Monday, April 24, 2017

Mongkok Dim Sum (Geylang)

Address: 214 Geylang Road, S'pore 389274
Opening hours: Open 24hrs
Contact: +65 84848826

Supper time~
Where do you usually go for Supper? What do you normally have for Supper?
Prata? Korea BBQ Chicken? Hai Di Lao? Dim Sum? McDonald's?

Are Singaporeans only limit to such few selections when we have cravings late into the night?
Not much places to go when you want to hang out into the night having some HTHT?

Comments at the bottom of this entry! Tell me where are the nice places that you have visited apart from 126 Dim Sum and Swee Choon Dim Sum~ Let me know so I can have more options for myself too! I do not mind travelling to eat some good food. SO! Hit me up with more places!

My friend here wanna have dim sum, and to be fair, all of us have to travel as FAR to eat.
So lame right~

And we had to travel all the way to GEYLANG to have our Supper~
Even the grabhitch driver ask why I came so far for supper~ What to do? I'm too accommodative, too nice a person. Wahahahaah~

Mongkok Dim Sum

Not sure if the crowds are always this much but tonigh is because the COLDPLAY concert just ended at Kallang therefore it explains this crowd. I'm glad we made in 10mins before this huge crowd pours in. Phew~


We ordered the basics like Siew Mai, Har Kow, Fried Prawn Dumping, Carrot cakes and Pork Ribs. 
I mean there are only so much selection when comes to Dim Sums. We ordered some interesting items like this Jade and Spinach dumpling and their Mango and Prawn dumplings.
Did not disappoint!

Yum Tum Tum~ Cheap and good~
About $10 - 15 damage per pax~

 Food was served piping hot. A much more variety of choices as compared to Tim Ho Wan~
Food tasted much better than 126 and Swee Choon.

Come and check it out yourself!
There are many yummy food at Geylang actually~
Frog Porridge, Bak Kut Teh, Steamboat, Assam Laksa, Claypot rice, Turtle soup~

Overall, I would rate it a 7.5/10 for a place for Supper!
Eat without a hole in your pocket because you already need to pay to travel there right?

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