an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A little update of my recent activities & also a little of Baguan (cupping)

Have been pretty busy with many things.

Birthday celebrations over, just been on a vacation to Beijing, busy with my new home, wedding preparations, oncoming company events, and another vacation trip to Gold coast next week, Taiwan and bangkok trip in July.

Probably will only update my blog again during mid or end of june?

About my Baguan(cupping) session, i have actually closed the points about 3 weeks ago. Cos, am having quite some bday celebrations, holidays and so on, so its EAT EAT EAT & EAT. So, i have decided to close the point for the moment and will go back during august again, just before my wedding at mid September.

Have been eating as per normal, 3 meals a day. Not to say what i have taken in CHINA...
Oily, salty, super full meals. But but but, my weight is still about the same. Not gaining of extra weights, which is pretty cool isnt it?

A friend of mine whom i have recommended have lost 9.5kg already, over about 2mths?  And she's still actually enjoying her life eating quite a bit when she's out! And she's been to taiwan & korean 2wks ago, but not much weight gained!
And she's gonna sign another new package.
Cool ya? Are you motivated now?

Heard that some readers have also tried out this baguan(cupping) session, do share with me your experience too.


Will update more soon!

Some photos of my choosing of gown!
Pretty like this victorian looking gown~
 photo tryinggown1_zps91011a37.jpg

 photo tryinggown_zpsc55b68a4.jpg

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