Monday, August 28, 2017

The Bank Bar and Bistro

Address: One Shenton #01-01, 1 Shenton Way, S'proe 068803
Opening hours: Mon 11am to 11pm, Tues to Sun 11am to 12am
Contact: +65 6636 2188 (Use Chope Or Quandoo to make your reservations to earn points)
For more information:

Time to meet up with AJALY without the last A as usual for dinner.
But this time round, we have replaced her with little Valerie today~

As I was doing some research for Cafes or Restaurant that are kids friendly, I came across The Bank. 
They have little corner where Valerie can play while we, the adults can still enjoy our night.

However, I missed out the part that they mentioned about the kids corner being available only on weekends~
Oh gosh! How careless of me! :(

They are very kind to provide little Val with some colouring pages and colouring materials. 

To be honest, I wouldn't suggest anyone to bring their kids here on a weekday night.
The place was too noisy and crowded.
Not really a good place for chit-chatting too, sadly.

(Kids) Penne and Cheese @ $8.50++
Served with Chicken Nuggets, Fries & Fruit juice

Little Val is crazy about cheese lately so this is a good dish for her.
And also with her recent likings, hence her weight gain! hahaah!

Hot Wings (6 pcs) @ $13
Blue Cheese Dip & Vegetable Sticks

Calamari @ $14
Homemade Dill Tartar Sauce

The calamari was a tad too oily.

Truffle Fries @ $14
Parmesan Cheese & Chives

Truffle taste and smell wasn't strong enough.
The portion that was served are not worth the price that we are paying.

Tuscany Pizza @ $26
(Parma Ham, Buffalo Mozzarella, Pesto, Fresh Basil & Argula)

The pizza was cheesy and flavorful~
Crust wasn't too thick either. I like thin crust! Yums.

Cereal-Pistachio Crusted Salmon @ $25
(Pumpkin puree, Quinoa Salad & Homemade Red Pepper Cream Sauce)

Crust was crispy and the salmon was well cooked.
I like the Quinoa salad. Quite refreshing!

The Bank Fish & Chips @ $22
(Crispy Battered Seabass fillet, French Fries & Dill Tartar sauce)

Nothing special or fanciful. Just like any normal Fish & Chips.

Seafood Pasta @ $20
(Prawn, Squid & Clam along with Spicy crab sauce)

This was quite unique, tasted like our local food, Char Kway Tiao~
I like this dish!

Happy Birthday to the Limin, Jeslyn & Annie~

Decided to roam around since it was still early.
And we walked passed OUE tower and saw some interesting screen which attracted our little Val.

Interactive screen~

We found this cute cosy corner too~

So cute~

All in all, I felt the food was alright, customer service was a little slow.
Due to the fact that the place was a little noisy, we couldn't communicate well at all.
I would rate it a 7/10.

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