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The BEAST & Brother Bird Mochi & Softserve co.

Address: 17 Jln Klapa, S'pore 199329
Opening hours: Mon to Wed, Sat 5pm to 12am, Thurs and Fri 5pm to 1am, Sun 10am to 5pm
Contact: +65 62950017
For more info:

My second round of birthday celebration this year~
Spending it all with AJALYA~
Finally, full attendance!!

I thought we could take a group photo below this signage.
Showing Beauties (Us) and the BEAST! Get it? 
But the waiter told us that it is only possible if we were to cross the road to take that shot.
That's a lot of effort for one shot no?

This picture have a very "texas" feel to it. I quite like it!

Unleash the Beast! In us or in them ah?

Their Sauces and Condiments.
Very different from those typical Salt & Pepper Shakers you see in other places.

Weihenstephan 1/2 Pint $8 (Happy Hour)

Catfish Dirty Rice $22
 Cornmeal Crusted Catfish, Beef Dirty Rice, Sweet Corn Salsa, Greens, Cajun Remoulade

A big generous portion of Cat FIsh, the crust was crispy and goes pretty well with the Cajun dip.
Cajun spices are normally for chickens. But to my surprise, it goes very well with this fish too. The taste of Cajun tend to be over powering but not in this case. The subtle spiciness from the dip gives the fish a kick. Well done!

Chilli Cheese Fries $14 
Chilli con Carne, Cheddar Cheese, Jalapeno

We thought the other fries were kinda mainstream. Hence, we ordered this Chilli Cheese fries.
But it was not to our liking.
The taste of the Jalapeno was a tad too strong.

Chicken & Waffles $20
Boneless Chicken Thigh (24hr brine), Crisp Waffle, House-made Bourbon Maple Butter Sauce

Well cooked Crispy Chicken. Juicy and tender meat. Brining it overnight gives that chicken a good salty taste and making sure it doesn't dry out too easily.
Waffle was crispy outside yet chewy inside. The sauce complements the chicken.
This is what LOVE is all about. Complementing one another. Wahahahhaha


Blackened Pork Collar $24 
Broccoli, Roasted Yukon Potatoes with Bacon, Thyme & Garlic cream sauce

This was also very delicious. The pork collar was tender and the portion was generous.
I am quite a fan of that cream sauce too!

3P Burger $24 
10hour Pulled Pork, Grilled Pork Belly, Bacon, Red Cabbage Slaw, Apple sauce, Jalapeno Aioli & Onion Rings

A big fat, juicy burger~ Definitely too much for one to handle.
The pulled pork was nice. 
I should probably learn how to make some pulled pork too! Seemed like a pretty "IN" thing over these few years. And it is not as easy as it seems. Apparently a lot of work is placed into making a decent pulled pork.

Recommended for Porkie Lovers!
Full of PORK!

Mac & Cheese $12 
Sharp Cheddar, Mozzarella, Béchamel, Shell Pasta

Eat it while it's hot!
Look at that CHEESE!
Creamy n Yummy!

Let's tuck in already!

Cheers to our kind of Ladies Night!

 Beauties and the BEAST.

My 2nd Birthday Cake for my 29th. Isn't it pretty! Rainbow!

Oh crap, reaching 30 in no time! Just another 300ish days~ :(


I'm thinking of doing something different for my 30th Bday!
It is not too early to plan for such a big day! 
Any suggestions on what should I do? 
Leave some nice and suggestive comments at the bottom for me!
Thanks in advance!


While writing this blog, I realized it in their menu online that there's free cake on your Birthday month!
Oh man, why did I miss a $36 cake! Wahahahah!

Remember to pre-order this if you are celebrating your birthday there!
And let me know if it's any good too! HAHA!


Overall, we love the food and services. The food tasted good and they are pretty affordable.
Service was very prompt, helpful and nice. There's live band indoor.
But we preferred outdoor as it was a little squeezy inside.
I would give a 8.5/10.


Next, we head to Brother Bird (Stateland Café) for dessert~
Saw a lot of people posted on how good their ice cream were.
So, I ought to try them out myself! 

Brother Bird Mochi & Softserve co.
Address: 32 Bali Ln, S'pore 189868
Opening hours: 12pm to 10pm daily, closed on Tues.
Contact: +65 98007628
For more info:


Salted Egg Bursts $15
with choice of soft serve (Cookie butter or Tokyo Banana), almond crunch, berry crisps

We chose Cookie Butter soft serve.
The soft serve was not too sweet nor too heavy. We liked it.
The Salted Egg Burst, it ain't that bad too.
Eat them both together to get the best effect of this whole dessert.

Tokyo Banana $14
Banana Softserve, Candied Walnuts, Banana Crisps, Vanilla Sponge

 The taste of Banana was strong. Overall, it was a little tad too sweet.
We like the chewy mocha below. Yums.

 All in all, I think it is a nice place for Ice cream!
But not a lot of variety to choose from. 
But each and every one that they have are pretty good on its own.

Would rate it a 7.5/10.

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