an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Baby Valerie (5 to 6 months old)

Baby Valerie (5 to 6 months old)

So lil Valerie coping well at my Mama's place. But her weird sleeping pattern became a headache to us, when we brought her back during weekends. She slept too much in the daytime, and so its really tiring for us to make her sleep at night. And well, cos Amy needs to do housework and took care of my grandma back then. So, its easier for her if Val was asleep in the morning.

There's time where she only slept at 3 or 4plus am! We tried all sorts of ways to make her sleep, but she just doesn't want to. Sam was saying to just put her at the play yard and play herself until she tired then bring her to sleep. But, I just doesn't want her to sleep too late, so I just kept trying. However, the good thing was once she sleeps, she can sleep throughout the night.

At times, we found some good solution to make her sleep. But, normally its only useful for once. Example like using the rattle, carrying her in the carrier, singing song, using musical toys... etc.

But it's really so much better now, but still we realized there's differences when she's at my Mama's place and over at our place. Somehow we felt its easier to manage her at our place. Probably also, we know where we place our stuffs and all. And with a rocker and play yard at our place makes it easier to manage her too bah.

The frequency of her spitting milk is also getting lesser and also some of the milestones mentioned below. Really fun to play with her at this stage, starting to roll over, grab stuffs and blabber.

Some ppl might tell you that you may start to introduce solid food to your baby. But, I would still suggest to start only at the recommended age of 6mths. No hurry.

As for myself, I have slowly decreased my milk supply by lengthening the hours of expressing the milk and introducing milk powder to Valerie. Will elaborate more on the milk powder on the next entry.

Many ppl asked me why... Why you stop breastfeeding? Why? Why? Why?

Why? Cos the sky is so high and I wonder why.
Stop asking why. I'm the mother, I'm the one breastfeeding and pumping. I don't think I need to explain why I stop to everyone. Everybody have their own problems and difficulties. Frankly, I doesn't envy those who feed for 1 yr or so. As long as baby is eating well and healthy, all Good!

If you are able to feed for 1 year or more, congrats to you. You have saved a lot of $$$ on milk powder. But, that doesn't mean I have to follow your footstep right? Its all up to individual, some people can't understand why? Then, don't. You don't have to understand. Please also stop comparing between mothers, it's pretty irritating. Why compare with a mother who feed for one year? Why don't you compare me with a mother who doesn't breastfeed?
Right? Get my point? There isn't a need to compare. As long as the mother is happy, live is good for everyone.

Wahaahha, seems like I'm venting my frustration... Chill chillll, all good... wahahahahahahah

- can roll over
- reach out and grasp toys
- able to sit on your lap or floor with your help to position her
- able to hold her head well
- starts to blabber
- eye sight getting better, able to spot smaller objects
- recognize her name and respond to it
- able to make them laugh
- can play peekaboo with them
- putting fingers and objects into their mouths
- sleeping through the night

Things you should do and take note:
- Introduce toys (with music, pressing), to develop motor skills
- Make sure to clean the toys and no sharp edges or small parts, as they tend to put them in their mouths.
- Help baby sit, move their legs to form a V-shape, aids in balancing. Meanwhile, place some cushion around.
- Bring baby out for a walk, have some fresh air... although might not be that fresh.. haha... to also have more exposure to the outside environment.
- Smile and cuddle her often, call her name
- Having family time, bondings
- Try to establish routine for sleeping, feeding, playtime

Enjoy the pics and videos below!


Getting a cab pretty often ever since I got pregnant,
 and now with a baby its easier and convenient.

Little Fatty

Stretching stretching

took out her top... awaiting to bathe!

aiyoyo... hair drop drop...

the two pui pui pooooo...

and yup... Pacifier aids in sleeping for Val.

aiyoyo... pitiful look

Next moment, the smiley look...


lil feet...

little pinky crown.. Cute and cheap.
Got it from Qoo10.

Feverish after vaccination

Keep calm and cuddle me.

 Let's have wefie..

Her fave toy, the rattle.

The little watermelon

with Uncle Raymond


My little cutie pie

Daddy's girl

Bringing lil Val out for a walk at IKEA.

Looking at our wedding album...


Sitting on Papa's lap while he's working, answering a call on speaker.

watching tv together

Fly Fly Fly like a birdie Fly.

watching the telecast of LKY farewell.

scratching scratching...

Fly Fly Fly like a birdie Fly.

Bought cloth books at Qoo10 for Val.

 Thanks for viewing.
Stay tuned for more updates.

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