an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Gathering at Wendy's place

Christmas Gathering at Wendy's place

This year, we have decided to have our Annual Christmas gathering at Wendy's place instead of mine. A change of venue also means saving us from all the cleaning afterwards.

Theme was set as Blue & White Christmas.
So, we are dressing up as a whole family together of course.

Happy Family tops that Raymond gotten from us at BKK.

Wefie before leaving...


My cutie pie.

Arrived at Wendy's place...

Lijia had been the most helpful and SEXY one on that day. Lol.

Cheese platter and salsa with tortilla chips

act 一个can cook only!

Sexy Sexyyyyy

Naughty Naughty....

Roasted Potatoes and Carrots.

Shepherd's pie

Roasted Chicky... HUngry hungryyyyyy

playing with Godma...

Seriously... Long legs, long hands? Bending like effortless...


Godma... all li li siao siao with blue balls...

Bought 3 mini logcakes from Emicake through Qoo10 for just $6.90 each.
Bought Chocolate truffle flavor, Tiramisu flavor and Durian flavor (bought Berry flavor initially but they said no stock for mini ones... was a mistake on the website)

Christmas FEAST!!!
Yums!! Let's tuck in already!

okok, Wefie first.

2 little cuties joined us, it's Wendy's hubby's nephews.

Lijia playing peek-a-boo with Val...

Reindeer cups! So cute!

Sooooo Motherlyyyy....


Kids nowadays...

Hey, your book is on the table!

Played some games... and check out who's the LOSER again!!!

Lijia the loser.

Loser Number 2.


Don't say we gang up on you hor.
All is fair.

mixture of cheeeeseee

We used ELFSTER again to generate our secret santas...
With a $50 budget.

See the kuku face.. cos he's very proud of his gift for Rayne.
$50 Spotlight gift card... not even trying to wrap it.

Rayne to Lijia...
What's in there? Scroll down...

Anyway sorry, interrupted by Lil Val!

Lijia to Wendy!

Wendy to Steven!

Steven to Sor San!

Sorsan to ME!!!!
Oooh... Pedroooo

Lastly, although just 15% chance of becoming each other's Santa, I really get to be his Santa 
It's all Fated man!
His fave chocolate! wahahahah..
But.... That's not all!

Tada.... We are going to Maldives!
Fully sponsored by ME!
(Will update the trip when I get back!)

Fake customized SQ tickets..

Presents for the kids!

Rayne gotten $50 Spotlight Giftcard as she wished for. wahahahh

What's in there?!

Wahahahahahah... $50 cash! lol

We were all so surprised...
cos Lijia always never fail to stun us with the gifts she bought for us... wahhahaha
And we were surprised because... the tumbler is only available in KOREA...
we didn't expect to see this!! wahahahaha... Nice!

Sorry, but i'm not sure what's this.
Some dota figuring and some credits whereby you can play online blahhhhhh

Craftholic and Muji gift card!

What's mine?
I asked for a cobalt blue chio bag and a chio belt...

woah woah woah... cutie chio bag...


Rayne made some Christmas crochet for us!

So cute right!

Dessert time!
Molten chocolate cake prepared by Wendy too!

 Here comes the Cinderella.... doing all the washing....

Learning to be a good housewife.

Come everybody, let's Cheers!

Merry Christmas!

Hey Hey... what about me?!

Thanks for reading.

Wish everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

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