inside too.

Salted egg sotong (medium portion) $28

Salted egg salted egg.... it just can't go wrong with anything...
I would love to have salted egg crab, salted egg pork... Anything with salted egg is just YUMS!
However, just taken my health check, cholesterol went up a little. So, decided to cut low on salted egg and seafood.
And this salted egg sotong is THUMBS UPS!
It's crispy outside and chewy inside. Pretty addictive.
But I only ate a few to control control!

Chilli Crab (1 crab)

Here comes the CHILLI CRAB!
Quite big portion. Cos, i'm cutting down on cholesterol. I only took the sauce.

My friend said it was alright, not too bad.
I find the sauce was so so, maybe not spicy enough. I have tasted better ones.

Wanted some mini fried mantou (buns), but they only have BIG steamed mantou.
A little weird combi though.

The amount of food for 7 of us!

Total bill was $168

That's our Hong Kong friend, Tony.... Super Hungry!

As usual, too much leftovers, and to not waste so much, we have the 终极密码 guessing number game!

And guess who's the loser again?!!


2 rounds of rice with chilli crab sauce!

And the loser who doesn't know how he got set up!

A mixture of friends gathering.

the air-conditioned room

Crowded with people.

The place was walking distance to IKEA, so we went to have 50cents ICE CREAM! haha

Back home with a big bulk of taobao stuffs from Rayne.
Big Thanks once again.
Bought this mickey headwear for Val, but it was too big for her la!

Overall, I think the food taste ok, but not as fantastic as I expected though. Price range reasonable, service wise, they are very prompt and helpful. Food were served quite fast even with the huge crowd.

I would give a rating of 3.5/5.
Still worth a try though :)

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more updates!

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