an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Thursday, July 31, 2014

Nara Thai Restaurant at WestGate

Nara Thai Restaurant at WestGate

Address: #03-07, Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive
Opening Hours: 11.30am to 10pm

I was there with my close colleagues (AJALY) for a farewell dinner. So sad... another one leaving :(
Walking around Westgate, we have finally decided to have Thai food... and well cos we have 2 super crazy over thai siao char bohs.... lol...

So its about 6pm, and we were the first customer for dinner, no one else... cool eh... its like...
来吧,我包了全场, 放心的吃吧!wahahhahaa....
The place was pretty cosy.

 photo 20140725_174959_zpsf532ae92.jpg
No one at all except us...

 photo 20140725_175036_zps738a6d9b.jpg

 photo 20140725_175123_zpsabf2219e.jpg

There's a variety of choices for food. Starters, vege, pork, chicken, seafood, beef, dessert....

And of cos, we let the EXPERTS to order the dishes.

 photo 20140725_175415_zpsdc26f7dc.jpg
Cos it's my third trimester now, and ppl said you should take some coconut during the last trimester....
To cool your body a bit, and also bb will have nice smooth skin....
Fyi, it was my first time having the coconut, cos i nv really like, but becos of bb's sake!
But, surprisingly it was quite yummy... thumbs up!

 photo 20140725_175427_zps65f281c4.jpg
Butterfly Pea (Anchan), it's a kind of Thai herbal plant. I think its pretty unique, worth for a try.

 photo 20140725_175606_zpsb4c050e3.jpg
Papaya salad - an appetiser where we will always order whenever we goes to a thai restaurant.
It's a little spicy, so probably if you cant take spicy, you may request to be slightly less spicy.

 photo 20140725_175638_zpsee6fd53f.jpg

 photo 20140725_175642_zps40fa9e36.jpg
Tom yum seafood soup...
So sad... that they straight away portion into 2 bowls for us....
Couldnt take pic with the nice golden pot! lol
It was kinda spicy too. Well, Tom yum soup ought to be spicy though... :)
Taste alright for me.

 photo 20140725_175720_zpsc75e03b3.jpg
Forgot what platter is this called.
There's otah, satay, and this wrapped chicken.
I personally only like the chicken. As for the satay, its slightly tough. Otah was soso.
The chicken was kinda juicy and taste good.

 photo 20140725_180010_zps3641df86.jpg
Pad thai (chicken)
Nothing special about this dish. Pretty normal.

 photo 20140725_180228_zps66e0ba69.jpg

 photo 20140725_180235_zps81b3f36c.jpg
My friend recommended this strongly, its green curry soft shell crab.
And it was indeed pretty yummy.

 photo 20140725_180418_zpsc9c4ec51.jpg
Saw this blue rice looks pretty cool in the menu, so we decided to try it.
But its just pretty, nothing special on the taste.

 photo 20140725_180423_zps1f17a814.jpg
Pineapple rice.
Pretty normal dish, yet i feel dont really worth the price, it was about $12/13++

Overall, my friends felt that the NARA at Bangkok is so much better than the one in SG.
I feel the price range is a bit on the higher side. The place is cosy and comfortable. Service could be improved. We were sort of being asked to leave.... as they passed us the bill when we did not ask for it.

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