an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cafe hopping... hop hop hop

ok, so how i gained the 17kg?
Eat and eat non stop lo.... wahahhahaa...
If u guys have been following me in FB or instagram, you should have realised the pictures i have posted were all just FOOD food and more FOOD....
I seldom take selfies now... because..... i dont wanna scare you guys off la... like a fat ass now... whahahah...

Cafe hopping is like a trend now eh... Seeing many ppl posting their CHECK-INs in different cafes now and then... So, i have been to a few too, to have a feel of these CAFEssss.... So most of the cafes sell waffles, egg benedict, some signature pastries, some with 3d art coffee, etc.... I also realised most of these cafes are situated at super ULUs place ya...

My lil bro brought me to "THE COFFEE DAILY" on my birthday this year to have their rainbow cake, well cos i requested rainbow cakes for all my birthday celebration this year... wahhaha.. will post on rainbow cakes in subsequent post.

Address: 75 Brighton Cresent, Spore 559216
Phone: +65 62848894
Open hours:
Mon to Thu 12noon to 10.30pm
Fri 12noon to 11.30pm
Sat 9.30am to 11.30pm
Sun 9.30am to 10.30pm

The cafe is at Serangoon area, pretty ulus actually. But there's a bus stop nearby about 5mins walk if i'm not wrong. But i went there by cab though... heeeeee

Cos its been some time ago already, so I'm trying hard to recall as much as i can.... as i know preggy ladies have weaker memories....

I wouldn't say its a very fantastic one, but its kinda cosy and the staffs were friendly.
They have all day breakfast, ice creams, cakes, smoothies, coffee..... in their menu.
I find the food was soso, price wise abit on the higher side.
It cost almost $50 for just the breakfast set, smoothie, rainbow cake and chocolate lava cake.

 photo 10393821_10152222297595415_557227926880291951_n_zpsa5ea48b1.jpg

 photo 10374020_10152222297330415_7344510091347596444_n_zps535b42e6.jpg
Can you see the pui pui me?

 photo 10369920_10152222294515415_5546961613036734663_n_zps0bfb1e5f.jpg
That's my lil bro... with the strawberry smoothie and breakfast set.

 photo 10339694_10152127447157549_7192891639560481197_n_zpsd5634b88.jpg

 photo 1554399_10152222295325415_975578962013868675_n_zps538399ba.jpg
Here comes the rainbow cake...

 photo 20140515_192228_zps1f114ba1.jpg
It's really just pretty... wahahha... doesnt taste like how it looks...
Somehow i feel it taste a bit like "Fa gao"

 photo 20140515_192248_zps7f91b231.jpg
chocolate lava molten cake...
pretty soso too.

 photo 10369696_10152222296120415_1913884129527737942_n_zps57229f8b.jpg
If you have realised... it's SIMPSONs us....

 photo 1382092_10152222296055415_3643372226553966270_n_zps81d53174.jpg

 photo 20140515_193703_zpse854d054.jpg
old school feel...

 photo 10354185_10152222296420415_7969894067115769418_n_zps97566af9.jpg

Overall, i'll give this cafe a 2.5star, mostly for its quiet and cosy feel.
Not alot of variety on food.


2. Stateland Cafe
Address: 30 Bali Lane, Spore 189866
Phone: +65 92964997
Opening hours:
Mon to Thu 12noon to 10pm
Fri to Sat 12noon to 12midnight
Sun 11am to 6pm
Closed on Tues

It's my lil bro again who brought me to another cafe....
This time round, its situated at bugis. There were quite a number of cafes around bugis.

We decided to head for the Stateland Cafe and before we went there, we goggled that the red velvet waffle is a must eat. Quite accessible, walkable distance from bugis station.

They actually have 2 shops side by side. It was quite crowded with people, probably cos it was a weekend evening.
We ordered a pasta, egg benedict and the famous red velvet waffle. Actually told them to serve the dessert later, but they forgot about it, so we have to have it altogether. :(

 photo 20140607_194847_zps24ccc0f3.jpg

 photo 10274020_10152249546935415_386445855663253535_n_zps7130c23d.jpg
The food were quite so so, not very fantastic.

 photo 1623551_10152172795637549_7436519313368223320_n_zpse044eb01.jpg

 photo 10348356_10152251504020415_4826121804219117205_n_zpse148d1dd.jpg

 photo 10356229_10152172799492549_167775534959861900_n_zps35637d00.jpg

 photo 10376334_10152249798550415_4330571854857614525_n_zps6bd9b376.jpg
The famous red velvet waffle....
Looks rather pretty, but sad to say it just taste so normal.
I really don't know what's the rave over it.

Overall, i'll give this cafe a 3star. It's a place you could nua with your friends. You can have a main course meal or just a dessert and chit chat with friends.


3. Wimbly Lu Chocolates
Address: 15 Jalan Riang, Spore 358987
Phone: +65 62891489
Opening hours:
Tues to Thurs 12.30pm to 10.30pm
Sat 9am to 11pm
Sun 9am to 10.30pm
Closed on Mon

It's my lil bro's recommendation again. But this time round, i came with my lil bro, elder bro and sis-in law.
This cafe is situated at Serangoon. Also a super ululu cafe.... We came by car of cos.
It was a whole row of cafes, restaurant, mini pub. Siam society is nearby too.
When we reached wimbly lu, there was already a queue....
Since there's a queue... i'm expecting the food to be real good...

The lightings were kinda dim, quite cosy comfy feel.

 photo 10463060_10152212710777549_4627329744085614151_n_zps934953f2.jpg

 photo IMG_20140626_202616_zps8eff8b0c.jpg
Ice chocolate and toffee

 photo IMG_20140626_201547_zpsc4d16765.jpg
Packed and crowded.

 photo 20140626_203355_zps133dc5c6.jpg
Mushroom soup. Tasted not bad, but i still prefer Soup spoon's... lol.
The plates used were pretty old school.... cute :)

 photo 10423688_10152212728597549_6222679311680185892_n_zps4619b42d.jpg

 photo 00411E224A08148272F9F2n_zps8486c33e.jpg
Chicky mushroom baked rice...
Tasted so so....

 photo untitled_zps6614560f.jpg
Tuna cheese melt. Kinda stunned when i saw this... Cos i could do it at home myself too la...

 photo IMG_20140626_205115_zpse7d119d8.jpg
Carrot cake was dry.
Lemon meringue have a kinda weird taste, a bit like mama lemon....
Not sure is it meant to be like that or??

 photo IMG_20140626_205320_zps0c292862.jpg
Lastly, the famous waffle!
Indeed i have to say their waffle tastes really not bad. Yummy with salted caramel ice cream...
Goes very well!

Overall, i'll give this cafe a 3.5 star. The waffle was nice. The atmosphere not bad. Quite a number of desserts to choose from.


4. Carpenter and Cook
Address: 19 Lorong Kilat, #01-06, S'pore 598120
Phone: +65 64633648
Opening hours:
Tues-Sat 10am to 10pm
Sun 10am to 7pm
Closed on Mon

This cafe is situated at Bukit timah...
Went with close buddies at work.... Saw alot of ppl posted pastries of this cafe, so we decided to give it a try.

It's quite a small cafe with a big table in the middle. So, you might need to share the table with others.
But lucky we got a table at the corner. The cafe got the vintage feel, quite cosy too. Can come here and nua with friends, la kopi.
However, the pastries were rather small but priced range at around $4 to $7.

 photo 20140523_202405_zps0514d498.jpg

 photo 20140523_202354_zps45cbddba.jpg
crazy girl....

 photo 1939771_10152143422297549_6524690272651947359_n_zpsab49fa04.jpg
Cant have coffee.... so just have some hot chocolate...

 photo 10354615_10152143417112549_1969677547122780525_n_zps7c6721f6.jpg

 photo 10440685_10152200243962549_5681780179514165610_n_zps20aeac23.jpg
Ordered the famous passionfruit meringue tart, sea salt caramel chocolate tart, caramel walnut cheesecake and lemon meringue cake.

I'm not a passionfruit lover, so i find it so so for me. But my friends likes it. I tapao-ed back for my hubby and he commented its too sweet.

The lemon meringue cake was pretty small, but taste not bad.
I like the cheesecake too. As for the chocolate tart, i find it so so too.

 photo 20140523_203946_zps502810de.jpg
a place to NUA with your friends.

Overall, i'll give this cafe a 3.5 star. Nice ambience. A wide range of pastries. There are sweet and savory pastries.


5. Five and dime
Address: 297 River Valley Rd, S'pore 238338
Phone: +65 92365002
Mon to Thur 12noon to 10pm
Fri 12noon to 12midnight
Sat 10am to 12midnight
Sun 10am to 10pm

Was with my close colleagues again... it was after dinner at clark quay and we decided to go for some dessert. And someone suggested Five and Dime...
It was quite a WALK!!!

So, we went there for dessert. Some were quite unique, but not say very fantastic though. I just googled and saw all the good ratings for its main dishes instead. Maybe we should go back there for their main dish one day.

 photo 971929_10151829310912549_864891097_n_zps8c351d7a.jpg

 photo Earlgreychocolatetart_zps53492329.jpg
Earl grey chocolate tart

Not too sweet, tasted just nice.

 photo Raspberryalmondcake_zps7bb73e10.jpg
Raspberry almond cake

Nothing special about this... and cos we said we wanted something cute, so they made a snowman..

 photo spicedstrawberrytart_zps3c5f4378.jpg
Spiced strawberry cake...

This was kinda special, texture like meringue... abit weird... abit of spice...

 photo Thaiteatart_zpsb763b261.jpg
Thai tea tart

Really taste like thai tea, the tart is small, so you wont feel so jelak because by the time you realised.... the tart is gone.

Overall, i'll give this cafe a 3 star. Their dessert were kinda special. Maybe a next visit for their main course to rate again... wahhahahaa

That's all for now.....
More food food food and more food in the next blog entries....

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