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J65 at Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore

Address: 1A Cuscaden Rd, Level 1, Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore by Shangri-La, Singapore 249716
Opening hours: 6.30am to 11pm
Contact: +65 6831 4374 (You may make your reservation by CHOPE to earn points)

For more info:

It's the first day of May. How time flies.
This is the month of many upcoming birthday celebrations for me! Yup, it is my birthday month. hehe!
And I spent the day with my bunch of Sisters along with my little Val and Sam too~

Bought this little mini black dress and pink spectacles from Taobao for Val. So that we can have identical #OOTD! <3 p="">
Cost less than $5 each.

I was deciding on whether to go for Mitzo buffet or J65 Buffet~
I was recommended by a few colleagues on Mitzo Dim Sum buffet.
But then I saw a fellow food blogger posted an entry on J65's wide spread of yummy looking varieties~ 
And so I thought J65 seems more mouth-watering.
We get to walk around for our food instead of just sitting down.
 With a toddler around, it tend to be slightly more difficult to have a sit down dinner for a long duration. They tend to get fidgety after a while and would want to come down to walk or run around. Very busy for the parents.
 Though she's able to remain sitting still during wedding dinners was because most of them are strangers and little val is shy.

I also imagined little Valerie would go "Waaaaahhhhhh" at the colourful dessert section.

Therefore, I decided to go ahead on J65 International Buffet~
So much to think for just one meal, no? You don't say!

Looking like a café much?~

Loving the quaint interior. Anyone knows what's the story behind this interior?
I would be interested to know. Comment below and let me know if you do!

Chilled prawns from their seafood section.

Sushi and Sashimi selection.

More choices of seafood. All chilled though.

DIY Rojak~

Salad bar~

DIY Kueh Pit Tee corner.

Keropoks~ (deep fried crackers)

Pork knuckles for you?

Spoilt for choice, maybe?

Roast Beef~


Pork Knuckles~

Their cheese selection. That's all they got for cheese though.
It is kind of sad leh.

Free flow of Juices. I think these two are orange and peach tea.

Baked Salmon~

Their Asian Cuisine choices are not that bad. They taste pretty good too!

They have Congee too!
Condiments are on the sides such as pickled cabbage and braised peanuts.

Indian Food! Not bad too!! They might look red but they are not as spicy as I thought!

Chicken rice for you?

Recently, Val is into Chicken Rice! She keeps asking for Chicken Rice!

The Noodles station. Pick the ingredients, the soup base and they will cook for you.


The Dessert Section!!

Hardly see any buffets that serves Potong Icecream. I quite like this so I'm okay with it.
Will it seem a little too cheap for others? hmm.

I have been smelling this the whole time I am there.
The durian "fragrance" is very, very strong.
Not a durian fan so I didn't try this at all. #sorrynotsorry
Their selection of Kuehs are pretty wide.
Look at all those vibrant colours. Took a few to try and they are not too sweet!
This is their western pastries selection. Hmm, not a lot but they taste pretty good too!

Any pictures taken with these desserts will turn out beautiful, no doubt!

They have these little glass jar of desserts too.
Ranging from Herbal Jelly to Mango Pudding...
Plenty of choices!

"Which one do I want? I cannot decide."

Char Siew was a tad too dry.
So was the Roasted Chicken too.

Satay with Chicken rice? Why not!

Oyster Omelette~

I still prefer the traditional hawker ones.

I thought I ordered Hor Fun, but I got Chicken Soup Noodle?
I guess maybe it was a miscommunication?

SG Laksa was not bad~ Not too spicy. Just nice for me.

Their DIY Rojak was not bad~

Chicken Congee was a tad too salty for my liking.

My Birthday Cakes! Wahahahahaha
Mine! All Mine! 

Little Val being cheeky with her Kueh Lapis.
I am teaching her how I used to eat it. Peeling it layer by layer, colour by colour.

I like the layout outside the toilet.

My 50cents rainbow earrings from BKK.

Ooohhh, Birthday Surprise Cake! Tiramisu somemore!

For your info, this is a free service. Just have to inform them in advance :)

A friend of Rayne's who was also in town. Hwa Loong, he was our tour guide in Penang many many years ago.
He is also a May Baby~
Happy Birthday to the both of us!!

Finally, for those people who are saying that we look alike.
It is only when our eyes are closed! HAHA!

Blessed to have you, Babypoo~

A group picture before eating the cake. 
Look at Valerie, already aiming the cake!

Camera man said Hi 5!

Super active today~
Lotsa service crews and customers playing with her~
She seems to enjoy herself a lot today! I'm glad. :)

 There's a number of credit card promotion.
But since this meal was a treat by the sisters, I don't have to pay at all.
This was supposed to be a $55/+ per pax buffet, but because it was a PH, only credit card promotion are available.
With UOB card, there was 20% off.
So, it was about ~ $52 per pax.

Overall, I felt the food were really not that great.
The better ones I would say are the Indian cuisines~
The Pork knuckles and Pork ribs were all too dry, not juicy nor succulent.
The Char Siew and Roasted Chicken too.
However, the atmosphere and customer service were pretty good though.

I would rate it a 6.5/10

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