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Elemen 元素 at Millenia Walk

Elemen 元素 at Millenia Walk

Address: 9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-75A/76 Millenia Walk, Spore 039596
Contact: +65 6238 0511

Opening hours:
11.30am to 4.30pm (last order at 3pm)
5.30pm to 10pm (last order at 9pm)

For more info:

5 course set $23.80++ per pax (available only for lunch time)
8 course set $32.80++ per pax (dinner time)

Decided to try some vegetarian cuisine, as I heard a lot of rave about it.
Was choosing between Sufood (Raffles City) or Elemen (Millenia Walk).
And we finally decided on Elemen cos someone wants the free gift (mooncake)... lol...

I think this was the 2nd time I came to Millenia walk in my whole entire life.
And we lost our way there.
We walked all the way to Suntec city, then we went across a bridge and was like happy that we finally reached. But we realized we were at Marina Square instead. After asking the customer service lady, we finally walked our way through and saw the big sign "MILLENIA WALK".

Don't say we toot toot hor.... My friend who was late, lost her way too! lol.

So, to conclude, its better to alight at Promenade station.






the 3 Obasang.





Rosemary in our drinking water

To eat from the right to left.
(right) Mash potato wrapped with jap cucumber and it goes well with the sauce.
Black sesame Tofu with dressing
(left) Cherry tomato in plum sauce
I don't usually like cherry tomato, but this was so juicy and it bursts out the juice when you put inside your mouth.
really 开胃了!



Rosemary Breadstick
Initially we were pretty doubtful of the sauce. But it was so good.
The raspberry creamy sauce tasted a little sweet and sour.


Mushroom salad


Quinoa salad
I find this a little sour for me. There's watermelon in it too.

Avocado salad
Fresh and good. I don't usually like avocado too. But this taste good somehow.
It goes well with the sesame sauce

Fresh Burdock roots with monk fruits
There's like a herbal taste but yet with a tinge of sweetness most probably from the fruits.
There's white fungus and some mushroom slices.

Maca soup
Read that it was high in Zinc... Something good for the GUYS! lol...
Slight sweetness in the soup. Not bad.

Pumpkin Soup
It was very smooth and creamy. nice :)

Wild mushroom cream soup with truffle oil
You have to mix the truffle oil with the soup. The truffle smell was GOOD!

Apple cider as a palate cleanser.
It was sweet, but not to drink too fast, as its rather acidic.

Oven-baked Burdock roots with walnut
Its creamy and cheesy. There's burdock roots, pasta, walnut.
Have to consume it fast before its cold.

Mild mushroom and white truffle pizza
Its very cheesy, very YUMMY!
I think I can finish it all by myself... wahhahahah

Mushroom Risotto with Black truffle
Its a slightly drier version of risotto, but nevertheless it still taste good.


Braised golden-brown pumpkin with Glutinous rice in Hot stone
There's mushroom, apples, chestnut, pumpkin and the glutinous rice in heart-shaped.
Have to eat it while its hot too. Cos it will be a little gelat after a while.

Chilled Japanese Wheat noodle
The noodle was rather QQ. Quite a light dish, since the other main course were rather either cheesy or truffle.


Avocado roll in Japanese style
Its quite filling for one to take the whole 8 pieces.
Avocado and sauce goes along well.




Full Attendance!


Grapefruit mojito
Looks so cute and pretty. A very refreshing drink.

Ice passionfruit tea

Chamomile tea
The mini teapot was so cute.


Chocolate lava cake
A little disappointed that the lava did not flow after I cut it though.

Chilled coconut puree
Looks a little different from the picture in the menu. Seems a little too watery?

Osmanthus flower with grass jelly

I felt the mint leaf was a little overpowering.

Panna cotta with Raspberry sauce
Sweet and sour. not bad.

We were given a complimentary mooncake when we are leaving.
So cute!


Overall, I would give a rating 4.5/5. Although I'm not a fan of vegetarian food, but we all felt the food were nice. There's no mock meat. It's organic. The customer service was good too. They gave recommendations and explained their dishes, came to check if the food are ok, offer to take photos for us.

So, it's a nice experience there.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more updates!

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