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Hong Kong 4d3n Family Trip 01-03Mar 2017

A short and sweet trip with the Le Family~ Not an easy one as there were elderly and a big baby coming along with us. Nevertheless, a big THANK YOU to everyone who was on the trip for cooperating so much and of course, a big thanks to my younger bro who came along at the very last minute to help out too.

Once again, I managed to book cheap flight tickets! I always like to boast at how cheap I have gotten my flight tickets. Because why not and it is genuinely cheap!

The flight ticket from Jetstar cost about $190 including baggage. So worth it right?
The thing I like about Jetstar other than its cheap fare, is their flight schedules. These timing fits my schedule perfectly.

With a daytime flight at 9.40am, by the time I reach Hong Kong, it will be just nice to check in at the Airbnb. As for the flight back, it is also about the time to check out after having a good breakfast.

Our first family trip~

Her first flight~
Keeping our fingers(and toes) crossed! Hopefully the whole flight trip is gonna be smooth!

So cute Pororo luggage~

Yes, Yes Baby, you are going on board that big big plane very soon!

a Wefie before taking off~

Daddy's little girl~

Ready, steady~

Hey, hey you!~
Fell asleep just as soon as the plane was about to take off~
Ok, good for us too. Time to take a little nap!

I ordered the Fun pack specially for her, thinking that it might be useful during the flight.
I even brought lots of toys and activities to keep her occupied.

Interesting cards~

She woke up about an hour before landing~
Ok, not too bad. Timing are perfect...
Time to bring out all the 法宝 (magic weapons)!

And not long after, we reached Hong Kong!
Hurray. We are safe!

It was about 16*C. Sunny yet cooling~

Papa, I also wanna help to pushhhhhhh~

Ah ma, I can help too!

Came to this booth to get our Ocean Park tickets.

We bought the Ocean Park tickets at SGD$60 over here.
Do you know that you can actually get Ocean park and Disneyland tickets at Changi Airport too?
They are selling them over at the Tourist Attraction Booth.

However, Changi airport is selling the Ocean Park ticket at SGD$65 whereas the price that they were selling online was at SGD$63

I bought the Disneyland tickets at the booth in Changi Airport, they were selling at only SGD$90.
Original price was $107? At this CTS booth, they are selling at $96.
But for elderly above the age of 65 is only at $20. But you have to get them either online or at Disneyland itself on the actual day of your visit.

Bought the train tickets to Tsing Yi station to transit to MTR to Jordan!

Our Airbnb: Comfy 3-Bdr Apt 3-8ppl 1 min walk to MRT 6i ($739 for 3 nights 6 adults)
(3 bedrooms, Aircon provided, Free wifi)
(3 minutes walk to MTR, Bus A22 to airport)
Address: 62 Parkes Street Lucky House, Hong Kong, Kowloon
Taxi: (30 min)
Ask the taxi driver to take you to:
Jordan Road and Parkes Street McDonald;
MTR: (40 min)
Airport express then change to MTR.
Get out at Exit A Jordan Station, turn right on Jordan Road and turn right again on Parkes Street. There you will find MacDonald (3 min walk)
Bus: (50 min)
Take A22 and get off at Shanghai Street (Jordan). When you get off walk toward Nathan Road and turn left on Parkes Street. There you will find the McDonald. (3 min walk) 

Really quite a short distance walk to our Airbnb.
Location wise was rather accessible and easy to locate too.

The apartment is about the size of a 3-rm flat in Singapore. The living room is like the size of a bedroom. So, please don't expect too much.

I have decided to book Airbnb for this trip, because I thought it would definitely be bigger than their Hotel rooms and be at a much more affordable price for such a big group like us.

Hi Baby~

Every time she goes out, she tend to bring along a plushie.
And for this time round, it's this little white teddy.

I am so happy to have a daughter because I can dress her in any way I want, all day and all night!~
Technically, it was also a fashion trip for her... Wahhahhhaahah~

While we do the unpacking~
there she is, enjoying herself in her cosy little corner~

Just to clarify, she hardly uses our phones.
So, don't judge us! Hah.

My Cutie pie :)

She is everyone's Cinderella~


A mere 6 minutes walk from our place to the next destination :)

Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine

Opening hours: 11am to 3.30pm, 6pm to 10pm daily.
Address: Shop A to C, Lee Loy Mansion, 332-338 Canton Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Contact: (852) 8202-8203

The restaurant was rather empty or maybe we were a little late. :(

Pickled Zucchini~


叉烧酥 HKD48 ~ about SGD 9
BBQ Pork Pastry

Hello Kitty 爆炸饭 HKD 108 ~ about SGD 20
Explosion? Fried Rice? Wahaha..
Basically there were some popping candies around the Fried rice.
Kinda weird though with that sweet and savoury combination.

干炒牛河 HKD108 ~ about SGD 20
Stir Fried Beef Noodles~

流沙包 HKD 62 ~ SGD 11

鲜虾饺皇 HKD 68 ~HKD 12

叉烧包 HKD 62 ~ SGD 11

We were pretty shocked at the amount we spent in this restaurant.
Now that I'm blogging, doing the conversion back to SGD for each item, then I realized that it turned to be a SGD120 bill.

It's so expensive. Dim sum for SGD 12? Oh my, so now you would know why the restaurant was rather empty. The food was alright, neither very fantastic nor very bad. But ya, just for photo taking sake.
Will not come back ever again~

and off we go to Ladies/Shoes Street for the guys to check out shoes.

Then we came back to our area to have some dessert to end our first night~

You are not seeing things. It is indeed a Hard Boiled Egg in the dessert.
And seriously I've got no clue why this weird addtion. If any one of you have a suitable explaination for this, I'm all ears!  And totally taste weird together too.
But maybe the HK ppl like it this way though. Whahaahhahahah.


Day 2 - Ocean Park :)

Our Mother-Daughter OOTD~

Being forced to take photo~

Everyone is taking turns to serve the royal princess~

Ocean Park
Opening hours: 10am to 6pm
Just take the MTR to Ocean Park station. (The new train station is ready now!)
Save the trouble from transiting MTR to Coach/Bus! 

Bought tickets at Hong Kong Airport at around SGD 60!

Wefie before we start the day of adventures!

No cheaper rates for elderly~ Whyyyyy ah!

Took some kids-friendly rides with our baby~

The crowds were so much lesser as compared to 3 years ago when I visited with my friends.
The queues were all short. Some of them doesn't even have any queues at all.
Well, good for us, tough for them though.

Selling PORK ar!!!

Uncle Raymond won a little George for Valerie~

Val said... Mama... take photo~

Makan time~
Just some stir-fry noodles with some veg~ I think it was about HKD 36 ~about SGD6.50
Taste not too bad lehh~

Taking the submarine to somewhere else~

Love this photo a lot~

Can you spot little Valerie? Whahahahah

Run for the Seal.

and Papa had to teach Val that was the Seal's poo.

and Uncle Raymond won another Unicorn plushie for Val again!

Taking the cable car back to the entrance~

Do you want some fruits~ They are sweet like me. I sell you cheap cheap!

How about some Veggies too?


Once a slave, always a slave

Wefie before we go.
I think Ocean park is a pretty good place for kids and elderly~

Heading back to our Airbnb to have a quick rest before our dinner~

Hong Kong's elevator are really really small~

Mak's noodle located just opposite of where we stay.

the noodles were MEHHHHH...
Don't understand what was all the hype about~

Small portion of noodle and meat~

Noodles are dry~ and 3 pathetic wonton~

Bought a Beef noodles from a store next to Mak's.
Sam said it was gooood.

 Then we headed to our next stop!

Yat Lok Roast Goose (一乐烧鹅) - 1 Michelin Star 2015
Address: 34-38 Stanley St, Hong Kong
Opening hours: 7.30am to 9pm

Getting there: MTR Central exit D2 - From Queens St walk across the road towards D'Aguilar St and turn right into Stanley Street.

Supposed to get the Roast Goose, but we reach there around 8.40pm? And they only left with Roast pork and Char Siew~

Char Siew~

Roasted Pork~

 Maybe one of the better ones I have tasted in HK. But still, ain't that fantastic either. Maybe the Roast Goose really were good? What a waste~ better luck next time then.

Tai Cheong Bakery 泰昌餅家
Address: G/F, 35 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central
Opening hours: 7.30am to 9pm (Mon - Sat), 8.30am to 9pm (Sun, PH)

Wanted to try their original Taicheong Egg Tarts... But they were close already!! We were too late!
But then, something surprising happened when we heading back to SG.
Check it out later.

Oddies Foodies
Address: G/F, 45 Gough Street, Central
Opening hours: 1pm to 11pm daily except Mondays

 Then we head to Oddies for Ice cream!
Lotsa hype about it~

Quite a secluded location~

And hmm, instagram worthy, but not stomach worthy though~
It was just alright.

End of another tiring day~
Walk non stop! Wahahahahah.


Day 3 - Citygate Outlet Mall & Disney Land

Citygate Outlets

Address: 20 Tat Tung Road, Lantau Island, Tung Chung, Hong Kong
Opening hours: 10am to 10pm daily

Take the MTR to Tung Chung Station

Forgot to take photo of the Shopping Mall, so I grabbed this picture below off the net.

Mcdonalds for Breakfast! Yums!
They have PORK burgers!!! Coz they not HALAL!

They have Pork chop with Macaroni soup too!

Just wack only!

Milk tea~

Taste good but a little pathetic though~

And Sam is here especially for his fave, cheap and good dry Maggie at their local 7-11~

For only less than $2 I think.

Hi, little Minnie~


Opening hours: 10am to 8pm

Ticket selling at $107 online, HK airport selling at $95 and I got the tickets at Changi Airport at $90!
Super good deal!

Take the MTR to Sunny Bay and transit to the Disney Train to Disneyland!

Free stickers for the kids~

Another Wefie before we set off!

Mini Minnie~

Wefie with Daisy Duck!~

More stickers~

The crowds in Disneyland were also much lesser compared to few years back.
Majority of the queues took us less than 10 minutes.

 Val was so happy throughout the whole trip~
Happy Kid, Happy Mama~
Happy Wife, Happy Life they said.

She stood there and said... Mama... Take picture~

Picture with Woody! 

When Val starts to feel shy, she will show signs like placing her hand around the back of her head...
Scratch hair, scratch neck.

Before our turn, we all decided and promised to do the flower pose.
Guess who DUA (played us out) us.

Still don't want to do the "flower" pose.

Family portrait with the gold nugget!

How I've evolved but the nugget still remained the same. Gold Nugget ah Gold Nugget... what's your secret! 

Fireworks to end the magical night~

Heading back to our area for dinner~

But to be fair, they are not being justified enough... they looked better than they actually should~
Wahahaha... Tasteless... not nice at all.
Once again, disappointed with HK food.


Day 4 - Home Sweet Home

Going back~

 And of course, we ought to have breakfast before heading to the Airport.

Australia Dairy Company

Address: 47 Parkes St, Jordan, Hong Kong
Opening hours: 7.30am to 11pm daily, Closed on Thursday

Just next where we stay too. So convenient right~

As usual, same kind of attitude, same fast environment.
Sharing tables~ Nothing unusual from them... lol


So while waiting at the station at Tsing Yi Station to transfer to Airport, I saw a Pastry shop nearby.
Thought of getting some egg tarts and pastries for all of us later~
Then, Raymond came to look for me while i was getting the tarts and mentioned that is was actually  Tai Cheong Bakery!
And I was like Oh ya, it's Tai Cheong!
Noob Me!
So, in the end i still managed to eat my Tai Cheong Egg Tarts!

And I must say, their egg tarts are really nice, especially the crust, it was crispy with some sugar flakes~
Their Lao Po Bing, Century egg pastries were nice too!

I have never tried the ones at SG though, so I am not sure if their standards are the same.

And again, I bumped onto another Singapore Local Artiste in my trip.
Same flight back. 林明伦.
Why he didn't sail his way here instead.. wahahahah~ ok Lame. Just in case you all don't get my joke. Go goggle his house. Apparently his family and him stays on a Yacht or a boat of some sort.

Finally reached SG and we saw this Transport service
$60 for 7 seater~
Rather than taking 2 cabs might cost more than $60.

Sit tight! Vrooommmmm~

Home sweet home~

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