Monday, November 23, 2015

Valerie turns ONE birthday party!

Valerie turns ONE birthday party!

After much research, we decided on "Pastel Hot Air Balloon theme. It was held on 3rd of October which is her actual day of birth!
Booked the Jurong Safra poolside room party which cost about $700 plus for 4hrs.

A little cute teaser/invitation done by Rayne!

Nails checked for the theme!

Backdrop of the Dessert Table.
Ordered from Abite with some mate's rate 友情价, because it was my buddy's gf's cake shop!... :)

Pricing for the Dessert Tables.

 Thankful for those who came earlier to help out.
Really appreciate very much.

Gotten all these cute party hats and goodie bags for kids from Taobao.
It's so cheap to get stuffs from Taobao, although have to wait for quite a while but it's all worth it!

The board was done by my lil bro, Raymond.

9 party hats + 1 silver and 1 gold crown for just RMB9.80!
About SGD 2? Just buy! wahhaahah

Little puzzles for the kids... bought from Taobao too!

Party hat done by Lijia.
Pororo paper whistle bought by Raymond.

These were done the night before the party by Raymond!

What did I do? I just PAY only! wahahhaahahah

This paper crown gotten at TaoBao too!
Thanks Rayne for helping with the purchases!

A little bday surprise from Raymond and Xindy.
They got his friend to do the unlimited prints within an hr of photos.
Unlimited prints for just $100 per hour.
You can customize the layout too.
Will show and explain more below.

by Printitoutsg
Check it out at their Instagram

Mickey scooter from Shawn and Jiaxin! so cute!
but the music is rather chinaaaa... wahahhaahaha

Decorating the place.

Done by Wendy!
The hot air balloon and Happy bday fonts deco were from Taobao too.
Everything is cheap and good!

Awaiting for the balloons... to have like a hot air balloon concept shown below.

Wendy! in her Pastel blue? ok, its blue... the lighting made it look grey la... okok..

And why am I dressed in white?
Cos I'm the cloud next to my Rainbow (Valerie)!

WeeWee (left), myself, Sor san and Wendy(right)!

Xindy with her purple hair! Check out her clothings at Love.PrettyPlus (plus size fashion)

Hello Kitty balloon from Xindy... balloon stand sculpture done by Raymond!
He's very talented, isn't he!

Here comes the food!
Ordered from Neogarden.
60 pax for $800 including GST.

But here's something to take note, which I only realized after the event.
If you are inviting families with kids, please do consider food which are non spicy.
Cos I ordered mee goreng, curry chicken, sambal long beans...
most of them are spicy dishes.... kids cant take them... Oops!

Balloons arrived. But look a little small though :(

Here comes the team to setup the dessert table.

Although they were slightly late, but they got everything done quite chop chop!

This can be bought at TYPO.

Cute cookies with various designs; cloud, 1, Valerie, Hot air balloon.

Kit kat with customized packaging.

Chocolate tarts... YUMS!

Hot air balloon cake!

Someone said the girl figuring looks like my MIL.

Rainbow Cake Pushpops.


Everything looks sweet and pretty. Blend well with the theme if I must say so myself!

The kids cant wait to snatch and eat it!
But we said... PHOTOS FIRST!!! lol

The instaprints I mentioned earlier on. All you have to do is to create a hashtag of your own.
(Make sure no one have the same or identical hashtags)

 I created #valpuputurnsone and any photos that have this hashtag will be printed out within the hour.

You can customize your own border too.
This was designed by Xindy.
Really a big THANKS!

Part of the poly gang



My aunt and cousins

Little Timmy!

Sam's colleague daughter, Stella with Lijia!

Ballerina Twinsie.

Happy Family.

Let's try putting Baby Valerie in the basket! wahahah

Oh ohhhhh.....
Do not leave your belongings unattended... lol

The Lims. + a mini Ng.

S+A+V..... hmmm we probably need an E. lol...

Sister-in-law with Timmyyy

Matty and Timmy

Brother love.

P5! Precious!

With Sam's family.

That's Jeslyn with her Teddy bear.

Eeling and Wee Weeeeee...

Here comes my poly gang!

Sam's fren. Justin, Calvin and fiancée..



Sam's colleagues

Sam's colleagues with their few mths old daughter!

Jeslyn and Annie...
Where's AJALYA?!!

Colleagues + Ex colleagues!

Here comes Limin...
Looking good after leaving the company... lol

The NGs!

Happy birthday, my little darling

Fly up high!!!


My little sweet princess

Valerie enjoying herself having the rest of them sing Birthday Song to her.

Let's blow the candles!

and cut the cake!
Super hard though...wahahhaha


And so after the cutting cake session...
All the kids just CHIONG ARRRRR!!! for all the pretty cakes and cookies...

Rayne and Wendy

Sorsan and Lijia

Valerie is One!

Missing one please.

Rainbow cake for the top tier.
Chocolate cake for the bottom tier.
Carrot cake for the cupcakes.

Playing around with the decos.

Ya, it's Me, Mummy!

So happy with the ballooonssss

So nice to see the kids enjoying and playing together.
It's so heartwarming.

Our little cutie pie.

Together with her god-ma[s]


Her first try on cream cake!

Do you like it?

Yes, mummy! Can I have more?

Nope! haha

Fave pose.

Mummy, I wanna go home!

While clearing up, we decided to have some fun with the helium balloons!!


Le Hubby







 Thanks sisters for coming and help out irregardless of the hazy weather!


Thanks sisters!

The presents for Valerie!

Lotsa toys for Val.


Thanks everyone for coming for the party even with the bad hazy weather.
A big thanks to those who came to assist us for the preparation.
Greatly appreciated!

Also lastly, thanks for the gifts!

Sorry, we didn't managed to entertain some of the guests.
Hope you understand :)

That's all for this blogpost.
Thanks for reading.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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