an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Sunday, August 09, 2015

Day out at East Coast park

A day at East Coast Park on 25th Jul 2015

It was decided quite last minute, as the Saudi girl, Lijia decided to learn roller blading. Just bought a roller blade, and so have planned to go to East coast park. So, they will roller blade and we will just bring Valerie there for a stroll.

Early in the morning, this lil girl was filled with energy, probably knowing that we gonna bring her out. Normally, during the weekends if I'm not having classes, we will bring her out for some family time. Also to burn some of her energy, then we all can have good rest at night.

Fyi, she no longer sleeps at the cot. She's sleeping on our bed with us.
Attracted to my phone as always.


reaching for my phone

worse still, doesn't let me use it.

and here comes Le Papa

and she's definitely not camera shy...
She likes to see herself (camera / mirror)
She likes to watch her own funny video clips.

That sweet innocent face...
as though asking Mummy, when are we going out?!



We were meeting late afternoon, so that it won't be so hot.
Hence, having her nap first before going.


Sound asleep.

Slept for a good 2 hours.
And so, we are READY to go go go!
We brought the stroller this time round. Normally, we would just use the carrier. But thinking that it would be hot and quite some walking, so decided to bring the carrier instead.
And indeed, wise choice we made.. whahhaha

Exploring Daddy's watch...


You slept 2 hours already... still yawning ar?

Aiyoooo... sleepy eyes...


not easy to keep her busy for the whole 1 hr journey...


Hey, NO DRINKING in the MRT please...

Simple bo chups.

We got stalked!
We need toys (rattle), books to keep her accompany if its gonna be a long day out.
 Took a bus from Bedok to ECP.

What a Sunny day!
wearing a chiffon top to ECP? Self-claimed Citygirl.
Oh ya, and the City girl, Lijia fell while practicing her roller blade around our estate.
And so she couldn't blade on that day.

The girls putting on the blades.


Ready to go? Eh, don't know what expression are those.

Ok, here we go.




ok, so far so good...
The coach supposed to join us but he gotta go Tekong for some last min meeting, so can only reach around 7pm..

So, meanwhile, the fake coach gave some instructions...


Cool she... fell down oso got pose eh..


Papi and baby poo!


It's really nice to bring her out for a walk at the park.








Second fall.

elegant sehhhh...

ok, 自己跌倒自己爬

is that LJ face? oops. you know what I mean... :) LJ = Li Jia... lol!!!





Family time.



Come, Mummy give you a kiss!


2 bodyguards.


ok people, let's take a short break.

Check out my new book..

Windy windyyyyy









My little cutie...




Makan time...
It's porridge with fish and spinach.
She's eating well now.
During her 6mths to 8mths.. She only take a few mouthful of porridge.
Now, she can finish a bowl of porridge. She's 9mths old now.


It's really good to start reading habits for your kids. Start since young.




We had so much fun.


Photo taken by Rayne... the effect like a cool eh.




I diao you!

 It's around 7plus pm, turning dark.
And here comes Dave, the coach.

Ok, come on, follow follow instructions.


Anyway, he's Lijia's bro... haha... Pro in skating.

Fallen asleep liao
The rest went ahead to have dinner, and we decided to head home.
It was already 8plus, and journey back home will take quite a while.
But in the end, Sam decided to get a cab instead of the bus n train. Cos he's tired too.


My little cutie pie...
Hand made crochet pacifier holder from Rayne.
So cute and sweet right...
Always enjoy very much when I'm out with family and friends.
Thankful to have them.
Life is full of ups and downs. The trick is to enjoy the ups and have courage during the downs.
Without the downs, the Ups would mean nothing.

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