an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Thursday, May 09, 2013

It's Baking time, Part 1! [PIZZA MAKING]


It's finally a public holiday, 1st of May, Labour Day.
Many of my friends were surprised that i'm actually staying at home during the public holiday eve and the day itself.
Well, not sure if i'm getting older or matured, or maybe just simply dont wanna squeeze with the super crazy crowds in the MRT and Town area.

So, i have decided to bake pizza and gingerbread man cookie with my hubby!
Will blog on the baking of pizza first!

It's my first time baking pizza, so of cos it's not as smooth as i thought it would be.

Ingredients needed:
- 1 packet of dry yeast
- 1 tsp of sugar
- 1 tsp of salt
- 1 tbsp of olive oil (i have used normal cooking oil though (sunflower oil?)
- 1 1/2 cup of warm water
- 3 cup of all purpose flour
- Tomato paste
- Mozzarella cheese (as much as possible)
- Desired toppings (i got ham, green capsicum, enoki mushrooms, hotdogs)

Things needed:
- Oven
- Measuring cup
- a large bowl
- Clingfilm (i used normal plastic)
- rolling pin
- metal tray
- pastry brush

Ok, so, Let's get started!

 photo picspicspics064_zps7a7608b2.jpg
The ingredients i've got (weighing machine is not needed for this baking session) :)

Firstly, dissolve yeast and sugar in warm water.
Stir and set to the side.

 photo picspicspics066_zpse427b0d2.jpg

 photo picspicspics067_zps152978a6.jpg

 photo picspicspics068_zps0a796c87.jpg

Next, combine flour, salt and olive oil in a large bowl.
Mix with your hands or use a spoon.

 photo picspicspics069_zps8345a6c8.jpg

Pour the yeast mixture into the bowl and stir until a dough forms

 photo picspicspics072_zpsdd3d4395.jpg

Spread flour over a working surface and knead the dough for roughly 10 minutes until it is thin and elastic.

 photo picspicspics073_zps815337e8.jpg

 photo picspicspics075_zps20c47b15.jpg

 photo picspicspics074_zps17578649.jpg

Clean the bowl for another use.
Roll the dough into a ball and place it back into the bowl, then cover it with clingfilm.
Let dough rise for 30 minutes; it should be doubled the size by then.

 photo picspicspics076_zps6202e27b.jpg

Meanwhile, prepare your desired toppings.

 photo picspicspics077_zps4b98153b.jpg

The dough have doubled its size... (looks kinda weird though)

 photo picspicspics078_zps1da5f901.jpg

Flatten the dough with a rolling pin (which i did not)...
So, it looked abit weird... (this is first attempt)

Remember to brush the baking tray with some butter/oil.

 photo picspicspics081_zps710a9b24.jpg

 photo picspicspics082_zps159eb647.jpg

Spread the tomato paste and desired toppings....

 photo picspicspics083_zps372da05d.jpg

Place it in the oven at 190*C at 15-20mins.

 photo picspicspics093_zps6de60215.jpg

I actually bake for 20-30 for my first attempt as my dough was rather thick, so i'm afraid that it might not be fully cooked.
Although it doesnt look too great, but it tasted not too bad...
My mummy and bro said its not bad, and they seldom say my food is not bad....

 photo picspicspics086_zps408bc44e.jpg

So, this time round... i started flatten the dough with rolling pin, kept adding flour, to make it tougher and less sticky....

 photo picspicspics088_zps3367e443.jpg

 photo picspicspics090_zpsc03a91a5.jpg

 photo picspicspics089_zpsf1c762b9.jpg

Since i have got some of these kinda aluminium tarts plate...
decided to make some pizza cupcake...
and it turns out... not bad!!!

 photo picspicspics085_zps75c04c3d.jpg

Now we try flatten the dough furthermore, to have thin crust pizza!

 photo picspicspics094_zps278ec1c5.jpg

Big flat thin dough.

 photo picspicspics098_zpsfee4d594.jpg

Amy is making fun of me again.... the red thing on my head is actually my skirt....

 photo picspicspics097_zpsc12894f5.jpg

ok, thin crust pizza is ready!!!

 photo picspicspics111_zpsd4a61b79.jpg

 photo picspicspics112_zpsc8354f64.jpg

 photo picspicspics108_zps7a6c4ad4.jpg

 photo picspicspics102_zps86aec639.jpg

Mozzarella cheese plays a very important role.... to make the pizza taste yummy!
So buy more!

Although my pizza doesnt look great, but they tasted GREAT!
Yeah.... more baking and cooking coming up soon!
Cos, i'm gonna be 成功男人背后的女人。
I'll be a great wife!

Next post on Gingerbread man cookie making!

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