an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Ban heng dim sum buffet

Ban Heng Dim Sum Buffet

Address: 1 Maritime Square #04-01 HarbourFront Centre, Spore 099253
Opening hours:
Dim Sum Buffet: 11.30 to 2.30pm
Last dish order by 2pm.

Min 4 adults. Chinese tea, pickles & towels at $1.50 per pax

Weekdays: adult $18.80++, child $13.80++
Weekends: adult $21.80++, child $16.80++
Public Holiday: adult $23.80++, child $18.80++

For more info, please check below websites:

Have planned to meet up the ladies since polling day = HOLIDAY!
Initially we planned to have a walk around Bishan Park and some café hopping etc.
But due to the crazy HAZE, we are restricted to indoor outing.
And having a sudden craze of dim sum, we decided to go Ban Heng for dim sum buffet, also since its beside Vivo city, we can walk walk after having dim sum.

Normally, I prefer to meet after 2pm normally. Cos in the morning, normally have to prepare porridge, bathing for Val, short nap for her, and as you guys should know already my hubby needs super long toilet session. So this time round, dim sum at 11.30am was a little rush for us.

the dozing off cutie pie
Oops, dozed off. A short nap for her.
While she's asleep, me trying out my shoes as its a "SHOE (sneakers/running shoe) DAY"
To put on our WINGS.... you'll understand later.
I like my Nike shoes and the last time I wore was before I got pregnant?
Gotten this pair during my HK trip during 2013.
Or should I wear this?! my dr. martens.

Decided on my Nike. Our Family OOTD before heading out.
Sam trying to match my Army camouflage shorts with his shoes and tee(wordings).

Hi, Minnie mouse.... Camera is over here!

Took a cab, and alight at the cruise departure taxi stand.
Head to Lobby C, level 4.

We reached there around 12pm... and its already crowded with people.

Food not replenished yet.

There's Mafo tofu, Vege, fried rice, fried noodles...

Hot and spicy soup, porridge

Yam paste with pumpkin

Grassjelly, ice cocktail


Whoops... Auntie moving so fast... lol..
Preparing our Laksa...

The laksa was not bad, we got a few servings of it.

Some fried food.
They are quite slow at replenishing the food.

Fried mantou with Chilli tofu prawn (sauce like those chilli crab sauce)

First round!

Dipping my fried mantou

Order list.

Chicken feet!

Xiao Long bao
Skin thick, not hot, not much soup/stock in the xiaolongbao


Porridge, very bland. Add your own seasoning.

Century egg with cold tofu

Vegetarian chee cheong fan.
taste quite terrible.

Mummy, I also want to EAT!

Where's my food?!

Har gow

I like the garlic pork ribs.
Soft and tender.

Siew Mai.

Youtiao Mayo... But you have to go and get your own Mayo... lol

Wu xiang
taste a little weird.. kinda soft and nua...

Char siew bao.
Not bad, Sam likes it.

Seafood dumpling with Mushroom

Glutinous rice wrapped with Lotus leaf
Taste quite terrible too, Super nua (soft in a strange way) lol.

Deep fried wanton.
This was quite interesting. The base was made of bread.

The overall layout.
In the middle was the self-service station.

Machiam attending wedding.

Cos it was a public holiday, its +$5++
so $18 to $5++, $1.50 for tea and stuffs.
its about $30 per pax.
Kinda not very worth eh.
Service slow, food really so-so. Some taste not bad, some taste terrible.
Would give a rating of 2.5/5.

Went to Vivo city to walk around.
Little Val was so tired, she dozed off again.
Hi, sadness

Don't be sad ok?

Have you catch the movie already? If not, what are you waiting for?
I think its a very interesting and imaginative show.

These are the WINGS I mentioned.
It was for the Yellow ribbon project.

Uplift the lives of ex-offenders by pinning on these limited edition wings of hope this September. With your purchase, you are filling the air with the messages of acceptance as you challenge non-acceptance. Show your support by sharing your photos and hashtagging ‪#‎YRwings‬ on any social media platform (don't forget to tag us in it!) Play your part by spreading awareness and second chances for ex-offenders and their families in Singapore.

Who's this Auntie over here?

Looks pretty right?
At the same time, spreading awareness and second chances for the ex-offenders!

Someone's extra.

Playing with bubbles.... like small kids...

So sad, due to the Haze... Sam and Val is in the shopping mall. Couldn't join us with the fun and photo taking.

手插腰jumping shot. Lol

Wendy. Like a relax only jumping shot.

Yeah! Her strike lottery jumping shot

张开你的翅膀 Spread your wings!

Oops, I just Jump only lah.

Dunno what is this lady trying to do.... Kicking the bubbles.. lol.

That's us, P5!

Wefie time.
I still look young among them... isn't it... oops.

Ok lah, we are all still just 18!

14 years of friendship and still counting.

right?hahahah what's tt face man, rayne!

Blowing bubbles from the outside...

Haze, please go away soon! We don't like you.

Nothing to do, we went to supermarket walk walk...

Did you realize Val had a change of clothes? Cos she peep on her pants. alamak.
haha. Remember to always bring extra clothings for your kid when you bring them out.

family pic in the supermarket also not too bad ya.
Oh, I was saying Sam's top wording having the army camouflage design.

touching and trying to kiss the kitty. haha, so cute.

My little tired Val.... hugging my fat leg... best pillow!

Great time spent with the sisters and my family.

Thanks for reading.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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