Monday, August 14, 2017

Necessary Provisions

Address: 21 Eng Kong Terrace, S'pore 598993
Opening hours: Wed to Sat 11am to 10pm, Sun 11am to 6pm, Closed on Mon & Tues
Contact: +65 9231 7920 (Use Chope to make your reservations)
For more info:

Firstly, I apologise for the long overdue posts.
I have quite a bit of backlog on the posts as I didn't really have to time to blog or edit them. 

Nevertheless, thanks for being so understanding and for having such patience for my entries. 
I really, really wouldn't have continued blogging without you readers out there!


Alright, so back on track from where I left behind....

So from time to time, I'll try to take time off from housework for my friends, even if it is just a quick dinner or a short gathering. 
Anything goes. It would be great too, when they are able to "click" with my little girl too. Then it would really be two birds with one stone, family & friends time altogether!


 "Someone" have the car for a day,  so we decided to do some "ulu" café hopping~
Heading to those cafes where it is harder to travel via public transport. Making full use of the car!
But, of course all the cafes are in the WEST! The odds are 3 against 1 here!! Wahahahahah.

Although this first café that we are heading have been established for a while now, but I've got no  chance to try them. 
Have been seeing some constant and good reviews about them, hence decided to head over there for our first stop!

And I must really add that this cafe is located really in the heart of the area. Would totally suggest having a car or take Uber or Grab or Cab instead. Walking would be a drag ~
Look at these Happy Three Friends~ Wahahahahah

I told you that you would need a car?!

A very nice and cosy place~
Not very crowded and noisy.
Good place to chit chat and chill.

Not that I'm lazy, but just want you to tilt your head so that you can do a little exercise... wahahahh

The only bad thing I would say, was that the selections were quite limited~

Fried Wings @ $12
(24-hour buttermilk brined to juiciness)

 The skin of the chicken wings were so crispy and it was so juicy & tender inside too.
Little Val seldom eats chicken, but she ate 3 of these!

Luncheon Meat Fried Rice @ $10
(Luncheon meat, seasonal veggies)

Wanted to order the Sambal Fried rice, but for Val's sake we ordered the Luncheon meat instead.
Rather small portion to be charged at such a price.
But I like that there's the "wok hei*" flavor~

**"Wok Hei is the "essense" imparted by the wok when stir-frying over very high heat. The characteristic flavor is due to the the Maillard reactions and the charring of the ingredients"

Pork Burger @ $14
(Italian spiced pork patty, apple sauce, Argula, Monterey Jack Cheese)

The pork patty was good, seemed like it's a home-made patty.
But still, a little small in portion to be charged this price.

Today's Dessert Specials : Mango Sticky Rice @ $10
(Honey Mango Pudding, Sago, Coconut cream)

Quite interesting combination. 
However, I would still prefer the original Mango Sticky Rice.


A very nice and cosy little corner located in the heart of Clementi. Customer service was good. They were very attentive and prompt to our requests. Food was not bad too. Only request if they could add more varieties to their menu :(

I would rate a 7.5/10

Thanks for reading.
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