an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Friday, June 28, 2013

25th Birthday 2013 (Part 1 with Polygang 好朋友s)

As promised, i'll update my blog again during end of june. Finally, found some time to update. Shall talk about my 25th birthday celebrations this year. A few rounds of celebrations with my friends, colleagues and family. I really like and enjoy having birthday cakes, and of cause i've always given hints to my friends. But i also realised that always after eating continuously of birthday cakes make me fell sick.

So, my first round of 25th Birthday celebration was with my Poly gang, the 好朋友s group on 4th of May. We went for a Japanese Buffet, recommended by LADY IRON CHEF.

Senki Japanese Restaurant 109 Killiney Rd, Singapore, Singapore 239548

 photo picspicspics176_zps8995898b.jpg
It's my outfit of the day~

 photo 225764_10152225704314237_209672526_n1_zpsc76a1970.jpg
Its the group photo.... some of them were not able to make it.
Anyway, i looked super duper ugly in this pic.... hair cannot make it... The romper makes me look kinda pui pui.

 photo picspicspics177_zpsc0563d21.jpg
A complementary dish (fish head with sauce)
This tasted not bad,  pretty smooth and soft.

 photo picspicspics178_zps5e69ad3c.jpg
Heart-shaped carrot

 photo picspicspics184_zps67cb591f.jpg
-taste soso.... Tori-Q's nicer

 photo picspicspics183_zps64aac252.jpg
Of cos, Sashimi is a Must to have at a Japanese restaurant.
The slices were slightly thicker, taste quite fresh though....

 photo picspicspics182_zpsbe4222af.jpg
Cheesey Fries... i like this.... ordered 2nd portion

 photo picspicspics181_zpsb79b26d7.jpg
Forgotten what udon was this... but it tasted bad

 photo picspicspics179_zps3c73c3c7.jpg
Stirfried Beansprouts! Portion is big, tasted not bad.

 photo picspicspics193_zps1f7cc73f.jpg
Supposed to be Mixed tempura fry, but it seems like there's more ebi fry though.
Too much batter.... prawn super small only.... Will not recommend this.

 photo picspicspics192_zpsd54ffed8.jpg
Slowly i began to love this....
I like it when its hot...

 photo picspicspics191_zps58b6fad1.jpg
Cheesy pork chop
Overcooked, meat is tough and dry~ :(

 photo picspicspics190_zps3d9683ea.jpg
Omelette fried rice... the rice inside kinda bland~

 photo picspicspics187_zps7a91f1fe.jpg

 photo picspicspics189_zps8bb10e60.jpg
Chawanmushi with cheese~
Realised most of their food are with CHEESE~!!!
Initially its seems pretty cool, but after a few dishes, we are getting a little sick of cheese already.
And actually i personally don't think the cheese goes well with chawanmushi.

 photo picspicspics202_zpsade4e73b.jpg

 photo picspicspics213_zps3aff0c4c.jpg
No birthday cake, but i gt a birthday cookie from Famous Amos! Yummy yummy~!

 photo picspicspics209_zps6ef5931f.jpg
dunno what sort of expression was this at that moment.

 photo picspicspics197_zpse37f6b59.jpg
Handmade movie theme card bday card from Yiwen who cant make it on tt day~
Will u guys see this card again some day? Stay Tuned!

Oh ya, and the vouchers from Best denki.... for me to get my appliances for my NEW HOME!!!!

 photo picspicspics212_zpsecf41011.jpg
Behind the scenes~!!!

Frankly speaking, I wouldn't really recommend this buffet to my friends.
It costs around $40++ if i'm not wrong, the food tasted soso. The air conditioner was almost not working, cos we were freaking hot~ But their service was quite ok, the food they served were quite fast.
No fruits or dessert to end the meal... dont like :(
I would give it a rating of 5.5/10.

The end of Part 1 celebration~!

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