an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Monday, December 16, 2013

Morning Highlights of my wedding

Morning Highlights of my wedding

So sorry for the super duper late post....
Was busy with company events and school.... practicals, tests, etc...

Finally find some time to blog about my wedding...

My wedding date was on the 15 Sep 2013, Sunday.
I was all sorts of mixed feelings.... like you know finally the day has come....
After all the preparations.....

Happy... excited... nervous for the wedding dinner actually... cos we have some performance ya....

 photo Alan0213.jpg

Time plan for the Crashing gate.... However we were a bit late here and there, but well cos we dont really have a specific time to follow, I just did a brief one on which hour to avoid.
You guys need to really plan more time for the gate crashing... Mine took more than an hour.

Makeup 新娘化妆
Preparation of gatecrash materials
Hand corsages for sisters
Arrival of photographer
Arrival of brothers at Samuel’s place
Decoration of the rest of the cars

Arrival of Samuel and brothers 新郎和兄弟到新娘家
Raymond  to open car door


Remove veil and photo-taking session

Outdoor photoshoot (a park near my place)

Travel to Samuel's place (which is our new house) (super near)
Tea ceremony 新郎家敬茶

Travel to Apple's place
Tea ceremony/ Lunch 新娘家敬茶、午餐

Travel to Grand Corpthorne Waterfront Hotel 到达酒店

 photo Alan0002.jpg
Some props for the wedding dinner... Meanwhile... placed it at the room first...

 photo Alan0003.jpg
That's my wedding gown.... super big pom pom...

 photo Alan0004.jpg
Heels gotten at Anna nucci.... i think it was about $30+?
Quite comfortable... I didnt have any blisters regardless of wearing it for the whole day....

So, my makeup artist, videographer & photogrpaher came around 7.30am.
So were my Jie meis...

Oh but Shanna, Jeslyn and Limin came the night before to acc me.... haha :)

 photo Alan0005.jpg
Let's start the makeup!

 photo IMG_7838.jpg
Gotten this pyjamas at Qoo10 for $12.90.

Checkout at below link.

 photo Alan0008.jpg
Photographer ask me to make a proud pose with my gown...

 photo RCW_0126.jpg
Ok, put on the gown... time to do the hair....
Was thinking a bun up hair should look neater... also its a hot day...
And for the Kua dress later will be more appropriate too...

 photo RCW_0132.jpg

 photo RCW_0136.jpg

 photo RCW_0140.jpg

 photo Alan0010.jpg

 photo RCW_0142.jpg
Anyway this was my little bro's room... :)

 photo Alan0013.jpg
Veil on!

 photo Alan0011.jpg
Time to wait for the prince.

Here comes the GIRLS POWER!
 photo RCW_0287.jpg
Steady pom pi pi la...
Gotten these wrist corsage at Qoo10 too. 1 for about $2.50

Click link below

This is Jeslyn.... the one who have got 深仇大恨with my hubby....
Just look at the mixture she's mixing...
Have been searching for hot spicy chilli for some time....
Added with onion and dunno what else... lol
 photo RCW_0040.jpg

 photo RCW_0044.jpg

 photo RCW_0057.jpg
Mixing happily onto the muffin..

 photo RCW_0059.jpg

 photo RCW_0073.jpg
Looks good right... lol...

 photo RCW_0077.jpg
Wendy and Jeslyn...

 photo RCW_0082.jpg
Bittergourd cocktail drink...

 photo RCW_0086.jpg

 photo RCW_0089.jpg
Only jes is smiling away.....
Wendy mixing seriously....
Limin and Rayne cant stand the smelll.... poor thinggg

 photo RCW_0093.jpg

 photo RCW_0115.jpg
Rambutan soaked in HONEY..., sprinkled with colour rice...
Looking Good!

 photo RCW_0116.jpg

 photo RCW_0117.jpg

 photo IMG-20130914-WA0014.jpg
Prepared this the day before... Sour popsicle
Look at the amount of fruits i used!!
Regret putting the grapefruit in!!! It's sweet...

 photo IMG-20130914-WA0016.jpg

 photo IMG-20130914-WA0012.jpg

 photo Alan0015.jpg

 photo 539103_10151581960116150_1160868773_n.jpg

 photo IMG_7844.jpg
Make up time....
Jeslyn & Shanna

 photo 533759_10202031996745771_1957925587_n.jpg
Wendy, the lady who knows how to tie all sorts of pattern for the dress

 photo 579659_10151581271671150_1674633586_n.jpg

 photo 526550_10151638659672549_815154239_n.jpg
ok, awaiting alone in the room...

 photo 733790_10151747587705415_1472022540_n.jpg
With my bro who has been helping me the whole day.

 photo 541708_10151669965938437_643293190_n.jpg
xiao mei.
Await for your day to come...

 photo 1236906_10202031999985852_314361111_n.jpg
My Jie meis & I!
Pretty polaroid from Wendy...
Pretty Us.

 photo Alan0018.jpg
Here comes the Pretty bride...

 photo Alan0016.jpg
Thanks for that someone putting on the shoes for me :)
and they were saying that the bride and groom shouldn't barefoot even in the house after putting it on...

 photo RCW_0235.jpg
my little bro~

 photo RCW_0175.jpg
Amy and Matthias.... who just woke up... wahhahaha soososooso cute!!!

 photo Alan0019.jpg
My colourful pretty Jie meis ~

 photo Alan0021.jpg
Wahhh!!! haha....
Never regret choosing colourful pastel colours for the bridesmaids...
So pretty and less boring.... :)

 photo Alan0023.jpg
My elder bro and da sao.... Amy, Lyn and my didi.

 photo Alan0026.jpg
the 3 little pigs.

 photo Alan0027.jpg

 photo Alan0030.jpg
Time to put down the veil...
And you guys must be wondering, why aren't my parents doing instead?
Cos my parents have to settle some business, so next would definitely be my elder bros then...
They do try to rush back for the ceremony afterwards.

 photo Alan0031.jpg
I think I look quite good in this makeup.

 photo Alan0032.jpg

 photo Alan0033.jpg
my nose seems a bit flat ya....

 photo Alan0034.jpg
Kissing happily behind MY BACK.... like literally behind my BACK....!!! lol!

 photo Alan0036.jpg
My cousins... Ginna and Gerald... and I think they are trying to have some couple wear?!

 photo Alan0037.jpg
My pretty jie mei...
I think they look all awesome man...

 photo Alan0038.jpg
Waiting all by myself!

 photo Alan0039.jpg
My bro to go bring the groom and bros up!

 photo Alan0040.jpg
Here comes the 新娘车...
It's my dad's Mercedes car though... wahahhhaaaaa

 photo Alan0041.jpg
The handsome cute Groom

 photo Alan0042.jpg
来来 collect ang bao first.

 photo Alan0044.jpg
Then hug and act like brothers.

 photo Alan0045.jpg
Here comes the BROS!!! to SUFFERRRRR!

 photo Alan0046.jpg

 photo Alan0047.jpg
Ready to suffer?

 photo Alan0048.jpg
Sam's sisters and god sisters.

 photo Alan0049.jpg
It's sucre bunny!!! if not the car deco look so boring....

 photo Alan0050.jpg
He's so happy... eager to look for his bride...

 photo Alan0051.jpg
Start to worryyyy

 photo Alan0052.jpg

 photo Alan0053.jpg
Hi, brossss

 photo Alan0054.jpg
Ang bao kept IN their PANTS!! sicko guys...

 photo Alan0055.jpg

 photo Alan0056.jpg

 photo Alan0057.jpg
First round....
Sour popsicle...

 photo Alan0059.jpg

 photo Alan0061.jpg
Next up: Rambutan with honey... sprinkled with colour rice...

 photo Alan0063.jpg
After eating... use the seed to form a heart shape!
Hi hubby!... so cute over here!

 photo Alan0064.jpg
Adjust a bit more... lol

 photo Alan0065.jpg
Ta da...... Heart shaped with all their saliva!

 photo Alan0066.jpg
nah... your angmoh!!!
Rupiahs for you ladies...

 The photographer suggested to have the 酸甜(sour and sweet) outside and the 苦辣(bitter and spicy) inside for some customary.

Ok, so next.... find the KEYS to open the gate!

 photo RCW_0282.jpg

 photo RCW_0529.jpg
The keys are in the ice cold bucket!

 photo RCW_0536.jpg
Weiqin.... who is Sam's sec school buddy....

 photo RCW_0539.jpg
Yep, he got it...

 photo Alan0068.jpg
Lastly, Sam has to recite his Siak, Siap, Siazzz 3 brothers story which he always used to irritate me...
The bros have to repeat after him one by one without mistakes!

 photo Alan0070.jpg
Finally he gotten key to open the gate!!!

 photo RCW_0568.jpg
And he's so HAPPY!!! waahhaaaaa

 photo Alan0071.jpg

 photo Alan0072.jpg
Here comes 苦&辣...

 photo Alan0073.jpg

 photo Alan0074.jpg

 photo Alan0075.jpg

 photo Alan0076.jpg
Arghhhhhhhhhhh..... 神啊,救救我吧

 photo RCW_0605.jpg

 photo RCW_0625.jpg

 photo RCW_0626.jpg
Wait ar... i try alsoooo...

 photo Alan0077.jpg
but he's still happy...

 photo RCW_0606.jpg
after spicy... drink something good for you....

 photo Alan0078.jpg
The audience...

 photo Alan0080.jpg
Muffin looks so pitiful...

 photo Alan0081.jpg
ok, Sam.... you are almost there.... Last 2nd stage....

So, next stage... is to bite the bread... to form I love you.
 photo Alan0083.jpg

 photo 542237_10151688096626896_1896657421_n.jpg
And seriously... what is this man!!!

Cannot la... redo.... with the help of your brothers!
 photo Alan0085.jpg
YEah.... that's what i'm looking for....

 photo 1235190_10151688095436896_291428441_n.jpg
The pink pink couple!

 photo 1174789_10151688092461896_311298010_n.jpg
Lastly, recite the love contract and sign it....

 photo Alan0086.jpg

 photo IMG-20130914-WA0040.jpg
Made his own US dollar.... lol

 photo Alan0090.jpg
Groom finally see the Bride!

 photo Alan0093.jpg

 photo Alan0094.jpg

 photo Alan0096.jpg
Team Bride and Team Groom

 photo Alan0098.jpg

 photo Alan0099.jpg

 photo Alan0101.jpg
Sarang heyo...

 photo Alan0104.jpg

 photo Alan0105.jpg
marching out parade please.

 photo Alan0107.jpg
A picture before we head for outdoor photo taking...

 photo RCW_0774.jpg
with the SUPER SWEET heart.

 photo Alan0108.jpg
Thanks my big bro... who had been helping in many roles....
Driver... Putting of veil.... carrying of umbrella.... lol...

 photo Alan0110.jpg

 photo 1230023_10151640934732549_1249708635_n.jpg

 photo 1229964_10151688095961896_1418054486_n.jpg

 photo 1175038_10151688094906896_365356608_n.jpg
Aiya... gown too big and long laaa.....

 photo Alan0113.jpg
The ladies...
It's so colourful... and i really like it alot....

 photo Alan0114.jpg
Sam wanted to buy contractors suit for the guys.....

 photo Alan0115.jpg
I think its pretty ok like that... :)

 photo Alan0116.jpg
Thanks all!!!

 photo Alan0118.jpg
Kick them la!

 photo Alan0119.jpg

 photo Alan0120.jpg
Throw arrrr!!!!

 photo Alan0122.jpg

 photo Alan0123.jpg
Stopping us from kissing... wwwhhhhYYYyyyYY

 photo IMG_8024.jpg

 photo Alan0124.jpg

 photo Alan0126.jpg

 photo Alan0127.jpg
Ok, let's throw the 花球!

 photo Alan0128.jpg
Yeah, Limin... you got it!!!! May you got your Mr right soon!

 photo Alan0129.jpg

 photo Alan0131.jpg
The guys turn!

 photo Alan0132.jpg
Haha... He's so happy...

 photo Alan0133.jpg
And its so qiao... Both the purple couple gotten the bouquet!

 photo Alan0134.jpg

 photo Alan0135.jpg
With my family!

 photo Alan0137.jpg
With his...

 photo Alan0139.jpg
Ok, head to our new place now....

 photo Alan0140.jpg
Samuel's nephew, Benjamin.

 photo Alan0141.jpg
Ang bao please....

 photo Alan0143.jpg
9685... Did you buy?

 photo Alan0144.jpg
Sucre wedding bunnies....
A gift from my AJALYA gang!

 photo RCW_1016.jpg
My cute cute slippers...
Remember... No barefoot anywhere...

 photo RCW_1025.jpg

 photo Alan0147.jpg
so cute us!

 photo Alan0148.jpg
Switch on the lamp together...

 photo Alan0153.jpg

 photo Alan0150.jpg
The Super red bed!

 photo Alan0152.jpg
Matthias.... roll roll rolllllll

 photo RCW_1059.jpg

 photo IMG_8098.jpg
ang bao for you too...
A good job in rolling on bed!

 photo IMG_8127.jpg
so cute....

 photo IMG_8129.jpg
Yoga yoga

 photo IMG_8083.jpg
With his mama mama mama

 photo RCW_1076.jpg
Time to eat tang yuan...

 photo Alan0157.jpg

 photo Alan0158.jpg

 photo Alan0162.jpg

 photo RCW_1095.jpg

 photo IMG_8125.jpg
Shanna who helped me alot too.... for the tea ceremony... collecting of angbaos...
And helping me with my gown...

 photo Alan0163.jpg
敬茶to my new 爸爸妈妈

 photo Alan0165.jpg

 photo Alan0166.jpg
Sam's Aunt & Uncle, who has been his guardian all these years.

 photo Alan0167.jpg
Sam's Big Sis

 photo Alan0168.jpg
Sam's Second & Third Sis

So basically, Sam's the youngest of all.

 photo Alan0169.jpg
Sam's god little sis...

 photo Alan0170.jpg
Sam's god little sis...

 photo Alan0171.jpg
Benjamin.... his nephew.

 photo Alan0173.jpg
Photo taking time with his family!

 photo Alan0174.jpg

 photo Alan0175.jpg

 photo Alan0177.jpg

Time to remove the veil...
Hubby to remove the 1st bobby pin.... which symbolizes something... but forgotten...
Go read up! lol.

 photo Alan0178.jpg

 photo Alan0182.jpg
Our bed sheet.... Which is super smooth... until you can really slide off the bed!

 photo Alan0183.jpg

 photo 1012523_10202032002305910_380108602_n.jpg
Bride in Kua...

 photo IMG_8179.jpg
And i think surprisingly I look quite good in it... wahhahaa..
Cos previously during fitting... I felt so so...
I think its the makeup, hairstyle and hair accessories that brings out too.

 photo RCW_1243.jpg
Ok, finally back to my place!!

 photo IMG_8181.jpg
Taste not bad actually...
But frankly... i couldnt remmeber what company that i ordered from.
I have threw the receipt and deleted the emails.... lol.

 photo Alan0185.jpg
My 90yr old Ah ma!

 photo Alan0186.jpg
My 外婆外公!

 photo Alan0188.jpg
And Daddy Mummy!

 photo Alan0189.jpg
They gotten me 四点金too!

 photo IMG_9933.jpg

 photo IMG_9927.jpg
and! Abacus gold ring for Sam!

 photo Alan0192.jpg

 photo Alan0195.jpg
My elder bro and da sao!

 photo Alan0196.jpg

 photo Alan0198.jpg

 photo Alan0199.jpg
My cousin!

 photo Alan0200.jpg

 photo IMG_8215.jpg
Tangyuan again! wahahaaa

 photo Alan0209.jpg

 photo Alan0211.jpg

 photo Alan0212.jpg

 photo Alan0207.jpg
Thanks hubby for being there for me always.

 photo Alan0201.jpg
Thanks my family too!

 photo Alan0202.jpg

 photo Alan0203.jpg

 photo Alan0204.jpg

That's all for the morning highlight...
Oh ya, below in the video of my morning highlight...
Take a look!

Next blog will be on the Wedding dinner... with the Couple Characters! Movie Characters!

 photo Alan0205.jpg

My love for you is forever.

Check out our Wedding dinner

Wedding Dinner 15 Sep 2013

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