an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Monday, December 23, 2013

My lil bro 21st Bday party celebration

My lil bro 21st Bday party celebration

He has been thinking of where to have it, what theme to have, etc.
And becos he got super lots of friends to invite, so would definitely need big space...
But of cos, bigger space means more $$$$ too....

And super dilly dally of him... ended up having the bday party at home... lol...
According to him, he tried to cut down the no. of ppl already... and hmm... stilll...
he invited 70plus ppl....
Although, already a 6rm flat (executive).... still... 70plus ppl? seriously...

Anyway, about 50plus ppl turned up.... its still pretty squeezy and stuffyyy!!!
So glad, that it was not held at my place...

So, he has decided on the theme: Nerdy Saturday.

 photo 1459982_10151802869157549_37904799_n.jpg
nerdy nerdy....
I'm pretty nerdy...

 photo 1424495_10151802869267549_1813551425_n.jpg
Black white red.
Ready to go... Let's go!

 photo 1452229_10151915421755415_1457974466_n.jpg
My bro prepared a lot of DIY stuffs by himself...

 photo 1499505_10151915422050415_1439719870_n.jpg
What are these balloons for? Make a guess!

 photo 1379976_10151915435665415_771221220_n.jpg
2014 calendar made by his friend, Xindy.

 photo 1441202_10151802898022549_1395834_n.jpg
a DIY board for polaroids later...
Not bad ya...

 photo 1469959_10151915436550415_2019049350_n.jpg
Some diy props for phototaking booth.... made by Xindy too...

 photo 1476184_10151915436785415_571735067_n.jpg

 photo 1486782_10151802876102549_460407193_n.jpg
Cool yeah...

 photo 1451603_10151802876422549_21036225_n.jpg
Moustachy for you, matt mattt

 photo 1460023_10151803142087549_351840350_n.jpg
Two A1 size board for backdrop of the photobooth...

 photo 1458589_10151915426165415_270696823_n.jpg
And Yup.... Saw the balloon stand beside us?!!!
It was done all by my bro....

 photo 1469953_10151802876357549_525693292_n.jpg
This is Lame-mo Amy!!!

Food catered from Mum's kitchen
 photo 995799_10151915423790415_105463617_n.jpg
We ordered food portion of 55 pax....
The food was so so... Not exactly highly recommended...

 photo 1460196_10151802894672549_57152518_n.jpg
The nuggets and fried chicken were prepared by our helper.

 photo 1486719_10151802965497549_1034870458_n.jpg
Complementary dessert for 21st bday party.

 photo 1393445_10151802869092549_1586632950_n.jpg
Hi Matt Matt..~

 photo 1379934_10151802877167549_1249138872_n-1.jpg

 photo 1463615_10151802877227549_378509837_n.jpg
Hey, stop you... Show me your license please.

 photo 1478985_10151803076177549_1836927515_n.jpg
Couple wear?! wahahhaha
I think its my birthday la~

 photo 1460990_10151803121117549_802022246_n.jpg

 photo 1474376_10151803076997549_1588700599_n.jpg

 photo 1457622_10151803076922549_1365630186_n.jpg
This cake is ordered from Pine garden... 3kg for $170
It's a cream cake... cos normal fondant cakes are too sweeettt.

 photo 1425750_10151915428265415_1297002182_n.jpg

 photo 537270_10151915424790415_1053554538_n.jpg
His good buddies...

 photo 544135_10151915424050415_1035525422_n.jpg
Anyway i just posted a few posts... cos there's way too many of them...

 photo 559845_10151915427275415_4124662_n.jpg

 photo 1465316_10151915433310415_1875971055_n.jpg

 photo 1450077_10151915429750415_112380497_n.jpg

 photo 1450086_10151915433280415_530287284_n.jpg
Mummy & Matttyyyy

 photo 524419_10151803076667549_918739287_n.jpg
A golden key for him!

 photo 1456714_10151803076272549_1932437728_n.jpg

 photo 1484177_10151915428640415_343449742_n.jpg
Singing birthday song for himself... lol

 photo 1390473_10151915428675415_1545867203_n.jpg

 photo raymondbday.jpg
Family photo!

 photo 1479299_10151915429665415_1973262460_n.jpg
Daddy.... and hmmm... someone just photobombed!

 photo 988772_10151803121187549_913978016_n.jpg
Matty matty....

 photo 1454662_10151915434865415_433509571_n.jpg
Hi, I'm Matthias with a big tummy~

 photo 996681_10151915434820415_498511916_n.jpg
Do you have a problem with my big tummy?

 photo 1468760_10151915436480415_2004590665_n.jpg

 photo 1469783_10151915435910415_1345415798_n.jpg
Polaroids with birthday messages from his friends~

 photo 1460057_10151915433630415_186406020_n.jpg
Kids nowadays are really pretty RICH and FORTUNATE ya...
I still remember back then... I receive pelini silver necklace for present?

 photo 1425579_10151915433740415_402799855_n.jpg

 photo 1454762_10151803189232549_1253626183_n.jpg
His presents~

 photo 1456758_10151803189412549_1570849842_n.jpg
2 watches of the same brand.

 photo 1468512_10151915435115415_1868426401_n.jpg
Crabtree & Evelyn cleanser...

 photo 1470098_10151915433930415_736830504_n.jpg
Porter sling bag

 photo 1479273_10151915434415415_2136546115_n.jpg
Puma watch~

 photo 1483441_10151915435175415_1126460585_n.jpg
Iphone 5 docker.

 photo 1499664_10151915434245415_1948073843_n.jpg
Agnes b bangle....

 photo 1479015_10151803188927549_1245643422_n.jpg
Seriously... i think it suits me more?

 photo 1499687_10151915434140415_1063606073_n.jpg
Mont blanc perfume... smell like abercrombie?

 photo 8552_10151915435050415_182637828_n.jpg
ice wine pls...
I want!

 photo 1472880_10151915435390415_1609571761_n.jpg
Pandora wrislet with 2 charms?

 photo 1469792_10151803188722549_271861044_n-1.jpg
card holder~

 photo 1471939_10151915436815415_872087478_n.jpg
Golden KEY chain.

 photo 1488309_10151915435345415_1852198540_n.jpg
Flash light for his DSLR

 photo 1466053_10151915435535415_2135142808_n.jpg
Of cos the gift from me... Salvatore Ferragamo Belt.

 photo 1480708_10151803187452549_479702426_n.jpg

 photo 1424454_10151915435760415_1973612975_n.jpg
Ah siao~

 photo 1476468_10151802877077549_397237924_n.jpg
I think i'm pretty awesome~!

That's all for the b'day celebration.

Next blog entry on my Christmas Celebrations with different groups of friends and love ones!

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