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Andong Zzimdak (Raffles City) & O'maspoon (Marina Square)

Andong Zzimdak (Raffles City) & O'maspoon (Marina Square)

Finally met up with my girls after the hectic weeks of schooling.
Decided to try this newly opened Korean restaurant at Raffles City.

Andong Zzimdak
Address: Raffles City Shopping Centre, 252 North Bridge Rd, #B1-44F, Spore 179103
Opening hours: 11.30 am - 10pm Daily
Contact no: +65 6533 3951

For more updates:

We reached there about 6plus, still early, not much crowd yet...


Contact lens, earring, small sling bag, heels, black dress!
Just for them!
I have been wearing flats, having specs on, and carrying my backpack since I'm still schooling.
So, once in a while, a little change!

Coincidentally, we wore BLACK!
 Hmmm, this angle made me look kinda FAT! or maybe I'm still FAT!!! lol



Jjimdak generally referred to braised chicken. Dak for Chicken. Jjim for steamed, braised or stew in sauce. Andong Jjimdak originated from the city of Andong, is the spicy version of the braised meat dish.
Since Wendy and I can't really take too spicy food. So, we have chosen the Boneless Jjimdak!
Boneless... easier to eat ma! Just EAT and MUNCH only like a boss... lol...
We ordered the L serving!

Also ordered the Pancake and Spicy Topokki!
Not much side dishes available, cos they want you to EAT THEIR big PORTION of Braised dish la!



Free flow of pickled radish and KIMCHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

Lijia and rayne....
Both having some LAME HOLE on their blouse... dunno wan show simi wako....

Spicy Topokki $9.90


Mini seafood pancake $9.90
Something different from the ones we ate at other Korean restaurant.
It's a MINI version. So cute!!! Haha...
Crispy at the outside, chewy on the inside! YUMS!

Here comes our BIG PLATE of Boneless Jjimdak.
Actually I felt this tasted like what my Mama cooked at home eh...
Just that this dish was added with some spiciness. And of cos with the sweet potato noodle!

 The potatoes were soft n absorbed the taste of the sauce... I like POTATOES!!!
But there were too few POTATOES!
Please put more please!!! We have to like find and snatch from one another!

I like NOODLES too!!!
Seems like I LIKE LOTSA stuffs eh!!!
which is why the last 5kg... still kept dangling there... lol

Posing with their mugs.

the Lamers.
5-1 meetup.

Overall, I felt the food was not bad, but could have more variety for side dishes? Customer service was good, quite attentive. Price wise affordable. I would rate a 7.5/10.

Next, we head for DESSERT!
I am so CRAVING for BINGSuuuuu...
No worries, am not pregnant.



 And I have been wanting to try Oma spoon, so we headed to Marina square!!!
We had quite a hard time looking for it though... Didn't expect it to be beside the Foodcourt!

O'ma spoon Korean Dessert Café
Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard #04-102 Marina Square 039594
Opening hours: 10am to 10pm Daily

For more updates:


Look at that Siao char bo.... wahahaha

A variety of different Bingsu flavors.





Cos the lamers doesn't like matcha, red bean and the soy powder injeolmi...
So, we ordered the pretty cool recommended Mango Berry Cheesecake


Mango Cheese Bingsu $18.90
There's really a slice of cheesecake on top.
Some of the mangoes tasted kinda unripe?
Overall, was not bad... Cos my DEAR friend Rayne who went with us to Nunsaram Bingsu café, totally didn't enjoy it at all.... So, this time round she said not bad....


Gotten the Choco Strawberry Honey butter bread too.
Nothing fancy about this actually. I expected the bread to be crispy... but it wasn't.
It's just like putting a scoop of ice cream on your bread and spinkle with some nuts and strawberry and choco syrup.
However, I quite like the place, pretty comfy. Nice place to chill, not very packed with ppl. Will probably try their chocolate, green tea and injeolmi bingsu next time. Price wise, it's quite pricey actually. But, well... share it with your friendS!
I would rate this a 7/10.
Thanks for reading.
Gonna rush for my school reports now.
Will try to update my blog regularly.....
Gonna share more stuffs soon.
Stay tuned!



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