an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Friday, August 16, 2013

Taiwan trip 03-09JUL 2013 Part 3

Taiwan trip 03-09JUL 2013 Part 3

Day 5:

No breakfast included for this night stay, and so driver picked us up around 9plus in the morning and brought us to somewhere for breakfast~

 photo 20130707_084450_zps511e3f03.jpg
Gd morning Mao ze dong!

These are what they are eating for breakfast...

 photo 20130707_093028_zpsfa599442.jpg
Minced meat yellow noodles...

 photo 20130707_093031_zpsb33b15fd.jpg
Minced meat white noodles....

i preferred the yellow noodles though.. more tasty....

 photo 20130707_093143_zps99a080f4.jpg
With some side dishes... eggy and dou gan....

 photo 20130707_092727_zps19c0b7f5.jpg
Lu wei.... 卤味 .... hmmm selling tongues.. euukkk... dont dare to eat.....

 photo 20130707_094745_zpsd0588f16.jpg
Another form of 槟榔

After breakfast, we headed to CARTON BOX KING...

 photo 20130707_102352_zps8df9389d.jpg
He's our nice driver/guide.

 photo 20130707_102341_zps2c6f96c9.jpg
Same thing.... entrance fee of NT200, and free voucher of NT100.

 photo 20130707_102408_zpsc11a429f.jpg
Our entrance tickets!

 photo SAM_6979_zpsd8f6781b.jpg
Let's take a group photo~!

 photo SAM_6992_zpsa59b3aa9.jpg
Welcome to Carton King Zoo!

 photo 20130707_103453_zpse1f5375f.jpg

 photo 20130707_102429_zpsff8789ef.jpg

 photo 20130707_102443_zpsbd0be39f.jpg

 photo 20130707_102544_zps602cb5cf.jpg

 photo SAM_6980_zpsd57d4392.jpg

 photo 20130707_102633_zpse878da0f.jpg

 photo 20130707_102655_zpsea307068.jpg

 photo 20130707_102749_zps12c470d1.jpg

 photo 20130707_102954_zpsdaa63b03.jpg
Carton house...

 photo 20130707_103113_zpsa4dbf1fa.jpg
It's stamp stamp again....

 photo 20130707_103637_zps6ba001f2.jpg

 photo 20130707_103718_zpsf4793401.jpg

 photo 20130707_103910_zpsc4ecf83b.jpg
Eiffle tower...

 photo SAM_6995_zps12bfc6e2.jpg

 photo SAM_6997_zps22d96a9e.jpg

 photo SAM_7001_zps3fdf9478.jpg
Pretty cool, isnt it....

 photo 20130707_104031_zps7496c836.jpg
Arc de tromp... is it spelt like that? haha.. lol....

 photo 20130707_104205_zps221e35bf.jpg
Love is all that I can give to you 

 photo 20130707_104242_zpsef2abdf6.jpg
Love is more than just a game for two 

 photo 20130707_104409_zps603dcd8f.jpg

 photo 20130707_104500_zpsb2f9deac.jpg

 photo 20130707_104517_zps19c5e8db.jpg
Mr Beeeeeeeee......

 photo 20130707_104747_zpsdb6ed595.jpg
Honey ice cream....
Really taste like honey... sweeetttttt....

 photo 20130707_105014_zps6a924687.jpg
A bee bee beeee wallpaper.... euuukkkkkk....

 photo 20130707_105043_zps45939061.jpg
A Mega BEE spotted...

 photo 20130707_105222_zpsbf3a8d0e.jpg

 photo 20130707_105138_zpsc3c3e2ec.jpg
Carton box tables and chairs....
You can sit on them...

 photo 20130707_105215_zps057aab5f.jpg

 photo 20130707_105151_zps3539282a.jpg
cute right.... innovative....

 photo 20130707_105433_zpseff5dec9.jpg
Another stamp chopped!

 photo 20130707_105547_zpscb826fb0.jpg
Maple leaves......

 photo SAM_7023_zps5b48caa7.jpg

 photo SAM_7004_zpse66820b5.jpg
carton mailbox!

 photo 20130707_110237_zpsed3b14f0.jpg

 photo 20130707_112419_zps89802f14.jpg

 photo 20130707_112455_zpsefb7f8e5.jpg

 photo SAM_6983_zpsb7adff58.jpg

 photo SAM_6986_zps6b96fcbf.jpg
Imitates very well...

 photo SAM_7019_zps4be1cb68.jpg

 photo SAM_7013_zps6c56394f.jpg
This is so so so cute... super like it :)

 photo SAM_7024_zps25fe1628.jpg

 photo SAM_7026_zps86339dee.jpg

 photo SAM_7025_zps30909e9a.jpg

Overall, i think carton box king is pretty not bad...
Quite creative stuffs, can take quite some pictures over here.
I've spent the voucher on a something like musical box, but its not a box...
haha... dunno how to describe, but i've load the video in my instagram....
You can check out there.....

I would give a rating of 7.5/10.

Next, our driver brought us to have some dessert!
something like we see in singapore, "blackball"....

I pretty like this kinda dessert... cos i like pearls, i like yam, i like 粉圆.......

 photo SAM_7031_zps13373e9d.jpg

 photo 20130707_113730_zps710d6045.jpg

 photo 20130707_113805_zps0d6670a6.jpg

 photo 20130707_113903_zps75ea96fd.jpg
Yummy for me... but yup... it just like Blackball...
But I like~!!!

Next, we went to Lavender cottage, which is also super far away, at least an hr of drive....

 photo 20130707_123400_zps8396aba2.jpg

 photo 20130707_123418_zpsa73296b0.jpg

 photo SAM_7032_zps1f392438.jpg

 photo 20130707_123847_zps2363e650.jpg
Again.... we gotta pay NT200 for entrance fee and free voucher of NT100.

 photo SAM_7034_zps002c231e.jpg

 photo 20130707_123851_zps4cec661c.jpg

 photo 20130707_124008_zps771225e1.jpg

 photo SAM_7052_zpsc3838ecd.jpg

 photo 20130707_124037_zps2c5b5b8e.jpg

 photo 20130707_124217_zps7074d6a5.jpg

 photo 20130707_124622_zpsb02662d2.jpg

 photo 20130707_124651_zps5167ac9a.jpg

 photo 20130707_125137_zps3f7443cf.jpg

 photo 20130707_125212_zps0ec449f8.jpg

 photo 20130707_125457_zps07a1cf39.jpg
Wishing leavesss....

 photo 20130707_125633_zps767bf8cd.jpg
Another cute little choppp

 photo 20130707_130158_zpsc9a7f913.jpg
Make a wish :)

 photo 20130707_130628_zps2f0f63b4.jpg
Then, ting ting the bellllllll....

 photo SAM_7041_zps2adf3232.jpg

 photo 20130707_131337_zps20ed89ac.jpg

 photo SAM_7047_zpsafb382da.jpg

 photo SAM_7048_zps582e0c43.jpg
acting cute..

 photo SAM_7049_zps8ca7cd28.jpg

 photo 20130707_131924_zps4f26a6eb.jpg
The chaplin couple~!

 photo 20130707_132207_zps87e51730.jpg

 photo 20130707_132746_zpsc3544d04.jpg
Spent the $$$ voucher on lavender ice cream...
Steven said... tasted like eating air freshener? haha...

 photo 20130707_133729_zps6cfeb80c.jpg
Fruity popsicle..

 photo 20130707_133801_zpsa5368227.jpg

Overall, i feel you may keep this visit if u want... cos you can view more lavenders and flowers and my next stop.... check it out more below....
Lavender cottage is pretty far... and its almost like Monceur... so just choose one of them to visit will do...
Ratings: 6.5/10.

Next stop: 中社花市
Not sure what is it called in english....

But its really really pretty... nice for wedding shoots... haha...
and the entrance fee is pretty cheap.. only NT60, about sgd $2.60?

 photo 20130707_151457_zps72e21f2a.jpg

 photo SAM_7069_zpsac1aeade.jpg

 photo 20130707_151604_zps723e9f17.jpg

 photo 20130707_151829_zpsa26933ed.jpg

 photo 20130707_151925_zps94391eec.jpg

 photo 20130707_152043_zpsf4d40bd4.jpg

 photo 20130707_152116_zps206e7a48.jpg
kitty chop chop?

 photo 20130707_152155_zpsf9aadd92.jpg

 photo 20130707_152223_zps2b2c72c2.jpg
The 7 dwarfs...

 photo SAM_7071_zps51b1aefe.jpg

 photo 20130707_152233_zps431d4e07.jpg

 photo 20130707_152315_zpsb603f6a6.jpg

 photo 20130707_152406_zps4fb2f919.jpg

 photo SAM_7075_zps8deeb1cc.jpg
Pretty isn't it....

 photo 20130707_152502_zps5ed9c444.jpg

 photo SAM_7079_zps794aa1ad.jpg

 photo 20130707_152858_zps031a811f.jpg

 photo 20130707_152915_zps300d8c02.jpg

 photo SAM_7080_zpsd9749696.jpg

 photo 20130707_152730_zps190aeb88.jpg
I love you~!

 photo 20130707_152946_zpsbb94dbe1.jpg

 photo 20130707_153036_zps517c194d.jpg
Titanic pose, 来一下
 photo 20130707_153503_zpscbfacb82.jpg
Those are lavendersss~~!!!!

 photo 20130707_153720_zps9efebb43.jpg

 photo 20130707_153634_zps662068f2.jpg

 photo 20130707_153811_zps219732c3.jpg

 photo 20130707_153952_zps37153b2d.jpg

 photo 20130707_154030_zps36789291.jpg

 photo 20130707_154008_zpsb9bb8687.jpg

 photo 20130707_154111_zpsc88704b4.jpg

 photo 20130707_154234_zpse77aa89e.jpg

 photo 20130707_154205_zps6ac05558.jpg

 photo 20130707_154229_zps7f388df4.jpg

 photo 20130707_154437_zps11040213.jpg

 photo 20130707_154529_zpse669a65c.jpg

 photo 20130707_154752_zps1352c8e0.jpg
again... trying to hide....

 photo 20130707_154727_zps3582f514.jpg

 photo 20130707_155110_zpsa803204e.jpg

 photo 20130707_155458_zpsf8d04b14.jpg

 photo 20130707_155553_zps5064bd6c.jpg

 photo 20130707_155407_zps2b816489.jpg
There;s sunflower toooooo~!!!

 photo 20130707_155855_zps6a055150.jpg

 photo 20130707_155843_zpsc3c6d503.jpg

 photo 20130707_155734_zps631be1f6.jpg

 photo 20130707_155953_zps8e0a9826.jpg

 photo 20130707_160208_zps797a0171.jpg

 photo 20130707_160338_zps53105b86.jpg

 photo SAM_7131_zpsa117bce0.jpg

 photo SAM_7133_zpsc6f96b54.jpg

 photo 20130707_160936_6_zps235a1fba.jpg

 photo 20130707_160913_1_zpsbd433574.jpg

 photo 20130707_160936_9_zps9cdfffaa.jpg
Not forgetting our fave JUMP SHOTS~!!!

 photo SAM_7135_zpsc4bbec82.jpg
Our driver and Us!

Overall rating for this: 9/10
I love this place... really nice .... i love flowers....
It's at Taichung... so do a short visit there for some photo taking....

There's another sightseeing place that i would like to go, but due to the past 2 days of raining....
and a little far from where we are heading next... so we did not go...
You could try next time....
It's called 高美濕地

This is the place... during low tide... you can walk along the shore...
seems prettyyy.....

So, next we headed to Taipei, to check in the hotel...
It was a 2plus hours journey....
We were sleeping all along from journey to journey.... shioks when u r being driven around....

Finally we reached our hotel around 4 to 5plus evening ......
The hotel is right in the shopping centre of ximending...
It's very convenient...And considered cheap for taiwan night stay.
$79.43 per night including breakfast.

Night stay: ECFA Hotel Wan Nian

6F., No.70, Xining S. Rd., Ximending, Taipei, Taiwan 108

 photo taipeinightstay_zps574b90b9.jpg

 photo 20130707_185638_zpsd262b5cd.jpg
act like a bathtub... but quite creative lei...

 photo 20130707_185646_zpsd1ac3da2.jpg

 photo 20130707_185656_zpsf027c96f.jpg

 photo 20130707_185717_zpsa14fbb76.jpg

okok... CHIONGS to FOOD please!!!

 photo SAM_7138_zpse2f225b3.jpg

 photo 20130707_195102_zps154d8abb.jpg

 photo 20130707_195546_zps46802c71.jpg
This is a MUST EAT also la!! in taiwan!!!

 photo 20130707_195529_zps527254da.jpg

 photo 20130707_195532_zps35d981d4.jpg

 photo 20130707_195604_zps9eab2fbb.jpg
got cheated... tot what fish eggg...
it's just fishballs then put curry powder...

Then we headed to SHILIN nightmarket...
It changed a lot!!! and was pretty surprised.... cos there's not many ppl...
the streets were pretty empty.... like that no feel to shoppp leiiiii.....

 photo SAM_7140_zpsdff67328.jpg

 photo SAM_7142_zpsc99e916a.jpg

 photo SAM_7139_zpseeb5afab.jpg

 photo 20130707_215810_zpsbe2dd33b.jpg
oyster omelette

 photo 20130707_220039_zps5a58dca7.jpg
Oyster mee sua.... not the kind tt i like lei...

 photo 20130707_220043_zps00eec0fa.jpg
My hubby started to like this braised minced meat rice...

 photo 20130708_003428_zps1e11193d.jpg
Our loots of the day... so little nia righttt....
But... things in taiwan aint cheap ehhhhh....

Check out Part 4
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