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Wedding Dinner 15 Sep 2013

Wedding Dinner 15 Sep 2013

Warning: Be prepared to be bombarded with SUPER LOADS of PHOTOs!

After all the rush here rush there..... My elder bro drove us to Grand Copthorne Waterfront hotel around 3pm. So we had a short bath, then went to check out with the coordinator.
Was so worried, cos my CD couldn't be played!!!

But lucky I brought my laptop.

Childhood montage Cd was ok. Then after which, have to use my lappy for the grand march in.
Then 2nd march in, have to use my lappy for the morning highlights too!! Cos, the videographer CD cant work on their DVD player too. oh man... So I have to switch morning highlights video... then quickly click song on my lappy for 2nd march in.... And I'm definitely leaving all these to my little bro... to manage...
Of cos still feeling nervous, afraid that it might cock up....
But it went smoothly... so happy and relieved!!!

So, the time plan as follow....

Rehearsal / Briefing with Emcee and coordinator

Cocktail reception & Arrival of guests

Childhood Montage
Grand entrance
Cake Cutting

Bride to change outfit

Wedding Highlight video
Champagne pouring
Thank you speech
Table to table toasting and photography


The room which claim to be bridal suite... was pretty small...
Wonder could it be due to our number of tables lesser.... give us a smaller room...

Like studio apartment....
But its quite comfy la... toilet quite big...
There's washing machine and dryer.... mini living room....

Was too busy... didn't take much photo of the room... arghhh..

 photo IMG_8231.jpg
Cute bed sheet

 photo 1238321_10202032004345961_1664285620_n.jpg
With the wordings on it.

 photo 935959_10151640045642549_1072081296_n.jpg
Complementary fruit cake, some fruits and chocolate...
We can also order 2 main courses before the dinner.... but we decided to do it after the wedding dinner...
After the whole thing ended.

 photo IMG_8238.jpg
We were able to choose either English fruit cake or chocolate cake...
I wanted chocolate cake.... but you know... someone........

 photo IMG_8233.jpg
Placed the stuffs on the shelves... Later then bring down to reception...

 photo IMG_8232.jpg

Time to start my makeup... around 6pm.
 photo IMG_8235.jpg
Wondering why no one design a gown whereby we can place our hp in it...

 photo IMG_8253.jpg
Here comes my family....

Meanwhile, my bros and sis were busying with their rehearsals, and arranging the props and decos.

 photo IMG-20130723-WA0010.jpg
If you still remember, i posted this on my previous entry...
These were the sort of MOVIE TICKETS for the SHOW.

 photo 1239386_10151896738991499_1940506447_n.jpg
A movie date with US!
So, after registration, you'll be given this one and only ticket.... to your Threatre Room (aka Table Number).
This was designed by Lijia... one of my Precious Sis... who couldnt make it for my wedding... happily working in Saudi Arabia....

 photo Alan0331-1.jpg
Movie posters (designed by Leon) and wedding album...

 photo 970353_10202032006826023_1853024665_n.jpg

 photo Alan0333.jpg
A1 size poster... printed at Sunplaza... not as expensive as i thought so...
I think it was around $20-35... cant really recall....

 photo RCW_1364.jpg
I pretty like all the posters.... Thanks Leon.

 photo cupcakelogo.jpg
This logo was designed by another great sis... Rayne...
This is meant for the packaging of the popcorn!

 photo 1184780_10151896489841499_67202086_n.jpg
What is a movie date without popcorn right?!!

Thanks Xinyi... for helping me to pack 150packs of popcorn!
Not easy kkkkkkk......

 photo IMG-20130705-WA0005.jpg
This angbao box.... was also designed by Lijia with the movie theme!

 photo Alan0227.jpg

 photo 1175355_10202032009786097_2043077583_n.jpg

 photo IMG-20130705-WA0008.jpg
The guest book also done by Lijia... with some pictures and filmrollll.....

 photo Alan0241.jpg

 photo RCW_1910.jpg
Ok, this was done by myself... lol...
Nowadays... its kinda common... to INSTAGRAM it please! wahhaaaa
But the idea of the #sample1314 was by Rayne too.....haha

SAMuel + apPLE = SAMPLE!

 photo RCW_1423.jpg
Camera ACTION!

 photo 1236458_10202032008026053_1132999364_n.jpg
DIY Photo booth done by Rayne...

 photo Alan0230.jpg

 photo Alan0330.jpg
The movie entry ticket!

 photo RCW_1366.jpg
Bought this at Anchorpoint Typo outlet... for $2 each.

 photo Alan0214.jpg
The fake wedding cake...

 photo Alan0216.jpg
Table settings...

 photo Alan0223.jpg
The ballroom

 photo Alan0224.jpg
VIP table

 photo Alan0225.jpg
The stage

 photo Alan0217.jpg

 photo Alan0226.jpg

 photo Alan0221.jpg

 photo Alan0218.jpg
Table no. poster also done by Leon.

 photo Alan0222.jpg

 photo Alan0219.jpg

 photo 999207_10151592481237411_2042312962_n.jpg
Wedding favors... the couple keychain

 photo 1186087_10201067407942026_1903010046_n.jpg

Am pretty glad that most of the guest were quite punctual, could also be due to mostly were friends and colleagues and we did not have as many tables la.... Normally its the family members who dilly dally... :)

I have preempt all my friends.... that they better come early ya... so that we can end early... settle early..
count my angbao... and off to Slp!!! wahahaa

So, we were able to start on time around 8.10pm.

 photo RCW_1430.jpg
Yiwen & Wanpin... who helped me with the registration of guests.

 photo RCW_1451.jpg
Limin... the Chen Xiao jie!!! has also helped out too...

 photo 1174977_10151641896812549_265611716_n.jpg
The guys dressed up... to prepare for their show! lol

Before the march in.... its the childhood montage... which was done by Rayne...
She's really talented... i have always been asking her to try the marketing line...

Abit long... but its really cute... haha... and a little short video of a marriage life.

 photo Alan0235.jpg
Shanna (Cleopetra) & Zhao Hong (Pharaoh)

 photo Alan0236.jpg

 photo RCW_1389.jpg
Wei qin (Superman) & Jeslyn (Wonderwoman)!

 photo Alan0237.jpg

 photo Alan0232.jpg
Limin (Chen xiao jie) & Calvin (Lao Fu zi)

 photo RCW_1378.jpg

 photo Alan0234.jpg
Wendy (Tracy from hairspray) & Justin (Elvis)

 photo RCW_1390.jpg

 photo RCW_1393.jpg

 photo Alan0233.jpg
Rayne (Snow white) & Steven (Aladdin)

 photo RCW_1384.jpg
With the poison Apple.

 photo IMG_8242.jpg

 photo 1239036_10202032013106180_1337995786_n.jpg
Bang Bang...

 photo Alan0231.jpg
The movie characters! without us!!!

 photo IMG_8248.jpg
They are always having fun without me... yucks..
Wendy seems barefooted from this photo... haha.

 photo 644253_10151583508466150_1978836435_n.jpg

 photo 970349_10151688091606896_2101040151_n.jpg
Snowwhite with Laofuzi's specs.

 photo 1235226_10202032015306235_1076454395_n.jpg

 photo 1237069_10202044572060146_920025043_n.jpg

Sam had to go down to entertain the guest first, as quite a number of them have reached.
Meanwhile, I'm still doing my makeups and hairdo.

 photo RCW_1433.jpg
So, he's having fun with the guests.
That's Hui yi & Hanni... from my poly gang.

 photo RCW_1436.jpg
Jeslyn (the next bride in our poly gang), Hui yi & Yiwen

 photo IMG_8241.jpg
My Papa Mama & Matthias!

 photo IMG_8256.jpg
My 25yrs of helper...
Who have helped me with the washing, ironing of clothes... cooking... etc!!!!
She's Amy!

 photo Alan0238.jpg
My polygang!

 photo Alan0239.jpg

 photo Alan0240.jpg
The bro's and their partner.

 photo Alan0242.jpg
busy busy busy...

 photo Alan0247.jpg
My family~

 photo Alan0246.jpg
Rayne... helping me with the polaroid taking~

 photo Alan0249.jpg

 photo Alan0251.jpg

 photo Alan0252.jpg
Sam's ex colleagues...

 photo Alan0254.jpg
Sam's colleague

 photo Alan0255.jpg
Thanks u gals!

 photo Alan0256.jpg

 photo Alan0258.jpg
Sam with his 3 sis

 photo Alan0259.jpg

 photo Alan0260.jpg
Sam's family~

 photo Alan0261.jpg

 photo Alan0262.jpg
My colleagues.... Eeling and Wee wee

 photo Alan0263.jpg
Sam's colleague

 photo Alan0264.jpg
Girls power!

Okok.... here comes the BRIDE~
And seriously... i dont have to move.
Just stand there... and people started queuing up to take photo with me.

 photo Alan0267.jpg
Desmond & Hanni from poly gang

 photo Alan0268.jpg
Zheng Jie(the guy who brought me & sam together) & Sijun (Poly fren)

 photo Alan0269.jpg
Huiyi & Hongchun (Poly gang)

 photo Alan0270.jpg
My relatives.

 photo IMG_8310.jpg

 photo Alan0271.jpg
Not sure why... but many of the guests were wearing BLUE?!

 photo Alan0272.jpg
Bernard & Jeslyn (the couple who is going to get married next)!

 photo Alan0273.jpg
My colleagues~

 photo Alan0274.jpg
Close colleague~

 photo Alan0275.jpg
Familyyy group photo... looks a bit weird though...
Wendy la.... at the side there... extra...

 photo Alan0276.jpg
My poly year 1 group!
Been a while since we last meet up...
And they are still the SAME!!!
As childish as before.

 photo Alan0277.jpg
My sec + poly friends!

 photo Alan0278.jpg
Sam's sec sch frens~

 photo Alan0296.jpg

 photo Alan0279.jpg
My cousins.

 photo Alan0280.jpg
Poly gang... almost all of them have gotten a BTO...
So its soon gonna be their wedding too...
Cant wait!

 photo Alan0295.jpg
My primary school friends

 photo Alan0282.jpg
My primary school friends and teacher!!! Amazing isnt it.

 photo Alan0286.jpg
My colleagues

 photo Alan0287.jpg
Sam's ex colleagues

 photo Alan0284.jpg
Group shot please!

 photo Alan0285.jpg
Ok, one last one before you guys go get ready!

 photo Alan0288.jpg
The 2 of us...

Oh ya... red carpet... for movie walkway....

 photo Alan0289.jpg

 photo Alan0291.jpg

 photo RCW_1549.jpg
Hosei la!

 photo Alan0302.jpg
Peeking at what's happening inside...

 photo Alan0303.jpg

 photo Alan0306.jpg
The grand entrance by Cleopatra & Pharaoh

 photo Alan0307.jpg
To treat her like a queen always... (That's what Sam needs to do)

 photo Alan0308.jpg
Wonderwoman and superman were too fast....
Only managed to get a shot of wonderwoman with my Mama

 photo RCW_1587.jpg
Hi Everybody, here comes Chen xiao jie and Lao fu zi!

 photo RCW_1588.jpg
Lao ti ko... slap you !

 photo RCW_1590.jpg
byeee... wahhhaaa...

 photo RCW_1592.jpg
Here comes Tracy and Elvis...

 photo RCW_1593.jpg
Surprisingly so steady bom pi pi

 photo Alan0310.jpg

 photo RCW_1596.jpg
Blow bubbles~

 photo RCW_1597.jpg

 photo RCW_1599.jpg
Snow white & Aladdin~

 photo Alan0311.jpg

Actually there's like a storyline by the Emcee...
But i have forgotten already... hahaaa

Last but not least....
The Best Movie Stars!
The wedding couple~

 photo RCW_1603.jpg

 photo Alan0314.jpg
Gown to pong pong liao... need help

 photo Alan0317.jpg

 photo Alan0313.jpg
Oops.. a petal on Sam's head.. haha..

 photo Alan0319.jpg

 photo Alan0320.jpg
Let's cut the fake cake~

 photo Alan0321.jpg
My fake hair pretty long yeahhh..

 photo Alan0323.jpg
ok, let's sit... and EAT!

 photo Alan0324.jpg

 photo Alan0297.jpg
Father mother...

 photo Alan0298.jpg
Papa Mama

 photo Alan0299.jpg
The Emcee - Weiqin

 photo Alan0300.jpg
Twist twist..

 photo IMG_8326.jpg
My Bros and Dasao

 photo IMG_8327.jpg
Hi Matt matt

 photo Alan0328.jpg

 photo 581597_10202032021386387_1075009655_n.jpg
First dish is finally out~
And oh ya... we have chose our first course song: Beauty and the beast - Be our Guest.
Something cute and fun... and link to our movie theme...

Oh ya, and our grand entrance for the couples were edited by us...
Each couple have their movie theme songs...
Lastly, our own march in song was - A love that will last by Renee Olstead

 photo IMG_9710.jpg
Food served for VIP tables.

 photo 942175_10152503938369237_1129505496_n.jpg
2nd dish - Abalone soup.
Everyone gets to eat an abalone!
Shioks right.

 photo 993331_10151586092191949_1167054742_n.jpg
Ducky ducky with fried bun

 photo IMG_9713.jpg
It's pretty yummy lei...

Ok.... time to go up and change for 2nd outfit and hairstyle.

My second march in song: Thousand years.

And lucky my lil bro really did a great job.... everything went well...
Thanks bro!

 photo Alan0338.jpg
As usual... we peeked form the outside again~

 photo Alan0339.jpg
Papa smiling... I think its the morning highlights video...
the chili part... where all the bros were crying... wahhaaa

 photo Alan0340.jpg
His father mother were laughing away too.

 photo Alan0341.jpg

 photo Alan0342.jpg
That nervous look... cos I'm going to sing on stage later... a surprise for Samuel!!!
I have been singing almost everyday myself... recorded and sent to my sistersss till they siannn

 photo Alan0346.jpg

 photo Alan0347.jpg
Here we are...

 photo Alan0348.jpg
Yeah man...
Wave like a pro pls.

 photo Alan0349.jpg
And hokey pokey turn yourself around...

 photo IMG_8330.jpg

 photo Alan0353.jpg
Pop the champagne....!

 photo Alan0355.jpg

 photo Alan0357.jpg

 photo Alan0358.jpg
Lim ar!

 photo Alan0359.jpg
Come on ppl... it's the traditional... YUM SENG time!!
Brothers and sisters... Family members... Up on stage please!

 photo Alan0360.jpg

 photo Alan0361.jpg
Yum Yum Yummmmmmm

 photo Alan0362.jpg
YuuuMMM argghhhh

 photo Alan0364.jpg

 photo Alan0367.jpg
Matt matt so harpi!

 photo Alan0368.jpg

 photo Alan0369.jpg

Thank you speech time...
So I let hubby start first...

 photo Alan0377.jpg
Once a lame guy... always a lame guy...

 photo Alan0380.jpg
He's glad to have me.. I know...

 photo Alan0381.jpg
My turn....arghhh... Nervous leiii..
And I ended with the song... Nothing gonna change my love for you...

Finally done the singing! Felt so relieved...
I think I sang quite well la... Wahhahaaaa...

 photo 1209104_10151896756621499_26887615_n.jpg
4th dish... Prawn in miso soup..

 photo IMG_9714.jpg
I find it quite nice... not bad

 photo IMG_9715.jpg
5th dish... Broccoli with mushroom

 photo IMG_9716.jpg
6th dish Teochew styled fish....

7th dish was the noodle... but no one took photo for me......

So, it's about time for table to table photography....

 photo Alan0384.jpg
Let's start with the VIP tables

 photo Alan0385.jpg

 photo Alan0386.jpg
VIP no 2!

 photo Alan0387.jpg

 photo Alan0388.jpg
With my relatives~

 photo Alan0390.jpg
My colleagues and ex colleagues... drinking gang

 photo Alan0393.jpg
My sec school friends~

 photo Alan0392.jpg
Sam's colleague~

 photo Alan0395.jpg

 photo Alan0394.jpg

 photo Alan0405.jpg

 photo Alan0391.jpg
My colleagues... People who I worked with.

 photo Alan0396.jpg
My colleagues... people who I always have lotsa FUN with.. hahaaaa

 photo Alan0397.jpg
My colleagues.... lame jokes and crappy peeps!

 photo Alan0400.jpg
My poly year 1 gang...

 photo Alan0398.jpg
Sam's ex colleagues~

 photo Alan0399.jpg

 photo Alan0401.jpg
My poly gang the 好朋友group.

 photo Alan0402.jpg
I wonder if they actually planned to wear blue together!

 photo Alan0403.jpg
Lovely moment~

 photo Alan0404.jpg
My pri school classmates and teacher~
Thanks for coming man!

 photo 1238345_10151584966461949_1592305219_n.jpg
Last dish... which is my fave... Yam Paste... Orh Ni!!!
Helps to induce twins ya~

 photo IMG_8385.jpg
Ok la.. toast la toast la..

 photo IMG_8388.jpg

 photo IMG_8384.jpg
Lim la!

We ended on time.... around 10.30pm... perfect...
Since it's a Sunday... ppl still have to go to work the next day too.

 photo Alan0408.jpg
the PAPAs n MAMAs

 photo Alan0407.jpg

 photo Alan0409.jpg
The BIG family~

 photo Alan0411.jpg
谢谢大家的到来! 感谢您了

 photo Alan0413.jpg
Thanks sis and bro!

 photo Alan0415.jpg

 photo Alan0416.jpg
the V.O.W! lol

 photo Alan0410.jpg
Thanks cousin~

 photo IMG_8413.jpg
Thanks Mrs Tow for coming~!!

 photo IMG_8409.jpg
This lady ... dunno so tall liao still wear heels for what sia...

 photo Alan0417.jpg

 photo Alan0414.jpg

 photo Alan0419.jpg
Jia xin & Yiwen

 photo Alan0422.jpg

 photo Alan0423.jpg
God sis~ Florence & Summer

 photo Alan0421.jpg
Xinyi & Raymond

 photo Alan0424.jpg
My great sis~!

 photo Alan0427.jpg

 photo Alan0428.jpg

 photo Alan0426.jpg
Finally over!!! Hurray!!! Let's go count our Angbao~!

Everyone has left, so we head back to our room.... and...
here comes our food...
So nice of them...

 photo 1175161_10151640014072549_1239040359_n.jpg
The food was not bad...
The guests felt so too... :)

Finally done my renovation of house and my big wedding...
I can finally rest for a while now before school starts...
For that.... i shall eat more!! wahhaaa...
We have got 2 complementary main course.
So, we ordered sandwiches & fish and chips... waahhHHAhaaha

 photo 1236786_10151640034207549_688168667_n.jpg

 photo 1237154_10151640035092549_1987149266_n.jpg

I peel the petals from the roses on the table that they gave us as complementary....
Like a shioks right.... :):):):):)

 photo 547261_10151641167047549_736035201_n.jpg

Ok, count angbao!!! Hubby was too tired... so..
I count myself lo!!! Hahaha

And the $$$$ we got break even to what we have spent... Nice :)
Thanks everyone...

I know what to do when its your turn... No worries...

 photo 599645_10151640128092549_1224276331_n.jpg

Next day.... things to do....

EAT of cos.... then return gowns... return costumes....
Go home!

 photo 555392_10151641011437549_1420046898_n.jpg
Their breakfast buffet was so so....
But again... I feel their service was not bad...

Other than the location... I feel Grand Copthorne Waterfront is not a bad choice actually.

That's all for my wedding post!
Finally manage to finished writing.

Next blog entry... on my Lil bro's 21st Bday.
What can you DIY for your own party??!


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