an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Friday, August 14, 2015

Rayne's 27th Bday!

Rayne's 27th Bday! (Celebration from 6th Aug to 8th Aug)

6th Aug Thursday (took half day off)
A staycation at RWS - Festive Family Room.
I bought it through a Carousell seller. There's a lot of good deals in Carousell. You can purchase cheaper tickets (e.g. trick eye museum, adventure cove, wax museum, etc...) And you can even book cheaper stay too.

I got mine for $280 for a night stay at Festive Family Room during peak season. I think if you were to purchase online, it can go up to $400 or more. But do your research before transferring your money over, it could be a scam too. Make sure you have all the particulars of the person.

Lijia and I staying just opposite blocks.

Patriotic us!
We headed to Vivo city to meet Wendy and Rayne. Sorsan joined us after her work.
And We actually just wanted to have a light simple lunch.
Not sure why we ended up in The Soup Restaurant.
They having promo sets now due to promoting the local movie, 1965
A complimentary retro old school plate with every set menu ordered from 28 Jul.
While stock last.
6 dishes for the 4 of us! only $25 per pax.

The recommended MUST TRY "Samsui Ginger Chicken".
This was really good. Wrapped the chicken with the ginger in the cabbage given.
So it's crunchy at the outside (cabbage), juicy and smooth in the inside (chicken).
A very refreshing dish.

Sweet potato leaves (Sambal)
Not too spicy for me, so i's just nice!


Sweet and sour pork
Very crunchy and chewy.

Double boiled Waisan & Ginseng roots with Chicken soup
Super duper bitter. But Rayne and Wendy said as you drink more, it tasted better.
But, it's a  "NAH" for me... wahahahah

We didn't know there was fried rice, and we almost asked for bowls of white rice.
Taste not bad. But I like to have sauce when eating rice.
So, the next dish came just in time for it.

Just as we thought that all dishes should be served already bah....
Then, the last dish came, Tofu Prawn!
The sauce taste like some Chilli crab sauce...

So, this was our "LIGHT" lunch!



And we finished all the food!


Ok, let's head to our hotel and for a SWIM SWIM!

 And we checked in our hotel!
And it really wasn't as big as we expected. But still, not too bad la...


There's a queen sized bed, a sofa bed, and a single bed on top



View outside our hotel room.





scratch armpit.





Lazing around... cos it's raining outside... so we cant go to the pool!

Watching TV?


Sorsan Sorsan where are you?!

Show 鼻孔一下


Toe nail dropped off! Eukkkk...

its gonna be a Skippy night!
Decided to go out for a stroll.
Went to the pool, and its closed due to rain.
And we found out that actually you don't need any access card to access the swimming pool!

 Since we can't swim, we shall take some pics.








The 1.2 metre deep pool.




I have 2 stars... 1 for sorsan.

Hi, Mr snail.

Wefies wefiesss....




Sorsan... where are you!





Looks cool! But too ex for one. I think it costs around $5?

The rain has stopped, and so we decided to head back for a swim!


Ok, Let's go!
That's Wendy!

Sorsan, 你在哪里呀?

back to the hotel room

After bathing, we were going to the beach beach beachhhh for dinner.

Oh, sexy lady....



Finally, all reached.

That cool hair look eh, Lijia.


Finally after the long walk, we reached the Tanjong beach club.
There weren't a lot of people. Not even crowded. Along the way to there was also quite ulu.
Nevertheless, its the people who hang out with that matters yah.




Looks pretty awesome right?




We wanted to sit outside to have the beach feel. But the waitress told us that the seats were all wet due to the rain earlier on.






The dishes in the menu were quite limited.
So, we order the set menu for 2 ($98), truffle fries ($15), spicy prawn spaghetti ($28) and the white ruby snapper ($36).

Oops, Lights on!


Here comes the Seafood Aburi Plate.
There's salmon, tiger prawns and scallops with wasabi prawns.
This was good. The scallop was succulent, salmon was perfectly cooked. 
But serving was too small for 5 of us la.... :(
Clam chowder
Consists of oyster, clams with white wine and crispy bacon bits

 Initially I was thinking, why were the dishes still not out yet.
Just soup ma, thought its normally prepared beforehand, just have to scoop it out and serve.
But when I saw the soup, ooohhhh, now I know why.
They actually prepare upon orders. And the soup tasted great!
2 bowls wasn't enough!


Mesclun salad tossed in champagne vinaigrette

Spicy prawn spaghetti

Atlantic Salmon and Barramundi Fillet on another plate with Giant tiger prawns.
This dish was alright. Probably, cos I like my food with sauce.... :) 
So, this was kinda dry for me.
But the prawn tasted fresh.
Spicy Prawn spaghetti $28
consist of fresh tomato, basil, garlic, olive oil and chilli
Wasn't really spicy, so overall ok for me.

Whole Ruby Snapper with scallion vinaigrette $36
We had a lot of fish that night... wahahahah.
Kinda weird to see a whole snapper fish for a western dining, haha.
But it was not bad, to go along with the sauce. And the skin was crispy.
Oh, I like the potato salad side dish too.


Cos Panna cotta was sold out, so they served us chocolate and vanilla ice cream
Not sure if its because the portion was small for 5 of us to share or its really good.
We all find it so yummy that we asked the waiter what brand was it.
And it was Movenpick.

Truffle fries $15
After the dessert, I think we were still not quite full and decided to order the Truffle fries.
And I just realized it was a "MUST TRY" dish.
But, hmmmm we all felt so so.
The truffle smell was strong initially but just the fries that were at the top.
Fries in the middle and bottom just tasted like normal fries.
I like the cheese though, to be eaten with the fries. They should give more! more cheese!


Overall, I felt the food was quite good. But a little pricey though.
Average spending about $40~ per pax.

Upside down! I think we look prettier like that... wahahahaha.

See the differences between S6 and Xiaomi camera?
This pic was taken by Xiaomi. lol.

Can't really tell what does the letter make up as.



does the shelter shape look like something familiar?
Oops. wahahah... Shhhhhh....
Walking back to our hotel.


SG50 Merlion!

rainbow merlion!

Proud to be a Singaporean!


 So lucky of us, to be able to catch the 10pm Merlion Magic lights!
We didn't know the timing beforehand.

Kindly checkout, its really pretty and awesome.
Till 30th August!
Back to hotel room, for our PYJAMAS NIGHT!





Pillow FIGHT!





Can you tell we are already 27 years old!



Cheers, everyone!

Time for drinks!

Fyi, its a Nursing Pyjamas... wahhaahha.
But, I'm no longer breastfeeding ya... Just find it cute....




Ms Pochacco

Ms Doramon.

Ms Spongebob

Err this.. jiak sai.... lol... cheated our feelings...
the top wasn't a cartoon character top.

So, we played games and drank the alcohol. But felt a little hungry.
Decided to go down to get some snack.
And to go down with our PJs on.

The loser who die die wanna put on this white top.


NO MORE CASINO for us.... left with PYJAMAS on! lol.


No joke, we really went down with pyjamas! Oh gosh!

And we reached the 7eleven.


the loser.

Another loser carrying all the snacks.

After much nagging, she decided to remove the lame white top.




Hey peeps, its PRECIOUS SECRET lol....

Ok, shall start our 2nd round!

CHOYA just taste SUCKY!

And the loser finish the spoonful of PEANUT BUTTER!

Little gift from Rayne... colourful hairbands.

All down!

Another one with the PEanut butter!

And myself! Euukkk!
Ok, time for bed. Have to wake early the next day for Adventure cove water theme park.
We slept around 3am.
7th August, Friday
 Did not buy the tickets online as we could not decide whether or not to go ahead to the theme park as it was a public holiday, and rainy season.
Ended up we bought the tickets at $36 each! Could bought online around $24 if I'm not wrong.
There were lotsa lotsa ppl, so we decided to buy the tickets and get the lockers first.
The lockers was another EATMONEY machine! $10 for a small locker! $20 for a big locker!
And there's no more big locker. We all got super big bag. So, we took 3 small lockers for $30!
Good thing about the locker is that, you can reopen and close anytime on the same day.
We went outside to have our lunch. Also another queue up at Din Tai Fung.


Oriental salad in special vinegar dressing...
Refreshing appetizer

Fragrant Pork with Crushed garlic (left), steam white chicken (right)
They really seemed to like white skin chicken ehhhhh... tasted normal.
As for thr fragrant pork dish, it was my first try. Really nice. 很开胃! But a little spicy for me though.
Sliced duck in crispy spring onion pastry

Wonton noodle soup

Signature pork chop with fried rice

Initially, I felt that this was soso. Cos I tried before at the Jurongpoint branch.
But when I tried this one at the RWS. Really got difference eh, this one taste good! The fried rice and pork chop is good!

Hot and sour soup

This was not spicy nor sour. Need to add lotsa vinegar. 

Steam crabmeat dumpling
hmmm... a new dish... But I still prefer the pork dumpling, Xiao long bao!

炸酱面 Noodle with minced pork in bean sauce

A little surprise cake for Rayne.
This was given by the carousell seller, as we supposed to have a surprise bday cake to our hotel room.
But seems like the hotel had cocked up.
So, she gave us a little cake as a gesture of apology!
Nice seller!

Bday girl, Rayne!

Make a wishhhh...



While waiting for the rain to stop, we stopped by at Starbucks.
Eating again!

It was drizzling then stop then drizzling again.
It was really a test for all of us... lol!
Endurance test!
We actually queued for a slide for about 90mins? with the drizzling?
Lucky we did not fall sick because of that.
But it was a good experience for all of us.
Its fun to do water sports/activities with a bunch of friends.


That's the end of our staycation.
8th August, Saturday
All got nothing to do, so decided to come my house to visit lil Valerie, also to celebrate Rayne's bday.
Since 8th august was her actual bday!
Recently, I realized I have been neglecting my AIR FRYER. So, shall put it at a good use.
Saw lotsa recipe online. But I was Fuss free.
And I saw this easy peasy Marble cupcake recipe.
And I didn't even use a mixer! wahhahaa.. Cos Val was sleeping, didn't wanna wake her.
Mix the butter and cocoa powder

Rest of the butter and sugar



Beat the 3 eggs.

Add the sieved flour


Alternate the both mixture

familiar logos? wahahha
These cupcake holders were the leftovers from our wedding!! wahahahahah

Jiang jiang!!! Just 15 minutes!

It's really nice!
Crispy outside, and soft inside!

In fact, I think it was better than the oven... wahhahaha





Little Val just woke up...


That innocent look...

Air fried salmon (one with bbq sauce, the other with lemon + mixed herbs + pepper)
Oven baked the frozen pizza... Val's porridge + Kimchi!
Awesome dinner! wahahahahah

Even Val wanna eat too!

Meanwhile, a surprise bday cake for our RAYNE!




May your wishes come true, our lil sis!

A pic with Valval...


Sorsan gotten some Movenpick icecream!!!
Somehow we felt the one at the restaurant were more TASTY! Lol, cos we have to snatch for it... wahahhahahah

Last blurry Wefie to end Rayne's bday!
May your wishes come true! And everything 顺顺for you la!
Earn big bucks!
These whole jubilee week is all about EAT EAT and EAT!
Oh gosh, time to go on diet!!!

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