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Baby Valerie (4 to 5 months old)

Baby Valerie (4 to 5 months old)

I went back to the workforce and lil Val is staying at my mum's place during the weekdays.
Every Mon and Wed, we will go over to check her out. Fri evening, we would bring her back, which made us the WEEKEND PARENTS. Whatever others feel, but I think it's a better way for us and little Valerie. Don't wanna disturb her sleep early in the morning, and rushing here and there. Moreover, I starting class in end of May, so I would not be able to take care of her at night too. Our plan was to put her till around probably 2 yrs old, then we will bring her back and put her under childcare.

And so, I started working, and I now understand why Sam always asked me to send him pictures of us... cos he misses us... And now I miss my lil Valerie. So, I have been asking Amy to send pictures of Val almost everyday. So, some of the photos below where were blurred were taken by Amy... haha....

- baby able to see people and objects at a distance of about 35cm
- able to follow a moving object
- smile more often
- able to flip, but not yet know how to flip back
- kick and lift up her legs

What you should do and take note:
- baby's eyes might appear to be crossed from time to time, it's normal. But if it seems to be permanent crossed, please go and check with the doc.
- Monitor when baby is flipping, she will need your help to turn/roll her back

 - You may or should start reading, showing pictures to your baby. It will affect the child development. Reading to babies is also a good way to immerse them in the sounds and rhythms of speech. Since their vision is still developing, you may choose books with little or no text, big and high-contrast pictures. Reading also stimulates your baby's imagination.

- Singing also helps your baby to get familiar with sounds, words and language. Great time to bond with your baby and share time together

- If your baby is still spitting out milk after feeding like Valerie, you may either have more feeds lesser milk, or just make sure you burp a few times after feeding. She will slowly outgrow from it.

- Please change diapers regularly, especially right after she pooped. Normally, if baby is taking breastmilk, they poo more regularly. (For Valerie's case, she pooped almost every time after she was fed.)

- Always remember to wipe from the front to the back (esp for baby girls), you don't want her to get infection right. There's a lot of bacteria in baby's faeces.

- Use baby wipes which are alcohol free and paraben free.
(I'm using Pigeon Baby wipes. It's easy to use. Easy in the sense that, I can pull out easily one piece at a time. I tried using Huggies and Tollyjoy, everytime I pull out, its a few pieces which could be quite annoying. In addition, the wipes doesn't contain any harmful products, which is quite safe for baby.

- Apply nappy rash cream if baby is having nappy rash. It's ok to apply thick coat of it, as long as it get better faster ya. (I'm using Pureen, and so far so good. I used Desitin when the rash is very bad, cos it has stronger effect, but also kinda dry after applying onto baby's skin)

- Don't bother to use talcum powder. Initially I was told to use talcum powder after baby bathes and after every nappy change. But, after thinking, there isn't quite a need to do so. Baby still smells good. And actually talcum powder is made from very tiny particles and those fine particles could be harmful if our baby breathes in lots of them at once.

 Below are pics and videos of Valerie.... Time flies....

Colleagues gotten Val this CNY costume... but its too big already...
shall keep it for next year

This fitted just nice... but not sure if she was uncomfortable or not.
Ang bao Ang bao...


Gotten her some headbands to cover her baldness in front... lol


Arrhhhgghhh.... Who Woke me up!






This pic... she look exactly like Sam and his mother.

Hey you!


 Aiyoyo... balding in front...


Aiyoyo 真的是伤脑经啊


Mummy arh.... why my hair in front all dropping?!!



with Uncle Raymond

Do i look like a hamburger?

Why a tissue on her forehead?
Cos Auntie Amy lame....
Say baby hiccup, put this tissue on her forehead, hiccup will be gone in no time.

Flipping flipping her own.


I used pacifier to make her sleep

I love Apples.



The cousins... and their Grandparents

Here comes the 3 little pigs!

Val and Tim only 3 weeks apart, but huge difference.

Reunion,  Lao yu Sheng!




CNY visiting.
Did not go back to JB with Sam this year, as Valerie was still small.
Would probably bring her over next year.


Oops, I think the way i carried her...pressed her stomach.. and she puke milk out!
Captured that moment... Damn funny.



Hug the Papa.





That's my cousin, Gerald!

And my Auntie!

So happy with the Angbao!







I often have to put either bibs or cloth on her. Cos she spit milk very often.


It's my bro's birthday!


The last godma was finally back to visit Valerie!

The godma who always sew crochet for Valerie.


During this period, anyone can carry her without crying.
She haven't really recognise people yet.

Yoz yoz!









surrounded by Line plushies.




She really enjoys when we read books to her.

Tired babies (big and small ones)

Papi... I haven't sleep... You cannot sleep yet!


Macdonalds romper!
So cute on her! haha!

Entertaining the baby

Leg exercise






During this period, Valerie was still spitting milk very often. Was kinda worried, but many said it will be better after 6months. We always have to put bibs on cloth around her neck. If not, we gonna need to change her clothes. We bought many bibs and cloths. It was really not easy. Normal spitting out is ok, however explosive ones are bad for her, as it might go into her lungs. So, if you guys experience many explosive vomits, please bring your baby to see a doctor. But well, it really improves as she grows older. Will update more in future posts.
Valerie is a cheerful baby. She smiles to everyone who talk and play with her. This is really the fun period to play with her. And she starts flipping, everything's so cute about her. Haha. As she grow older and start recognizing people, it's more difficult to approach. Will update on this in future posts too.
Left (Sam was young), Right (Valerie)
That's more or less about it. Thanks for viewing.
Stay tuned for more updates.

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