an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Party Part 1 (Poly gang)

Christmas Party Part 1 (Poly gang) on the 14 Dec 2013!

It's a season to be jolly, La la la la la la laaaaa.....
Since, we have our own house now... We are inviting friends over for christmas party....
There will be a few blog entry on christmas celebrations.... Well.. like my bro... i have many friends too!!~

 photo 1502529_10151830888307549_1534702024_n.jpg
My pretty pretty christmas tree....
Gotten my 6ft. tree at Jcube for $148....
The red and gold balls from ntuc. The red ribbons from the leftovers from my wedding invitation card...
wahhaaa.... Smart right~!

 photo 1470317_10151831072222549_824852730_n.jpg
What's Christmas without exchanging of presents right!! Hahhaa

 photo 1475788_10151830894162549_1962680670_n.jpg
My cute christmas hat from a japanese $2 stall at Liang court

 photo 1471141_10151830894102549_1121234030_n.jpg
A pair.. for Sam & I.

 photo 1510570_10151830886212549_1621262073_n.jpg
It's a pot luck dinner....
So, I'm making salmon dishes for the first time!!
Baked salmon and Teriyaki salmon...

So what i did was...

making the mixture which consist of half a lemon, some black pepper 2 tablespoon of mayonnaise, 1 tsp of mustard, a pinch of salt....

And just brush it over the salmon... and sprinkle the bread crumbs...

 photo 1488269_10151830886187549_1599691744_n.jpg
Send for baking!
220*C for 10-15mins

 photo 960072_10151830885872549_342311127_n.jpg
My friend, Shawn is preparing this yummilicious mushroom with ham and cheese...
I saw this online and wanted to make too... But couldnt find this in NTUC that time...

 photo 1459170_10151830885822549_307055921_n.jpg

 photo 1465261_10151830885682549_907332660_n.jpg
Oven baked for 20mins, at 180*C

 photo 1479520_10151830905862549_461697376_n.jpg
Looks so so... but taste yummy~!

 photo 1463031_10151830886132549_1025633584_n.jpg
Prepared this Teriyaki salmon too...
Slightly saltish to eat it like that... suit eat it with rice...

 photo 1468756_10151830885737549_547716038_n.jpg
The oven baked salmon with bread crumbs....
Looks not bad right!!! taste not bad too kkkk....

 photo 960276_10151830905812549_2040869352_n.jpg
So much food!!!
Pasta with creamy sauce or tomato sauce...
Shrimp paste fried chicken wings
Mash potato...

 photo 1466296_10151830905927549_2141734321_n.jpg

 photo 1511443_10151830932387549_1660342546_n.jpg
Hey there~

 photo 1474644_10151830992927549_1033230134_n.jpg
Christmas logcake from Kuishin bo bakery...
It's pretty not bad....
Matcha with red bean azuki...

 photo 1469775_10151830995702549_1659216133_n.jpg
It's also a celebration for the dec baby!

 photo 1505410_10151831000102549_799270066_n.jpg

 photo 1461044_10151830999917549_948182984_n.jpg
Oops... Looks who's beside her...

 photo 1459176_10151831000792549_1725729017_n.jpg
Yummy & cute logcake.

So after the cake.. its time for exchange of present...
The budget for the present was $10...

We played a lame game to choose our presents...
The game is like this...
E.g There are 10 of us.
So we have to shout out the number from 1 to 10 in sequence.
We need to compete to shout the number, because the last person who shout for 10 loses.
And while competing, if more than 1 person shout for the same number, they lost too.

So, in the end... the winner goes to Kenny!
 photo 1476477_10151831076552549_887402886_n.jpg
Let's see what he got!

 photo 1479298_10151831076977549_58262408_n.jpg
Chocolate fondant set...~ from Bernard...

 photo 1476631_10151831092107549_1330169123_n.jpg
2nd prize... Desmond!!
And he gotten my present...
For your info... nobody know which present was from who initially...
So, everyone tries to avoid present from me!!!
lol... Cos previous yr... i use a Armani exchange box... and its chapalang inside... lol...

 photo 1470053_10151831092177549_1610398395_n.jpg
Calvin klein box... lol!!!

 photo 1491618_10151831091947549_338158930_n.jpg
But this time not bad k.... I bought sth more than $10...
Super cute head rest... actually I told Sam... I don't mind getting that back... wahhahaha

 photo 999897_10151831092392549_1068453024_n.jpg
Cos, Hanni left first... so Desmond receiving her present on her behalf....

 photo 1475865_10151831092252549_816706702_n-1.jpg
Nike bottle from Shawn... hmm i think des.. this suits you more...

 photo 1465172_10151831091727549_1024861064_n.jpg
Next was Sam... And guess what!!! He received the same head rest that I bought!!!
Wahahhaa... Thanks Sam! It's mine now.. wahhahaa....
Present from Yensiang.

 photo 1510440_10151831091667549_1336785218_n.jpg
Next was Bernard... And he gotten a thumb drive from Desmond

 photo 1003574_10151831091557549_1107852322_n.jpg
Jeslyn gotten some tea bags... Forgotten to take photo! oops.

 photo 1499452_10151831091357549_1016637574_n.jpg

 photo 1461797_10151831091277549_929878214_n.jpg
Kt gotten this tea set from Jeslyn

 photo 1472047_10151831091217549_287751603_n.jpg
My turn~

 photo 1464681_10151831092022549_1179054012_n.jpg
A super tiny thumb drive....
Never seen such small one b4.... or maybe I'm pretty sua ku then... lol.

 photo 12959_10151831091147549_1025875958_n.jpg
Next up... Shawn!
What's a weird way of wrapping by KT

 photo 1460305_10151831090882549_749423947_n.jpg
So he gave a bottle... and got a bottle in return... lol...
He's pretty happy! lol...

 photo 1474420_10151831091092549_1828888677_n.jpg
Figuring how to open...

 photo 1474614_10151831090952549_1073441700_n.jpg
This water bottle can be used for hot/cold water... Nice~ wahahha

 photo 1005031_10151831090832549_1155660106_n.jpg
The last one.... Photo a bit blur.... argh.... Samsung phone camera really lousy...
IPhone camera still way much better.

 photo 1466024_10151831090652549_368081861_n.jpg
She got a bag from Samuel!
Totally suits her!

And it's Dessert time!
Ice cream please.

 photo 1463109_10151831115257549_1349321201_n.jpg

 photo 1506855_10151831115207549_295490341_n.jpg

Time for my Mahjong table and mahjong set to 开张大吉!
 photo 1513692_10151831151827549_309548648_n.jpg

 photo 946076_10151831155747549_762872840_n.jpg
But eh... I lost $6.......

CNY!!! Come again!!

That's all for today's post!

Next entry on Christmas Celebration with my Hubby to Ocean restaurant!

Christmas Celebration Part 2 (With hubby)

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